Diamond Iceman Review

Diamond Iceman

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Diamond Iceman Review4.053 out of 3 user reviews


  • Smooth and forgiving single cam bow with a solid back wall
  • Very quiet bow with little shock and vibration
  • Draw length can be adjusted easily without using a bow press


  • Not a speed bow
  • Short valley, if you creep up - it wants to go

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Diamond Iceman Review4.053

User Reviews

  • 3 reviews
  • ( out of 3 reviews for all versions)
  1. quiet bow! no hand shock and awesome looks.

    Version: 2009 Diamond Iceman


    Pros: The Iceman makes less noise on the shot than anyother bow ive ever shot. Very smooth draw cycle, and VERY little hand shock. (i think its impossible to have none.) although i has a short ATA it shoots like a longer bow, very forgiving.

    Cons: Its not fast, at all most flagship bows from other makers will shoot just as fast as the iceman @#70 when theyre set @ #60. Also the bottom cam is very flimsy if you grab it and push right to left the cam wil flex back and forth.

  2. Excellent shooting bow but I’ve had some quirks with this one that may irritate the serious hunter.

    Version: 2009 Diamond Iceman


    Pros: Great shooting bow: smooth draw, hard valley, very little hand shock, very accurate

    Cons: trouble with rockers squeaking. Bow shop greased twice and completely replaced rockers once but still have a squeak that may scare game.

    Full review:
    I moved from a Marquis to the Iceman. It may have been that I was shooting more but when I made the switch to the Iceman my average in-door scores jumped to 300 with 48Xs 70% of the time. The other 30% I shot 299s. With the Marquis I had a few 300s but average was somewhere in the high 290s. Iceman is less forgiving. You must be sure to pull to full draw and be sure to hold it. Let up a 1/4 and it will throw an arrow out of the X-ring. I like this bow best of any of the four Diamond bows I’ve owned. The problem with the squeaky rockers is bothersome for hunting and I hope to get it fixed before hunting season but over the summer I shot the bow in our 3D club. Again, best season ever for me. This is an awesome shooting bow. Pushes Axis FMJs with 125 grain tips out at about 250 fps. Throwing Easton DOAs with 65 grain tips at about 280 fps.

  3. Love it. Right out of ebay, shooting tight groups

    Version: 2009 Diamond Iceman


    Pros: Smooth, Quiet, Quick, Everything that everyone else has said.

    Cons: for as agressive as the cam is, im suprized it doesnt shoot faster.

    Full review:
    I bought this used on ebay for 650 set right up with all the bells and whistles. set at 62#’s and 29 inches it shot 289fps on a chronograph. i have tinkered around and i think its faster than that now.
    who cares about speed anyway? if you cant hit your target and feel confident doing so, thats all that matters. with 81# kinetic energy this bow will kill anything.
    i pulled this bow out of the box at about 10pm, mounted a sight, pulled the car into the backyard with the lights shining on my black hole target and about 25 yards had a quarter sized group with the first three arrows.
    i tinkered with the let off and everything else and was having some problems, i changed stuff because i felt my draw length was too long, i put it all back the way it was and bam! there are my groups again.
    local archery guy took chronograph to bow league and you would be suprized what those overpriced mathews shoot and how slow your bow actually is haha! we also compared quietness and accuracy, this bow is up there overall.

    My buddy has a g5 and his bow shoots damn near as fast as mine, but it feels like your only pulling back 30#’s the draw is so smooth and gradual it feels insanely low. but shoots very fast. thats why i only gave it 4 out of 5 stars. just would like to look at the valley "drawing" for the iceman. cant find it anywhere though.

    Would recomend this bow to anyone! turned me into a whole category of a better shooter!

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