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Bear Mauler

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  • Excellent shootability
  • Very adjustable draw length
  • Ready to Hunt package is a hard to beat value option
  • Very affordable


  • Back wall could be a little more solid
  • Could have more finish options


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Editors' review

The Bear Mauler has a lot to offer the bow hunter with an affordable price tag. With a marriage of good IBO speed, smooth draw and very little vibration, this rig will catch the eye of many people this year. Also available in "ready to hunt" package for only $100 more, it comes equipped with everything you need already on the bow. Undoubtedly this package seems to be one of the best values in archery in 2011.


The finish of the Mauler is good quality and crisp. It comes in Realtree APG camouflage.

Riser/Limbs/Limb pockets

The riser of this bow is made from machined aluminum. The limbs are Bear's max preload quad limbs that are in the beyond parallel position even before draw. With the max pre load limbs you get maximum power and it doesn't stack up while being drawn. In all you get speed, efficiency and smoothness with these limbs. It also comes equipped with zero tolerance limb pockets that give you just what the name says, a zero tolerance limb to cup to riser fit that guarantees you accuracy at any draw weight.


On the Mauler is a one piece slim design, synthetic grip. It is designed to eliminate hand torque, reduce vibration and gives you a warm feel in cold weather situations.

Eccentric System

The cam system on this rig is a single cam and idler wheel set up, with Bear's E cam. The "E" is for efficiency, it is the one of the most efficient and smooth cam Bear has ever built. This system transfers all the energy to the arrow for the most kinetic energy down range. The E cam rotates on two sealed ball bearings very easily, which makes it very smooth. It is also equipped with the asymmetric power track which decreases friction and increases the life of your cables. The cam system on this bow can be adjusted in 1/2" and 1" increments and has a draw length range of 26"to 31". No bow press is needed when adjusting in 1" increments. The IBO speeds of the Mauler are 328 fps and it has a draw weight range of 50 to 70 pounds. With an 80 % let off this bow can be held for a good amount of time with very little arm fatigue.

String suppressors

Bear introduced the dual arc string suppressors two years ago and this year they improved the design by offsetting the suppressor which quiets the release even further. The dual arc system was fine tuned by using high speed photography to eliminate vibration.

RTH "Ready to hunt" Package

For a modest additional $100.00 you can get the Bear Mauler in the ready to hunt package which includes sight, rest, quiver, peep sight, stabilizer/braided bow sling combo and string loop. The sight, rest, quiver and stabilizer are all made by Trophy Ridge. The sight is a black 4 pin light gathering sight with glow ring and sight level. The quiver is a light weight camouflage quiver that holds aluminum or carbon arrows that has a vibration dampening hood. The rest is a black whisker biscuit style rest and the stabilizer is a black in color and designed to dampen vibration.


The Mauler has a very good shootability rating. The draw cycle is very smooth and is one of the smoothest drawing single cam bows of 2011. This bow has a pretty stiff back wall but isn't as rock solid as Bear's Carnage higher end bow. The valley in the draw cycle is very good and has a smooth transition to full draw. Vibration is nearly nonexistent in this rig with a dead in your hand feel when shot.

Bear Mauler vs. Bear Assault

BowBear MaulerBear Assault
Version 20122011
PictureBear MaulerBear Assault
Brace Height6.75 "7.25 "
AtA Length31.25 "30.75 "
Draw Length26 " - 31 "26 " - 31 "
Draw Weight50 lbs - 70 lbs50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed328 fps328 fps
Weight3.9 lbs3.9 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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At first glance these two bows have almost identical specs. But there are a few differences that can be very important to some archers. First is the price tag, while it is not a big difference the Bear Assault is around $50 more than the Mauler. Also the brace height on the Assault is a bit larger which can mean more forgiveness to some. Probably the most notable difference between these two rigs is the grip. The Assault has a slightly slimmer grip with side plates and the Mauler has a one piece synthetic grip. In all the Assault's grip is for the person who needs a very slim grip and the grip on the Mauler has a warmer feel in cold weather which will be more appealing to cold weather bow hunters.


