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Bear Element

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Bear Element Review5.051 out of 1 user review


  • Good inexpensive bow for starters or shooters on budget
  • Relatively quiet (with a silencing package)
  • Has modular-adjustable eccentric system
  • No bow press is required to adjust the draw length in 1 inch increments
  • Great value for money


  • Factory strings could be of better quality
  • A bow press is required to adjust the draw length in 1/2 inch increments

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Bear Element Review5.051

User Reviews

  • 1 review
  • ( out of 1 review for all versions)
  1. Great little bow excellent value great shooter

    Version: 2007 Bear Element


    Pros: I love my element I’ve had it since 2008 and have taken many deer with it. A great shooting bow very quiet with only a few add on dampening devices. No shock or vibrations to your palm smooth draw cycle.

    Cons: None that I’ve found yet I’m still using the original string after seven years but this will be its last season.

    Full review:
    My bow is 29 inch draw length at 63 pounds its fast smooth and accurate. I’ve never had it chronographed but I would estimate its shooting in the 260-270fps range. I’m not a high volume shooter but I shoot a lot in the fall and couple of times a month the rest of the year and I’m still using the factory string after seven years

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