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  • Easy to tune and shoot
  • Virtually no vibration
  • Light
  • Fast
  • Quiet
  • Versatile
  • Smooth and forgiving


  • New design; not much data to determine if known problems from previous brand are corrected
  • Must overcome Rytera reputation of defects


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Editors' review

Although the Alien is new under the Martin name for 2013, it is an updated version from the previous Rytera brand. Martin made the decision to put their focus on quality bows instead of making bows under two different brands. The Alien has been upgraded and improved and brought under the Martin brand. Most shooters that have shot the bow love how it shoots, are amazed at the speed, and how quiet it is out of the box. With a 32" ATA and a 7" brace height, this rig has an IBO of 335 fps. This is a very strong bow and looks absolutely wicked.


This rig comes in a variety of colors; Next GI Vista, Bronz, and Skulz, are the hunting colors, while Black Carbon, Target Red, and Frost White are for the target specific bows.


This rig comes with a one-piece CNC machined aluminum riser cut from 6061T6 aluminum. This is a sturdy, lightweight aluminum that provides strength, as well as an inherent noise suppressing quality. At each end of the riser, and just below the string stop are Vibration Vortex VEMs. These VEMs are engineered into the riser to maximize vibration dampening. The riser is then capped with ROTO limb cups to secure and align the limbs in the optimum position for the best possible shot performance. These limb cups are very strong enough to handle a heavy limb load, functional and eliminate any forward or backward movement of the limbs. The limbs are a five-layer X4 Mag Twin split limbs. A lot of research has gone into this limb design to meet the demands of today's hunter and come in 50#. 60#, and 70# peak weights. This new split limb should eliminate the splintering problem seen with the Rytera solid-piece limbs. At the ends of the limbs are the power generating Nitro 3 Hybrid Cams. This cam design provides a smooth and gentle draw while generating lots of speed. This cam system also incorporates a rotating module for adjusting draw length with ease. The innovations of this cam design eliminate the split-yoke buss cable for the bow also. The benefits of this have been shown to be NO nock travel and NO tuning issues.

Other Components

The Martin Alien M40 comes with many features. The five-layer X4 split limbs, Nitro 3 Hybrid cams, Carbon Stealth STS, CNC Machined Aluminum Riser, Saddleback Thermal grip, VEM vibration dampeners, steel threaded stabilizer insert, patented Martin Cable Containment System roller cable guide, and the Silent Hunter arrow shelf are all standard on this bow. These technologies make this a very quiet and shootable bow.

Eccentric System

This rig is setup with Nitro 3 Hybrid Cams. The design of these cams eliminates the need for a split-yoke buss cable. This combination is a variant of the binary cam system, but has zero tuning issues and zero nock travel, making this a very smooth drawing bow that packs plenty of knock down power. The Nitro 3 Hybrid Cam system also contains a rotating module for adjusting draw length. There are actually two sets of the cams in order to cover the entire draw length range, so those purchasing this bow must be aware that they must identify the proper length in order to get the right cam set. The draw length can be adjusted without a bow press simply by removing the two screws in the rotating module and slide into the proper position, then tighten back into place. This has to be done on each cam to ensure timing is not affected. With this limb/cam set-up, this rig is IBO rated at an incredible 335 fps. The cam system also has an adjustable draw stop that allows the shooter to select the let-off.

Silencing Package

Designed with the hunter in mind, this rig is deadly quiet by design. The light-weight riser with the VEM dampeners built in, the split limbs, silent hunter arrow shelf, roller cable guide, and string silencers are all engineered to be quiet during the shot. Other than a vibration dampening stabilizer, there is very little the shooter can add to further reduce noise on an already whisper-quiet piece of gear.


BowMartin AlienMathews Creed
Version 20132014
PictureMartin AlienMathews Creed
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length32 "30 "
Draw Length25.5 " - 30.5 "26.5 " - 29.5 "
Draw Weight35 lbs - 70 lbs50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed335 fps328 fps
Weight3.5 lbs3.85 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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The new Martin Alien M40 is a very good bow and can be compared to the Mathews Creed. Both bows come in 50# - 70# limbs. The Creed is two inches shorter ATA, but is a slightly heavier rig. Both have 7" brace height and are equal in draw length adjustability. Both are very forgiving and accurate for the shooter. Where the Alien has a twin cam system, the Creed uses a single binary cam. Both are smooth drawing bows. The twin cam system employed by the Alien provide it with an additional 7 fps IBO compared to the Creed, although both of these bows are fast.Both bows are very shootable and shoot very "flat." Both bows are relatively pricey, but are middle-priced bows. The Creed lists for $200 more than the Alien in the bare bow package and does not come with the additional equipment as the Alien. Many archers in the market for a new bow and are torn between several bows and give the Alien a "test drive" did not hesitate to purchase the Alien. Not to mention you could use the extra $200 and upgrade accessories to the bow.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is designed for the hunter, but can be used in any archery-related situation. It fits very well in a tree stand or a hunting blind, but is easily a good candidate for the 3-D range as well. The bow is fast and accurate, and with a weight of only 3.5 pounds can be easily carried anywhere the situation arises. This is the average weight for hunting rigs.


This bow comes in the basic bow package for $800 with the items listed above. The bow can be ordered ready to hunt for $995 which will include professional setup and tuning and with everything for the new owner to screw on some broadheads and hit the woods. This RTH package comes with everything - release, arrows, broadheads, and a hard case to carry and store your new package in. If this bow lives up to the hype, it is well worth the price of either package purchased.


The Martin Alien M40 is a new release for 2013 from the Rytera brand. Martin made the business decision to focus more on overall quality instead of offering two separate brands. Although the Alien was a good selling bow for Rytera, there were known problems such as splitting and peeling limbs which detracted from the bow and brand. Martin used this opportunity to redesign the Alien and changed the limbs from single-piece to split limbs, redesigned the cam system. The new designs should eliminate the limb problems and provide a more solid and reliable shot platform.This revamped product also offers a little more speed. It is an excellent bow regardless of the situation and can easily transition from the 3D range to the hunting area. With an average ATA of 32," the 7" brace height, and the light weight, this bow is easy to carry around regardless of the distance required. With the 335 fps IBO rating, and the accuracy of this rig, the shooter will definitely be satisfied.

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