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  • One of the best shooting bows in 2010
  • Modular-adjustable eccentric system
  • Very lightweight bow
  • Well balanced
  • Draw cycle is very smooth
  • One of the quietest bows


  • Expensive
  • Could be a bit faster


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Editors' review

The Carbon Matrix is an extremely quiet bow with excellent shooting characteristics. While it's not the cheapest bow out there, its innovative design and proven technologies make it one of the best bows in 2010.


With the new and innovative carbon riser, the Carbon Matrix is an extremely quiet and lightweight bow. This high-tech, hollow carbon tube riser is crafted to stand out from typical aluminum risers on other rigs. It's designed to deliver great performance without much noise, shock, and vibration. As noted by many shooters, even a bare Carbon Matrix is dead in the hand. Also, this design allowed Hoyt engineers to significantly reduce the overall mass weight of the bow. At 35 inches from axle to axle, this rig weighs only 3.8 lbs. Experts say you can put the extra weight anywhere you want to achieve better balance and hold.


Another interesting enhancement introduced by Hoyt in 2010 is the new XTS laminated limbs engineered using Hoyt's new ARC Limb technology. Capable of exceptional bend, the new limbs are designed to go to past parallel angles at full draw. The limbs are highly pre-loaded and therefore help to reduce recoil and increase speeds. Due to this design, they act in opposition to each other to reduce vibration, shock, and noise.

Eccentric system

The power for the Carbon Matrix is the XTR Cam & 1/2 eccentric system capable of generating IBO speeds of up to 318 fps. The draw length can be adjusted from 27 to 31 inches in 1/2 inch increments without using a bow press. Actually, there are two cams: the XTR2 cam covers a range of 27" to 29", and the XTR3 cam is used to adjust the draw length from 29" to 31". Also, with adjustable draw stops, you can choose the type of valley you prefer.

Draw cycle / Shootability

A lot of shooters strongly agree the Carbon Matrix is a great shooter. Not only is this rig extremely smooth to draw, but it also has a firm back wall, it's balanced very well, and is extremely quiet on the shot. Admittedly, it's a great shooting bow from the start of the draw cycle until releasing the arrow. Experts agree, this is one of the best shooting bows in 2010.

Quietness and vibration

We were overwhelmed with the amount of feedback indicating that even a bare Carbon Matrix is dead in the hand and has little to no vibration and hand shock. With the innovative riser design and high quality limbs, this rig is one of the quietest bows out there.

Carbon Matrix vs Maxxis 35

BowHoyt Carbon MatrixHoyt Maxxis 35
Version 2013 (G3 cam)2011 (XTR Cam)
PictureHoyt Carbon MatrixHoyt Maxxis 35
Brace Height6.75 "7 "
AtA Length35 "35 "
Draw Length25.5 " - 31 "27 " - 31 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 80 lbs40 lbs - 90 lbs
IBO Speed327 fps318 fps
Weight3.8 lbs4.2 lbs
Let-Off75% 75%
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While some archers say the Carbon Matrix is almost identical to the Maxxis 35 and is too expensive, others insist it's a better shooting bow and is worth every penny. Although the majority of technologies and specs are exactly the same, the Carbon Matrix has a few advantages. With its innovative carbon riser, this bow is slightly smoother, quieter, lighter, and has a warmer feel.When it comes to justifying the price, it really is up to you. If you are on the budget, the Hoyt Maxxis 35 will be a better choice because it's almost as good as the Carbon Matrix. On the other hand, if money is not an issue and you want to get a better shooting bow the Carbon Matrix might be a better option.


To summarize, the Hoyt Carbon Matrix is an extremely quiet and great shooting bow. While it's not the fastest rig out there, its innovative riser design and silky smooth draw cycle make it a great shooter. Even a bare Carbon Matrix is dead in the hand and has no hand shock or vibration. In addition, this is a very lightweight and well balanced bow with a lot of forgiveness. While it's a high quality rig with innovative design, its high price tag will not fit everyone's budget. Overall, the Carbon Matrix is one of the best hunting bows with fantastic shootability characteristics.

