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Hoyt CRX 35

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  • Excellent shootability
  • Long draw and dangerous game models available
  • Several finish options
  • Quick and nearly vibration free


  • Not the cheapest bow


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Editors' review

The Hoyt CRX 35 is a great option for archers that prefer the longer axle to axle bows. With the reliability and toughness of Hoyt's limbs and riser along with some nice new features for 2011, this rig is an excellent option for a variety of archers.


The finish on the CRX 35 is a high quality satin finish. It is very tough, rugged and available in many color configurations to satisfy almost anyone. Finish options are as follows, two camouflage patterns (Realtree AP and Max-1 camo), black out (black riser and limbs), half &half (black riser and camo limbs) and the Bone Collector edition (camo Riser with Black limbs and Bone Collector graphics).


As with all the newer Hoyt bows the CRX 35 has the Tech Lite riser. While being similar to previous models, this is the sleekest and leanest riser Hoyt has produced. Even though the new Tech Lite has a slimmer design it hasn't given up any strength and continues to contribute to Hoyt's reputation of being reliable and accurate. With the additional of the offset stabilizer mount, this new riser gives you a more balanced feel.

Limb/Limb Pockets

The CRX 35 is outfitted with XTS Pro Arc limbs, which are the newest version of Hoyt's ultra durable limb design with five layer lamination technology. When brought to full draw these limbs sit in the beyond parallel position. Fitted between these limbs to even further dampen vibration are Hoyt's Alphashox made from limbsaver material. The limb pockets on this rig are the Pro-lock pocket system; they completely encapsulate the end of the limbs and are designed to have a tight limb to pocket to riser fit.


This bow comes equipped with a 180 Pro Fit grip made from a rubberized composite material that helps minimize felt vibration. This grip is slim and designed to decrease hand torque. Also the 180 Pro Fit is available in wood for archers that prefer a more traditional feel.

Eccentric System

The CRX 35 is equipped with the Fuel cam and half system. While similar to last year's cam and half system (both 318 fps ibo), these new cams deliver a better valley and have an enhanced draw stop peg that makes the back wall rock solid. This system has three different cams for different draw lengths and is adjustable without the aid of a bow press. With the interchangeable modules you can adjust the draw lengths in half inch increments. This system also features a 75% let off, which makes it comfortable for bow hunters who have to stay drawn on stubborn game.Draw length ranges for Hoyt CRX 35 cams
Cam Draw lengths
Cam #1 25.5" - 27"
Cam #2 27" - 29"
Cam #3 29" - 31"

Long Draw Option

New for 2011 Hoyt has introduced a Long Draw option for the CRX 35. This version of the bow is designed for the archer that needs a longer than 31" draw length. It is equipped with longer XT 1000 limbs which in turn gives you a longer for forgiving 8" brace height. All the other features of this rig are same as the standard CRX 35 but with an adjustable draw length range of 31.5-32". With the addition of the longer limbs, it in turn increases the axle to axle length by a 1/2 of an inch.

Dangerous Game Package

This package is designed to give you heavier draw limbs and reinforced parts for ultimate penetration through thick hides and large stature animals. There are two limbs sets in this package, 70-80 lb limbs and 80-90 lb limbs. Other features that make this package stand out are the wood 180 Profit grip standard and dangerous game graphics.

Vibration Dampening/Additional Components

Hoyt seems to be at the forefront of vibration dampening technology and this year is no different and they have added a few new features for 2011. They added the silent shelf this year to the arrow shelf. Made from limbsaver material, the silent shelf eliminates noisy arrow slap on let down and also gets rid of any noise made from drop away rests. Also the Stealth shot has been improved in design and made from a softer version of limbsaver material for an even more quiet and smooth shot. Finally the stabilizer mount was offset for a more balanced feel when all the accessories are installed on the bow.


Overall the CRX 35 is a very smooth shooting bow that is dead in your hand and is very quiet on release. There is a very smooth transition through the valley to full draw and once at full draw the back wall is rock solid. Being very smooth, quick and quiet this bow has a well above average shootability rating.

