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Hoyt Nitrum Turbo

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  • 350 feet per second is the fastest bow Hoyt has ever produced
  • Tons of useful technologies incorporated in the riser design
  • Many choices for a customized look


  • Seems to have vibration after the shot
  • Target colors require an up charge
  • 80-pound limbs not available like on the other Nitrum models


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Editors' review

The Nitrum Turbo gets the most updates to any bow in the 2015 Hoyt lineup. Hoyt has produced a Turbo model for several years, but this is the first time Hoyt has done anything other than shortening up the brace height in order to get the extra speed numbers. The Turbo cam produces an additional 10 feet per second, with the shortened brace height making up the additional 10 feet per second when compared to the Z5 cams for a total speed of 350 feet per second. The great speeds combined with the offset riser, riser cage, and the brand new zero torque cable guard system makes the fastest Hoyt bow ever produced worth a look.


Hoyt did not skimp at all in terms of options for finishing the Nitrum Turbo for 2015. Not only can shooters choose from a variety of finishes, the rubber dampeners can be swapped out for a variety of colors as well. Those wanting a camo pattern will have several RealTree options to choose from. Many shooters will choose an all camo bow, but for those wanting to mix with a black or harvest brown riser have that option as well. For camo patterns, Hoyt offers RealTree AP, RealTree Max 1, RealTree AP Snow, and RealTree Pink. Hoyt also has a few packages that tinker with the graphics and color schemes a bit too. The custom packages include the American Heritage, Bone Collector, and Vixcen choices.


Hoyt knows how to do a well-constricted riser whether it is a carbon riser on the Carbon Spyders, or a machined aluminum like the Nitrum series models. Hoyt engineers have put in a lot of research and development to create what they consider the stiffest, strongest riser to date while incorporating three brand new updates.The Zero Torque Cable Guard System is one of the largest updates to the aluminum riser for 2015. This system is a moving component to the cable slide that has not been available before 2015. The system allows the cables to flex the unit in while the bow is drawn, which takes torque normally placed on the riser out of the equation. The riser cage locate below the grip is a new feature on Hoyt's mainline, although it has been seen on target rigs in the past from Hoyt. This helps stiffen things up even more, and when combined with the Zero Torque Cable Guard System, there is significantly less torque impacting accuracy.Hoyt's third major change in the 2015 aluminum riser has to do with a built in offset above where the sight mounts to the riser. This offset design helps center the arrow with the centerline of the bow, and should make tuning the bow easier too. The offset design is also thicker reinforcements than on previous aluminum risers, which can also force the riser to have even less torque. The Silent Shlef makes a comeback for 2015 as well. This is a well-integrated portion of the riser where rubber is added to help minimize the noise of banging an arrow of the aluminum. It can also help quiet the noise the rest launcher makes if it contacts the shelf for some reason.


Hoyt's grips are arguably the best feeling in the market and shooters actually have the choice between four unique feeling grips including one piece and side plates. The color kits come with a colored one-piece wooden grip, but side plates are not offered in colors from Hoyt. Each grip feels slightly different, so shooters can pick the one that feels the best to them. The grip is the only constant contact point between the bow and shooter so it should be as comfortable as possible.


The multilayered laminated split limbs store the energy produced from the cams and are available in a 40-pound range. Maximum weights are available in 40, 50, 60, 65, and 70-pounds. Although the rest of the Nitrum series bows are available in 80-pound limbs, the Turbo model does not offer 80 pounders. This does not impact a large group of people, but it would make for a screaming fast bow if offered. The AirShox system is also a really great dampener design unlike anything else on the market today. Instead of remaining in constant contact with the limbs, the limbs are drawn away from the AirShox dampeners and return after the bow is let down or fired. The system works well for getting rid of vibration and is fully adjustable for 2015. Shooters can also get the dampeners in a variety of color kits for a very personalized look.

Eccentric System

The turbo can and a half system is the fastest cam ever made by Hoyt shooting an achievable ATA measured 350 feet per second out of the box. The draw is a bit stiffer than the Z5 cams, but the back wall seems to be a bit more solid and the stiffness is minimal for the added performance gained in terms of speed and kinetic energy. With draw lengths from 24-30 inches, and 75% let off, it is difficult to find anything wrong with the Nitrum turbo. Three cams are available with draw length adjustments made by a module system I each of the three cam ranges. The one cam is 24-25.5, the two can is 26-28, and the three cam is 27-30.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The turbo cams are a bit stiffer than the Z5 model, but that is to be expected with the additional performance, and those wanting a speed demon have already come to terms with having a little more difficult draw force curve to manage. With that being said, the difference is minimal, and for many defiantly worth the extra effort. At full draw, the Nitrum turbo holds well into a solid back wall, feeling even more solid than the Z5 cam. The 75% let off allows the draw cycle to still have a decent sized valley as well so the additional speed is still manageable and easy to shoot. The bow holds very well in target, and is pretty quiet after the shot. If nitpicking, there is a short lived vibration felt in the riser before accessories are added, but a good stabilizer and just the added weight of accessories makes it much less noticeable.

Usage Scenarios

The Nitrum turbo has really great specifications to be a multipurpose bow shooters can use for every type of archery they may have an interest in. There are many bows that can work for hunting and serious 3D, but the Nitrum Turbo truly has desirable specifications for any kind of shooting. The ability to completely customize the look makes it a nice option for target archery as well.


BowHoyt Nitrum TurboHoyt Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo
Version 20152015
PictureHoyt Nitrum TurboHoyt Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo
Brace Height6 "6 "
AtA Length33 "33 "
Draw Length24.5 " - 30 "24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 80 lbs30 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed350 fps350 fps
Weight4.2 lbs3.8 lbs
Let-Off75% 75%
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The riser is the biggest difference between the two models and although a ton of research has gone in to each, the final decision is going to be the added cost of the carbon riser. The Hoyt Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo has not felt vibration like the Hoyt Nitrum Turbo, but the added cost may not be worth it for some shooters.


The Nitrum turbo is a great shooting bow for those wanting the most in terms of speed and performance. It is a little disappointing to not have 80-pound limbs as an option on the turbo, but that only appeals to a small percentage of shooters. With the improvement to the stiffened offset riser, the cage design from the Hoyt target models, and the zero torque cable guard system, this aluminum riser is on of the best Hoyt has ever produced in regards to research and development. Hoyt has never had a true speed bow, and their first installment in the segment is a winner.

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Smoothest speed bow out there!

Version: 2015 Hoyt Nitrum Turbo


Pros: You forget how fast it is because of the nice draw cycle. But it reminds you once you hit the release.

Cons: Pricey up charge for the harvest brown.

Full review:

Very forgiving for a speed bow. One of the better back walls hoyt has offered. Harvest brown is a pretty pricey up charge. The riser is awesome looking. The cable roller guard is really well develop. It kind of reminds me of a better done bowturbo. Very innovative aluminum bow. Bow set at 28.5/70 350gr/332fps 378gr/325 390gr/318 400gr/315fps 460gr/292

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