While the Bear Mauler is without a doubt a bow hunter's rig, it would be good for the recreational shooter as well. Whether you opt for the "ready to hunt" package or you choose to put your own custom accessories on, the Bear Mauler is a very fast, smooth, quiet and nearly vibration free bow with a very affordable price tag. The "ready to hunt" package includes everything you need on the bow for you to just grab your arrows and sight in on the spot. To buy all these separate and put them on this bow, it would cost a considerable amount more. Overall this is one of the most shootable, adjustable and high performance bows for the money of 2011.

User Reviews

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Great shooting and handling bow, only complaint is string stops have a very short life span.

Version: 2011 Bear Mauler


Pros: Smooth, fast, accurate

Cons: String stops

Full review:

Own it, shoot it, love it! Thank you Bear Archery!

Version: 2012 Bear Mauler


Pros: Love the smoothe cam roll over! Compact for the stalk, quiet, and fast IBO speed remders this bow extremely competitive with much higher priced bows!

Cons: I have tried to find anything about this bow which I don't like, and to no avail! I can't stress enough just how user friendly this bow is!

Full review:

I am extremely impressed with this bow! I had major shoulder surgery on May 15th of 2012, and was able to draw this bow back merely 1 month later. Something that I tried to do with the Mattews, as well as the Mission, and Diamond bows of the same draw weight of 70lbs. The Mauler has the smoothest, most forgiving cam over of the four. The load up is minimal, and with comparable results down range. The compact design is perfect for stalking, creeping, hiding, and just plain carrying. I have not yet checked the IBO speed of my particular bow, but it is definitely a fast bow. Using a Whisker Biscuit rest, and the Trophy Ridge sights which the RTH package came with, I'm finding that tight groups, and accuracy are present as well. I have to say, this bow is definitely a contender! I have been attempting to something wrong with this bow, that one thing that I absolutely can not stand, the one thing that could be changed, but to date, can't find a thing wrong with the Mauler.

Light, fast, quiet and comfortable to shoot.

Version: 2012 Bear Mauler


Pros: Compact and light. Great for seated shots from a tree stand.

Cons: Offset string supressors have no adjustability.

Full review:

When I first started shooting it the string would end up on the opposite side of the rubber stops. I contacted Bear customer service and they suggested I cut the rods down which worked but I was't impressed with having to do that to new equipment. Otherwise I absolutely love this bow.

Great, light, and quiet hunting bow.

Version: 2012 Bear Mauler


Pros: It is a very easy draw and hold. It doesn't rip your arm out to shoot this bow.

Cons: None that I have found in over a year of steady shooting.

Full review:

The let-off is enough that I stand with it at full draw for over 5 min. if necessary. I have no problems putting a 100 arrows through it in a day. I have no regrets buying this bow RTH package, and I look forward to many years of hunting with it.

Comfortable, smooth, affordable, and the best overall value for a bow I could find anywhere.

Version: 2012 Bear Mauler


Pros: Its a great shooting reliable bow. It's easy to adjust and tune.

Cons: Not as fast as advertised.

Full review:

I just got back into archer after about 15 years. I needed a new bow and I couldn't have hoped for a better value than I got with my Bear Mauler. It was easy to adjust to my body and tune. It is a quite bow, and very accurate. With 80% let off, the bow is easy to keep at a full draw and I can shoot for long periods of time without getting tired. There are only two issues I have really had with this bow. The first, it is no where near as fast as advertised. It's still a quick bow, but I surely do not get over 300 fsp. The second issue is the arrows that came with the RTH package. They were Victory Vforce 400 hundred arrows. Good arrows, but only rated for a 60 pound draw. I ordered it from the factory set at 68 pounds. Overall, the bow itself is great, and it's a great pick for new or experienced hunters.

Great bow, no problems.

Version: 2011 Bear Mauler


Pros: Shoots pretty fast and has a smooth draw.

Cons: Only thing i didn`t like was the whisker biscuit, just my preference. Have shot next to my friends bowtech experience, his is a little faster and quieter, but it was also another $300.

Full review:

I love this bow. It has not let me down yet and i have put 5000+ shots on the original strings and i have had my bow for a bit over one year. The stops are showing some wear, butnot enuogh to worry me. I had the problem with my string going around the stops, but shortening my draw and fixing my anchor point solved that. All told, it is a great beginners bow, but also good enough for expeeienced bowhunter on a budget.

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