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Bear Lights Out

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  • draw length can be adjusted without a bow press
  • very forgiving and accurate bow
  • smooth draw cycle
  • great value for money


  • not a fast bow
  • strings could be of better quality


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Editors' review

At just 3.7 pounds and measuring 30 inches from axle to axle, the Lights out is a very lightweight, compact, and forgiving bow at an affordable price. While this rig is not very fast, its generous brace height and effective single cam system helps to deliver more accurate and consistent shots. The machined aluminum riser, compression molded limbs, pivoting limb cups, and string suppressors work together to reduce vibration to minimum levels. While the factory stings are not ideal, all other components are of decent quality. That is why many shooters agree that this bow is a great value for money.


The new Minimum Riser Reflex technology helps to deliver more accurate and more forgiving shots. This machined aluminum riser is securely connected to the limbs through the Aluminum Pivoting Limb cups.


The Bear Lights Out is equipped with durable Flare Quad Limbs designed to reduce noise effectively. The limbs reach past parallel angles at full draw and act in opposition to each other at the shot, cancelling out a lot of leftover energy. The bow is built using Bear's compression-molded technology that delivers smooth energy release and equal stress distribution. This design results in a significant reduction in shock, vibration, and noise.

Limbs-to-riser connection

The Aluminum Pivoting Limb Cups deliver zero tolerance connection between the riser and the limbs. The cups are designed in such a way that a tight connection between the limbs and the riser is maintained regardless of draw weight adjustment. In addition, rubber isolation boots ensure no vibration is directly transferred from limbs to riser. This design increases durability and consistency and also helps to reduce vibration.


The Lights Out is equipped with a two piece synthetic grip that further reduces vibration and is warm at the touch.

Forgiveness and accuracy

At 8.5" brace height, the Lights Out is the most forgiving bow in the 2008 Fred Bear line-up. Many archers confirm that this rig delivers a more forgiving and accurate shot due its long brace height and minimum reflex machined aluminum riser. Although the brace height is extremely forgiving, the Lights Out is not the slowest bow out there due to its efficient eccentric system.

Eccentric system

Bear powers the Lights Out with its smooth-drawing Perimeter-Weighted Modular Single Cam System, advertised to hit IBO speeds reaching 300 fps. A set of interchangeable modules is available for draw lengths ranging from 25" to 31" in 1 inch increments. In addition, this cam system offers a string post which allows for making 1/2 inch adjustments to draw length without the need to replace the module. A bow press is only required for making minor 1/2 inch adjustments within the same module. However, no bow press is required for changing modules to make 1 inch adjustments. The let-off is 80%.

Draw cycle and shootability

According to multiple tests carried out by experts and archers, the Perimeter-Weighted Modular Single Cam System delivers a very smooth draw cycle. This is achieved through a set of design solutions including an asymmetric power track that helps to increase cable life time by reducing friction. Also, the cam rotates on a sealed stainless steel bearing which helps to improve smoothness and deliver better shootability.

Silencing system / Quietness and vibration

The Bear Lights Out comes with Single String Suppressors that serve to reduce string vibration. Also, the limb cups securely and tightly connect the riser to limbs to further reduce vibration and hand shock. We found that many archers are very surprised at how quiet this bow is for the money.


To conclude, while the Bear Lights Out is not the fastest rig out there, this is a good quality bow at a good price. With generous brace height, solid frame, and good silencing package this bow is nice to shoot. While strings could be of better quality, overall, archers are impressed with how smooth and quiet this bow is. At only 3.7 lbs, this lightweight and compact rig is a good choice for those hunters who like tree-stand or blind hunting. While it's possible to buy a better quality bow with similar specs, the Lights Out is positioned as one of the best rigs for the money.

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Very forgiving, top bow for apprentice. No vibrations, good speed and easy to set draw weight.

Version: 2009 Bear Lights Out


Pros: excellent value for money good speed very good accuracy and forgiving split limbs very light weight

Cons: bow strings not so good

Full review:

Love my Bear lights Out

Version: 2009 Bear Lights Out


Pros: Good price value, light, fast and forgiving.

Cons: No complaints, it is a great bow for the money.

Full review:

After learning on a klunky, older, and much heavier Bear model, I bought one of the Lights Out ready-to-hunt packages from Cabela's and have never looked back. The limited number of deer under my belt compliments of this bow is due to my inability to find the time I need for bow hunting, not the equipment. My bow came with a Trophy Ridge quiver and sights (I use only one pin), a braided wrist strap, a Whisker Biscuit hold, a release loop and a disc sight. After initial set-up at Cabela's, I found this bow to shoot my Cabela's X-Treme carbon arrows tipped with with 100 grain Muzzy broadheads plenty fast and plenty accurate for my purposes. My first deer taken with the Lights Out was standing at 47 yards. This past year I made a 14-yard shot like it was nothing. After 4 years of regular shooting and hunting I still have the original string and have no flaws on the bow at all. It is light, quiet, and comfortable to hold at full draw for extended periods. No need to drop a whole paycheck on the fancier names, this bow and accessory package is just what the doctor ordered for not a lot of dough. I recommended a used one to a friend who is new to bow hunting and he is very happy with his Lights Out, too.

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