Hoyt CRX 35 vs. Maxxis 35

BowHoyt CRX 35Hoyt Maxxis 35
Version 20122011 (XTR Cam)
PictureHoyt CRX 35Hoyt Maxxis 35
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length35 "35 "
Draw Length25.5 " - 31 "27 " - 31 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 80 lbs40 lbs - 90 lbs
IBO Speed318 fps318 fps
Weight4.2 lbs4.2 lbs
Let-Off75% 75%
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The CRX 35 and the Maxxis share the same brace height, axle to axle length, weight and IBO speed. While these bow's specs are very similar there are a few new additions that make the CRX 35 a slightly better shooting bow. First off the Fuel cams, very similar in performance to the cam and a half system on the Hoyt Maxxis 35, the Fuel cams have a smoother transition through the valley to full draw and with a enhanced draw stop peg the back wall is even more solid. The silent shelf feature which tames vibration and noise from drop away rest and arrow slap, an offset stabilizer mount which gives the CRX 35 a more balanced feel and finally the long draw option for archer that needs a longer than 31" draw length.


Without a doubt the CRX 35 is a solid choice for anyone from the avid bow hunter to the 3D archer. While having similar characteristics to last year's Maxxis, the CRX 35 has several improvements as well. This rig possesses everything you want out of a quality bow and has things like the long draw option and the dangerous game model that make a viable choice for almost anyone. Overall for the archer that prefers a longer axle to axle or needs a longer draw length you seemingly can't go wrong with this bow.

User Reviews

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Terrific bow, especially smooth/quiet for taller shooters with long arms/draw lengths

Version: 2011 Hoyt CRX 35 LD


Pros: Bow is extremely easy to shoot, exceptionally quiet, looks great. I like the balance of he bow. The Fuel cams provide a very smooth draw.

Cons: just a bit pricey, but well worth the value

Full review:

CRX 35 Blackout - 29" draw - Fuse Carbon Stabilizer, Fuse Quiver, QAD Ultra Rest - set at 60 lbs draw weight (70 lbs max) - short and simple description - smooth, quiet, and accurate. Again, great bow for the taller hunter/shooter (I'm 6'3") - I compared this bow to the Matthews, I just didn't like the balance point on the Matthews, nothing against Matthews, this Hoyt just felt and shot better (for me).

Great feeling and shooting bow

Version: 2012 Hoyt CRX 35


Pros: great allround bow

Cons: Hoyt is never the cheap option but well worth the $$

Full review:

Very smooth draw with nice wall, exceptionally quiet and free of any shock on release. My first compound after >20 Years of recurce shooting and I am loving it. my current setup: 50-60lbs set to 53lbs with Fuse Carbon Blades, SpotHogg Edge rest and Shibuya Ultima CPX 365 with 34mm CR Apex Scope and Beiter pins. All held by a Truball short-and-sweet.

Great bow!

Version: 2012 Hoyt CRX 35


Pros: Very quiet, very fast, balanced great. Love everything about this bow.

Cons: Wasn't the cheapest but you get what you pay for even my father in law is wanting to buy the crx35 and he has been a mathews fan for years.

Full review:

I have shot about 50 arrows through this bow and so far I am berry happy with it. Sighted in and it's deAd on target every time . Very fast light accurate and quiet. I have mine set at 70lbs and have no problem with vibration or being loud. When my father in law shot it I wa sanding about 8 feet back an all you can hear was the arrow going through the bag. The draw is very smooth. The cams are great. The grip is very nice too it's not like most that are real thin and hard it's more of a cushion. Fits real nice in ur palm. Very happy with the hoyt team!

Best garage sale find ever

Version: 2012 Hoyt CRX 35


Pros: youd have to shoot it to understand!

Cons: i dident find this bow sooner in life

Full review:

i went to a estate sale and found it with a lakewoods case and 1 full dozen carbon arrows for 55$ i bought it and i have shot nothing but this bow because ive never shot anything better, i dropped 2 deer with it and has enough fource to pierce all the way through unlike my browning and many other bows. all around great feel, preformance, and look

very shootable and consistent bow. excellent for hunting

Version: 2012 Hoyt CRX 35


Pros: easy to hold at full draw. seems to be forgiving versus other long axle-to-axle bows

Cons: camo finish is wearing at the grip

Full review:

Very shooter friendly bow, purchased in Feb 2011, 60 lbs, 28" draw, approx. 345 grain arrow 282 fps.

Version: 2011 Hoyt CRX 35


Pros: The CRX35 with fuel cams is still the smoothest bow I have ever shot.

Cons: A bit pricey but worth every penny.

Full review:

I shot my CRX35 side by side the Hoyt Defiant 34 - the CRX fuel cams were smoother during the draw cycle and using the same arrow the CRX35 was 10 fps faster. The optional limb stop on the Defiant made a more solid back wall but nothing the rant about.

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