Diamond Black Ice Review

Diamond Black Ice

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Diamond Black Ice Review4.256 out of 6 user reviews


  • accurate bow with a very smooth draw cycle
  • quiet bow with little hand shock
  • lightweight yet well balanced
  • draw length can be adjusted easily without using a bow press


  • could be a faster bow

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Diamond Black Ice Review4.256

User Reviews

  • 6 reviews
  • ( out of 6 reviews for all versions)
  1. Smoothest shooting bow I have owned.

    Version: 2007 Diamond Black Ice


    Pros: Smooth shooting, quiet, easy to setup (draw length, pound pull)

    Cons: medium speed,

    Full review:
    Although the Black Ice is not one of the fastest bows on the market, it is the one of the easiest to shoot. With its 7 inch brace height and 32 axis to axis length, the Black Ice is a very forgiving bow. I am an average shooter, but because the bow is easy to shoot, I have improved my shooting skills and successfully bagged several animals since owning the black ice. The bow has a incredible bow cycle and easy to hold at full draw. Once you trigger your release, the bow does not snap at of your hand! There is no snap or torque. Many bows want to jump out of your hand after you release your string. The black ice does not. Lastly, Diamond/Bowtech have excellent suppot and customer service. I have personal experience working with their staff. They also returned my calls and answered all of my questions. Overall, I highly recommend the Black Ice bow. Models between 2007 and 2009 are identical. The 2010 model was slighlty different and the 2011 model was when Diamond introduced the new cable system. The black ice model is one of Diamond’s oldest model that remains unchanged, that is, because there is no need to change specs that work.

  2. I believe the Black Ice is an excellent all around bow for either hunting or 3D shooting.

    Version: 2007 Diamond Black Ice


    Pros: I like how this bow has very little hand shock, very little noise, the ease of changing the cams, the new (at the time) positive draw stop and the length and weight

    Cons: I had a problem with fletchings clearance with the cables. I am also on my 3rd set of limbs. I dont really know if it was the limbs cracking or the finish cracking but I wasn’t taking that chance and got new limbs anyways

    Full review:
    The black Ice is a great all around bow. I use it for both 3D and hunting. I like the size, weight and the lack of noise for hunting. The draw is very smooth and with the draw stop I know that I am at full draw everytime. The speed on the bow is in range of bows on the market today. The couple of problems that I have had are that I had a clearance problem with the cables and my fletchings. I have also had to replace the limbs on it twice. I don’t know if it was the actual limbs or just the finish but I changed them anyway. My overall opinion of the bow is excellent

  3. The perfect bow in every category except blazing speed

    Version: 2007 Diamond Black Ice


    Pros: Moocho forgiving, very quiet, and the smoothest draw cycle ever.

    Cons: Not a super fast speed demon but if it was then I wouldn’t have all the pro’s I listed to write about.

    Full review:
    Cosmetically the bow is very impressive with its modern curves. The bow sends arrows precisely to their mark….the most forgiving bow I’ve owned. It is super smooth to draw and the quietest fast compound I’ve ever shot. Lots of brace and enough a.t.a. to get tight groups at 50 plus yards. Affordable for the beginning archer too!!! Great job Diamond!!! This is a great bow….shoots much like a Mathews outback. This bow has everything except crazy speed. I arrowed several whitetails over 30 yards with this precise compound.

  4. Smooth draw and solid backwall. Pleasure to shoot.

    Version: 2008 Diamond Black Ice


    Pros: Very forgiving, Smooth draw cycle, Solid backwall. Easy to hold on target.

    Cons: Will not win any speed test.

    Full review:
    The Black ICE to me is one of the best bows on the market today. One of the smoothest draw cycles you will find on anybow. Holds great on target with little to no jump after the shot. With a sloid backwall you will pull back into your anchor point everytime. It’s such a pleasure to shoot. I have harvested several animals with it anywhere from 15 yards all the way out to 40 yards. Easy to tune as well. Could not ask for anymore from this bow. I have the invelvet finish and after three years of some pretty hard hunting and lots of shooting at the range it shows no sign of wear. If you’re looking for an affordable bow that shoots great then look not further than the Diamond Black ICE. Would not trade this bow for any other bow on the market today. If Diamond came out with a Black ICE version that produced a little mroe speed that would be the only time I’d upgrade. Otherwise it’s my bow of choice for life…

  5. Great bow for any hunter

    Version: 2009 Diamond Black Ice


    Pros: Smooth and quiet draw. Very accurate. Easy to hold. Pleasure to shoot.

    Cons: None

    Full review:
    Excellent bow for the beginner or seasoned shooter. Easy to set up. My bow is set at 60 lbs. and I have had no problem knocking down more then a dozen plus whitetails with it. Faster speed and greater draw weight is not necessarily a deciding factor in hunting whitetails. It is all about good shot placement and with the accuracy of this bow that is not an issue. I would highly recommend this bow to anyone. You definitely get what you pay for.

  6. Durable and highly forgiving with the 7.25" brace height. Excellent tree stand hunter’s bow…

    Version: 2010 Diamond Black Ice FLX


    Pros: This bow is a well built simple design resulting in a very smooth draw cycle. The great back wall makes it a tree-stand bowhunter’s dream. Easy to tune the durable steel cams; and lastly the velvet finish…very durable

    Cons: Very little to criticize here with this gem…

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