User Reviews

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Do all bow, if you can get past the price

Version: 2010 Hoyt Carbon Matrix


Pros: Light balances very well Smooth draw

Cons: Price Non-removable grip

Full review:

When I first saw the Matrix, I didn't think it would be much more than a lighter AM35(Alphamax 35). I couldn't be more wrong. The Matrix, is lighter, smoother, and a little faster than the beloved AM35. The Matrix has a look that some like and some don't. I didn't like the look at first, but it has grown on me. The wood grip, although comfortable is non-removable(can be removed but voids warranty). The draw is smoother than the Alphamax, but a little stiffer. There is very little hump at the end of the draw before the valley. Like the rest of the bows with the XTR cams the wall is very solid and the draw length is adjustable with modules. The Matrix holds very nice on target and sits good in the hand with very little vibe. The mass weight is a plus, for target shooters or hunters it allows more weight in accessories without such the impact. The price tag is large, at $1600, but with the ability to use the Matrix for any type of shoot with great results it helps justify the costs.

Carbon Matrix. Smooth. Light. Durable. Quiet. Dead in hand brings deer in the pan.

Version: 2010 Hoyt Carbon Matrix


Pros: Very light, smooth, quiet, and balanced Construction is unmatched by any other brand Dead in the hand Durable Axle to axle length is good for both competition and hunting Speed is good (Average man will probably shoot 60 lbs of Kinetic energy)

Cons: PRICE, I dont think it is $800 better than Maxxis. Depending on wind, in some conditions, it needs more weight added. If you are a speed demon, this isnt the bow for you.

Full review:

The Carbon Matrix is a bow of a lifetime. This bow is well designed and 10 to 15 years ahead of other companies. Yes, it is very expensive. But if you think about it. How many bows do you buy in your life or have already bought. Better yet, how many have you bought in 4 years. 2?.....3?.....4?......Add those up. It will most likely come out to more than $1600. I have bought two. They totaled $2000. (Contender Elite and the Alphamax 35). In a way, I feel Hoyt made a mistake by coming out with the Matrix right after the alphamax and here is why. I feel they should have inched there way in so people will continue to buy bows. And then in 5 years...BAM...Hit us with it. This is a bow that will last a long time. I dont know if they can outdo this bow. I dont know if anyone can. They created a bow that can do everything needed in competition and hunting. I am kind of scared that sales would drop. I hope not, because I am a Hoyt fanatic. Great job to Hoyt for the dedication they have to helping us hunters achieve our hunting and tournament dreams.

Great bow for Hunting, 3D or Indoor target

Version: 2010 Hoyt Carbon Matrix


Pros: Quiet, dead in the hand, no vibration at all. smooth drawing and a nice hard wall. with it being lighter, i can add weight where i want to get the bow to balance well. plus it has great looks.

Cons: getting my Trophy Taker rest to tune to the bow was a little tougher than most Hoyts i have set up.

Full review:

since i hadnt bought a brand new hunting bow for several years i was a little leary of buying a new bow. i have a few Hoyt Ultratecs and they are legendary for accuracy in hunting and in the Indoor target and 3D scene. i figured i couldnt do any better than them. that was until i shot a 2010 Hoyt Carbon Matrix at my local shop. from the first shot i took i just stood there with my mouth open. my buddy said its sweet isnt it. i replied it sure is sweet. from that moment i knew i had to have one. i figured if it was so dead in the hand and quiet it would have to make a great hunting bow. little did i know how accurate it would be. once i got the bow and set it up, from the first few arrows i shot i was hammering the targets. it came to a point where i had to aim 1 arrow at 1 spot and then another arrow at another spot. i was busting my nocks left and right. what really amazed me is that i was getting this bow ready for a Montana elk hunt. my old trusty 05 Ultratec as my back up bow and my 2010 Hoyt Carbon matrix as the primary. but the more i shot it, the more i was amazed how well it held at 40, 50 and 60 yards. the bow just sits there naturally. this is a huge factor for me becasue i always figured if i could get the bow to set properly, all i had to do was concentrate and allow the release to go off. it out shot my back up bow and thats amazing to me. the speed for the bow for me is running right at 283 fps with a 431 gr arrow at 70 pounds and a 29.5 inch draw. when i added my regular stabilizer, i found that right out of the box the bow didnt need much weight forward to allow it to hold great. since its a little lighter, i can add a few things and still be under the weight for any of my older bows. which allows me to hold better. like i said i dont buy many new bows, but when i shot that 2010 Hoyt Carbon Matrix, i knew it was going to be worth a lot more than the price Hoyt was asking. i mean how much would you pay for a bow that looks great, hold steady, is dead when it goes off, quiet and easy to draw. in about 3 weeks i will test it on Montana elk and mule deer. i kow the bow will do its part and since i have been shooting it, my confidence has gone through the roof.

A great bow - particularly for the part time shooter

Version: 2010 Hoyt Carbon Matrix


Pros: The light weight. I enables you to be very flexible with how you set it up in terms of stabilisation. You get a lot of weight on the end of the rods yet still end up with a manageable overall weight

Cons: The grip and a lack of mounting points on the bow.

