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Elite Synergy

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  • Great multi-purpose bow
  • Solid back wall
  • Massive valley
  • 7 3/8 - inch brace height and a 33 1/2 inch axel-to-axel measurement
  • Fully transferrable lifetime warranty


  • MSRP of $949
  • Maximum speed is 325 feet per second


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Editors' review

The Elite Synergy is a brand new offering for 2015 filling the gap between the beloved Energy 32 and Energy 35 measuring in at 33 1/2 inches axel to axel. Combine this stable frame with a favorable draw cycle and 7 3/8 inch brace height, and shooters get an amazing shooter for hunting or serious target shooting alike. The bow is no speed demon, only measuring 325 feet per second on the chronograph, but Elite feels the shootability of the bow is the most important thing. Although priced comparably to other flagship bows, the $949 price tag may be too much for some even if it is a multipurpose bow.


Elite has really great looking finish options available. The dipping process creates a flawless looking bow and holds up very well in terms of durability. Elite has four options for finish patterns on the Synergy. Shooters can choose between Ninja or all black, Realtree Xtra, Realtree Max 1, or Realtree APS. Shooters can get the riser and limbs finished the same, or any combination of black and camo they are interested in. Along with the great finish options, Elite also uses their own performance coating called ProKote. This ceramic-based coating is on the cams, cable rod, modules, and suppressor arm. ProKote provides protection from impact, scratches, corrosion, and chemicals. Although ProKote is extremely tough and durable, it is also flexible, so it will not crack deteriorate over time.


The riser is a longer platform on the Synergy with the 33-1/2 inch axel-to-axel measurement and parallel limbs. The Synergy is a bit on the heavy side, tipping the scale at 4.4-pounds without any accessories attached. Although the shift the last few years in archery have been to lighten everything up, not everyone prefers a lightweight bow. The Synergy does not feel too heavy although the number is a bit larger than we are used to seeing. More than likely, the first thing shooters will notice about the riser is what Elite calls the Riser Cage above the sight window. Elite claims the cage stiffens the riser by 30%, and stiffens the riser by 19% using the same aluminum. More strength and stiffness means a more accurate shot combined with less vibration; both of which are great in terms of shootability.The rear mounting string stop system is a bit different than the blockier rubber dampener in the past. The sleeker design now features the Elite logo and still works as well as before. Where the rod meets the riser, there is an added rubber dampener as well to help reduce even more noise and vibration. The Synergy also has an option for a front mounting stabilizer, which is directly in front of the rear mount string stop system.


Elite's grip is a really great feeling two-piece wooden grip. It is slightly contoured to fit the natural position of a properly placed grip hand. The grip is a medium sized grip, which makes it easy to adjust to.


Elite uses three layered laminated limbs to store the energy for the Synergy. The solid limb construction works very well and must be extremely durable because Elite offers a fully transferable, lifetime warranty. Peak weights for the Synergy are available in 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 80-pounds. This gives the draw weight a 50-pound range, which means just about anyone wanting a Synergy can shoot one. The factory also installs Limbsaver limb dampeners, which are color customizable as well for those wanting a more custom look.There is nothing overly special about the limb pockets on the Synergy. They keep the riser connected to the limbs with some tight tolerances, do not take away from the look of the bow, and perform well.

Eccentric System

Elite's two cam system has created quite a name for itself on the way to becoming what Elite claims is the most shootable bow they have ever produced. Shooting only 325 feet per second, the Synergy is considered a slow bow for many, especially when compared to speed bows on the market today. The two cams on the Synergy are linked together, which means they are not moving independently of each other like some two-cam systems are designed. The draw length is adjustable from 27-31-inches using a module system for half-inch increments. Other unique feature on the cam system is that has two tracks to help eliminate cam lean. Each track has equal pressure placed on it so the cables are not tweaking the cam in one direction of another when being drawn. This is not really something shooters will feel, but cam lean can have a huge impact on performance and accuracy if not properly set. The two-track system helps eliminate this problem from the start. The more symmetrical cam lean means better nock travel, and ultimately better arrow flight downrange. The cam system also features a rubber limb draw stop on the top and bottom cam giving the bow a solid back wall.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Elite has no interest in speed, but instead focuses on making their bows as shootable as possible in the hands of any shooter. This is evident with everything about the Synergy, but especially the draw cycle. The weight seems to ease into the peak weight and does not stay there very long. Instead of a hump toward the end of the draw cycle like many bows, the Synergy gets easier to draw after meeting peak weight for the entire draw force curve. The back wall is solid! There is no doubt where the end of the draw cycle is as the dual limb stops connect. Shooters can pull as hard as they want on the rubber stops, and there is absolutely no play, just a rock solid wall. The valley on the bow is amazing as well. Shooters wanting to let down will have to push the string forward, because it will not want to go on its own. After the shot, there is no vibration felt in hand, and the bow wants to keep holding on target. The longer axel-to-axel measurement is greatly appreciated, and makes the bow very sturdy on target. The long brace height is also another feature leading towards better accuracy. Aside from the slower speeds, there is nothing negative about the Synergy, and it is one of the easiest shooting bows.

