Bowtech Carbon Knight Review

Bowtech Carbon Knight

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Bowtech Carbon Knight Review5.051 out of 1 user review


  • Forgiving 7-inch brace height
  • Draw length is adjustable between 26.5-30.5 with a rotating module
  • 3.2 pound bare bow mass weight


  • Only available in black ops edition camo
  • Still a little pricey at MSRP of $849

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Editors' review

Bowtech is notorious for releasing new model bow at the ATA show. However, the Carbon Knight debuted in mid-summer well after the 2013 show. Said to be the lightest carbon bow on the market, the carbon knight weighs in at a mere 3.2 pounds bare bow. With a 31-inch axel-to-axel measurement and speeds up to 335 feet per second, the Carbon Knight is sure to win the hearts of some new shooters. Despite being a somewhat budget minded rig in Bowtech terms; the $849 price tag may still be too steep for many, but the bow does perform very well.


The Carbon Knight lives up to its name only being offered in black AnoRock finish. The AnoRock finish is a nice addition as well. Designed with target archers in mind, this finish will not only last a very long time, but is durable and good looking as well. It would be nice for a short axel to axel bow like this, being offered in some type of camo as well due to its lightweight compact design demanded by bow hunters everywhere, but the black finish will still get the job done in hunting situations. Historically, carbon bows have been difficult to coat with a lasting finish. Although it is too early to tell how Bowtech's first go with a carbon bow will be, it is something to keep in mind for shooters wanting the bow for a long time.


The riser takes on a very aggressive look, while still maintaining a Bowtech-like look. However, the similarity with other Bowtech risers ends with its appearance. The Carbon Knight is equipped with a carbon riser, which helps minimize the overall mass of the bow while maintaining the strength needed to perform well under all different shooting conditions. With an overall mass of 3,2 pounds, Bowtech calls the Carbon Knight the lightest premium bow available. Equipped with a standard cable slide and a rear mounting string stop system, the Knight is about as shock free as a bow can be. With the option for a front mounting stabilizer, any residual shock the bow does have is quickly transferred away from the shooters hand.


The Carbon Knight Grip is slightly different than the grip offered on other 2013 models. The side-plated grip proudly sports the Bowtech name and is finished to look like carbon fiber giving the bow a really neat look. In comparison with the other Bowtech grips, the Carbon Knight grips feels a little blockier. However, it has comfortable round edges and fits in the shooters hand really well. Although some may be a little partial to the other Bowtech grip design, this grip takes little to no time getting used to and actually promotes proper hand placement a little better than the tapered feel of the other grips in many shooters opinions.


Like most other bows on the market, the Carbon Knight limbs are offered in ten-pound increments with maximum weights of 50, 60, and 70 pounds. The slim limb technology is a solid limb construction with a skinny look, which also helps cut down on the overall mass of the bow. Bowtech has been using a composite limb infused with carbon for a while, so although not new technology, it is nice to know the bow is backed by some really great material that is able to withstand the stress of being loaded shot after shot. Although not equipped with any limb dampening devices, the Carbon Knight does not feel like it needs any added in all honesty. The bow is very shock free after the shot, and adding dampeners is not going to make a huge difference. Bowtech has had some finish issues with their limbs in the past and for $849, it is highly discouraging to have happen. Although it is a little early to tell if the issue has been properly addressed, measures have been taken to make this process better than it has been in the past.

Eccentric System

With Bowtech inventing the Binary cam, it is safe to say they have a lot of experience making such a tunable cam system. The top and bottom cam are the same shape and are engineered so that they are slaved to each other working the same way from the start of the draw cycle to the finish. Not only does this help with cam efficiency, but it also makes the cams very tunable, and they stay that way. With the cams being mirror images of each other, they theoretically do the same thing during the draw cycle, which in turn allows for perfect knock travel as well. Perhaps one of the most user-friendly features is the modular adjusted draw length. With only one included module, the draw length can be adjusted in half-inch increments from 26.5-30.5; when combined with the infinite draw stop system, shooters have the ability to get the perfect match for them. This is sure to include the majority of shooters interested in a short axel-to-axel bow.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The binary cam powering the Carbon Knight is smooth from start to finish. With an IBO rating up to 335 feet per second, it is not the fastest Bowtech produced, but the forgiving 7-inch brace height is easy to get used to. There is a slight hump toward the end of the draw, but shooters will have to pay attention to even notice it is there. It is not a negative really, but does mark when the valley is close. The weight seems to stack up very quickly, with the bulk of the pull weight happening early on in the draw cycle. Shooters continue to hold that weight through a lot of the draw cycle before coming to fairly solid back wall. The bow holds much better than expected on target for a short axel to axel rig. After the shot, shooters have a chance to really appreciate what it means to be shock free. The Carbon Knight is as shock free as a bow can get, and it is whisper quiet as well. The grip is comfortable, but diehard Bowtech grip fans may have a little adjustment period to get used to the differences in how they feel when compared to each other. Overall, the Carbon Knight is a stone cold shooter.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is a hunting bow. Hunters are overwhelmingly demanding lightweight, compact bows for extreme hunting conditions and the ease of maneuverability they offer. Although the bow is only finished in the black ops pattern, hunters should have no issue using an all black bow in place of one covered in a premier camo pattern. With a forgiving 7-inch brace height, and 335 feet per second, hunters will love how the Carbon Knight performs in the field.


Bowtech is joining the party with short axel-to-axel hunting bows in a lightweight package. With suburb tunability, and tons of available adjustment, the Carbon Knight is an excellent choice for those in the market for a trendy hunting bow. Although the $849 price tag may be a little steep for some, and the late release date may have caught people off guard, this Bowtech should be an option for anyone on the market.
Bowtech Carbon Knight Review5.051

User Reviews

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  1. Love my carbon knight

    Version: 2013 Bowtech Carbon Knight


    Pros: It is a very smooth drawing bow. Very accurate bow. Verry light bow.feels like I can hold full draw forever.

    Cons: Honestly can’t think of anything I don’t like about this bow.

    Full review:
    I have been shooting this bow for about two weeks and several time have put arrows down the shaft of another arrow. I have my bow set at 65lb draw and after shooting at a new classic block I am seeing about 6-8" of my arrow out the back side of the block. Again I am verry pleased with my bow.

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