Full review:

I bought he bow with the deliberate intention of exploiting the light weight. After watching the trend of adding heaps of weights onto the long rods and V bars, and being unable to keep up as I'm both too old and unable to train or practice as much as I would like, I thought whit this bow I could put lots of weights on the rods, get massive moment of inertia increasing overall steadiness, yet still have a manageable total mass weight to shoot 144 arrow events without getting fatigued. This I think is great if your a part time shooter - you get the benefit of the weight on the rods but in a package where you don't have to be superman to hold up. The bow worked a treat in that regard. I have a bow with 39" long rod with 6 large Doinker weights on it, and V Bars with 1 and 2 large Doinker weights each, yet the total bow mass is just slightly more than my last bow without any rods. So it holds solid as a rock, and it reflects in my scores - up 20 points on average in a FITA 90. Shot it indoor recently and my PB on a double FITA 18m was 1142 - up over 20 points. In terms of the draw - it is smooth with a solid wall. I was concerned about going to such a short A2A for target but its fine. It stays timed as well - haven't had to adjust the timing after nearly 8 months. The grip is average in my opinion, but the good news is that it if you don't like it it's held on with tape and if you warm it up with a hairdryer it will come off leaving the bare riser and a grip like the vantage or contender and it is brilliant to shoot like that. There are no additional attachment points but if you take the STS off you can make an adapter to add weights etc into the STS bracket hole Would recommend it to anyone

The bow is very nice. It shoots great, is light weight, and it is Dodge ram tough.

Version: 2010 Hoyt Carbon Matrix


Pros: I liked the way it really shot straight, not left or right, but straight. Very lightweight, and very tough.

Cons: I like everything about the Hoyt Carbon Matrix.

Full review:

Right after the Hoyt Carbon Matrix came out, I went and shot it. I was very impressed with the accuracy and light weight of the bow, it was so easy to just shoot it straight. It did not torque to the left or right at all, it holds steady. Also, I watched the video of them trying to tear it up with some big 4 wheel drive trucks spining out on it and grinding the bows into the pavement, and the bow only had a few scratches on them, and shot perfect after the torture test, which only lightly scratched the finish. If you have not seen the video, go watch it, then go shoot this bow. It is an exciting bow to shoot, and perfect in every catogory, I believe this bow will be a great hunting bow, and 3D, and competition bow. I really like it allot. I would love for my next bow to be a Hoyt Carbon Matrix.

Awesome bow. shoots bullets.

Version: 2010 Hoyt Carbon Matrix


Pros: Light weight, quiet, smooth.

Cons: None

Full review:

When I bought my Carbom Matrix it was already tuned and ready to shoot. All I had to do was put my sight on it. In less than 10 minutes I was shooting 2" groups at 30 yards. My son was watching me shoot as I sighted it in out to 70 yards. He sat there with a big smile on his face. He could not believe the speed and flat trajectory of my arrows. I was impressed with how quiet it was. It is extremely smooth. I definately can't shoot more than one arrow at the same bullseye without risk of busting nocks. I harvested my first deer with it and was impressed with the power it delivered. I had a quartering away shot where my arrow went in high and back on the near side and came out low between the legs on the far side, went through the off leg and stuck in the ground. I fully expect to be shooting this bow for years.


Version: 2013 Hoyt Carbon Matrix G3


Pros: It's quiet , fast enough to kill anything you shoot at , very light weight , very unique design ! If looks could kill this bow would do just that

Cons: Not cheap to buy

Full review:

To much to talk about it's just a bow that if your a serious bow hunter or indoor shooter it's the one you need ! I was lucky back in 2000 I was introduced to the Hoyt family to where I shot the hoyt magnatec which I shot till 2012 then ordered my 2013 carbon element G3 and couldn't be happier ! With the magna tec I got six robin hoods, two ping pong balls in mid air and numerous deer all with just one pin till I did the Iowa games hunters shoot which we did 30,40,50,60 yd shots placed third if you want a quality well look no further ! Like there logo say( Get Serious,Get Hoyt) believe it

Best bow I have ever shot

Version: 2012 Hoyt Carbon Matrix RKT


Pros: No hand shock - None, Smooth draw cycle, Well balanced

Cons: Pricey

Full review:

A great bow to shoot - dead in hand with no hand shock, smooth to draw, balances in hand perfectly, fairly quiet shooting bow. This is the best bow I have ever shot. This is my third Hoyt and am completely sold on their quality. Really the only thing I find wrong is the High price tag.

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