Usage Scenarios

Almost every bow made can be used as a multipurpose bow for hunting, target shooting, and 3D. However, the Synergy has the desired specifications to be used for any style as well. The shootability of the bow, and the desirable draw cycle make it perfect for hunting or winning money on the range.


It is not a secret Elite has no interest in the speed game, but as far as the Synergy is concerned, that is the only negative to speak of. With that in mind, 325 feet per second is still enough speed for North American big game hunting. Elite has produced a bow that flat out shoots, it forgiving, easy to manage, and extremely accurate. For those wanting a great shooting bow that will last a very long time, Elite has a fantastic rig in the Synergy. Those wanting pure speed may not be impressed. For anyone wanting a shootable bow with one of the best draw cycles available, the Synergy is worth a shot. The $949 price tag is not cheap, but it does seem to match what most flagship bows are getting from customers.

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smoothest best feeling bow i've shot!

Version: 2015 Elite Synergy


Pros: quiet,smooth draw cycle, solid back wall and easy to hold on target

Cons: mods a chipping a little bit but thats all i can say

Full review:

If you like smooth draw cycles, great holding weight,this is the bow for you.

Version: 2015 Elite Synergy


Pros: Solid back wall, great holding weight, easy to draw even in cold Wisconsin weather.

Cons: A bit heavy and a tad slow.

Full review:

As an older archer, I can shoot longer with great accuracy. Holding on moving game has never been easier. Its quiet, smooth, and forgiving. I have a short draw so the speed is disappointing but I knew that going in. I love the solid back wall, the draw cycle and it does not try to jerk my arm out of the socket if I have to hold longer than expected and I lose a little back tension. They are well worth a try.

Very smooth draw and weight is extremely well balanced. Price is harsh but all in all great bow.

Version: 2015 Elite Synergy


Pros: The wall is the best thing I ever felt. My PSE rips the string forward when I am at full draw. This don't at all. Can hold back forever it seems. I only took your challenge today but put money down on one as well.

Cons: The price is a lot. For that price I would add like a bisket rest and cheap sight on it. But all in all that pretty much sums it up. Can't wait to get it here in a few weeks. Layaway baby.

Full review:

Price is it. Love the feel the draw weight. The handle all of it and all I did was take your challenge. I don't think I will ever buy another brand again. The fps is what I was looking for and the balance. There is not much torque either loving that as well.

Best Bow I have ever shot! And I have owned several different top popular brands!

Version: 2015 Elite Synergy


Pros: I love the back wall, I also like the weight, like a pistol It holds on target better.

Cons: The cable guard

Full review:

I love every thing about this bow! I Shafted an arrow on my third shot, with this bow! It is extremely forgiving and accurate. I don't think it is possible to torque this bow. It is a beautiful bow also.

Perfect draw cycle

Version: 2015 Elite Synergy


Pros: Smoothest draw cycle that I’ve ever experienced, and once at full draw, the bow is not at all “jumpy”, like my previous bow.

Cons: At 52# of draw weight, the speed is 240 FPS

Full review:

Back in 2015, I tried this bow out at my bow shop and totally loved it. I just did not have the money for this premium bow at the time, but the experience really stayed in my head. Two years later, i was ready for a new bow, and tried out a couple of 2017 models, but kept thinking that the draw cycle did not compare to my memory of the Synergy. As I am an older shooter, it is important to me to be kind to my shoulders so I can continue using a compound bow for years to come. I looked on eBay, and found a couple of new in box Synergies for $650, and jumped on it. Good choice.

Forgiving, smooth, great.

Version: 2016 Elite Synergy


Pros: The draw cycle is flawless. I've hunted with mine for two seasons now in very harsh weather conditions with no problems whatsoever. It gets used hard and put up wet and is outliving the sights and rests I've put on it.

Cons: The only negative is that the coating on the cams is chipping, but in all fairness I am VERY rough on my equiptment so I wouldn't let it scare me if I were interested in this now.

Full review:

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