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Martin Nemesis 35

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  • Easy to tune
  • Solid shooting platform
  • Fast and accurate
  • Solid back wall


  • A good bit of vibration and noise from a bow of this price
  • Sharp incline in draw cycle forcing effort to reach let-off
  • Too pricy


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The team at Martin Archery introduced their flagship bow for the 2103 lineup with the Martin Nemesis 35 for the archer that prefers a longer platform. This rig boasts a 35" ATA, 7" brace height, 70# peak weight, and a fast 335 fps. The Nemesis was engineered to provide ideal results during any condition from the target line to the hunting stand.


This rig comes in several colors to match almost any archer's desires. These colors include NEXT G1 Vista Camo, Bonz Camo, Skulz Camo, Black Carbon, Frost White, or Crimson Red.


This rig is built on a bridged riser design machined from solid 6061T6 aluminum for reduced weight without sacrificing strength or stability. This slightly elongated riser gives this bow a 35" ATA. This riser is capped with the Martin ROTO Limb Cup. These limb cups are designed to handle the heavy limb loads while eliminating any "back and forth" limb movements throughout the shot. The geometric design of this riser allows the shooter to aim and hold on target exceptionally well. This riser also has a unique built-in bow hanger.The split limb setup for this bow are X4 Twin Limb technology. This advanced technology was designed specifically with today's parallel limb bows in mind. This limb setup also uses a new hinge profile allowing for a heavier load, and dispersing the load over a greater area for more efficient and stable delivery. Together with the longer ATA, this setup offers a very forgiving 7" brace height. The limbs come in 50#, 60#, and 70# peak weights

Other Components

Beyond the limbs and the riser, this rig comes with Nitro 3 Hybrid Cams, Hammerhead strings, Martin Carbon Fibre STS, Integrated VEM silencing arrow shelf, Saddleback Thermal Grip, and Quad VEM Vibration Vortex Escape Modules. The Quad VEM Vortex modules are built into the riser in strategic locations to help minimize vibration as much as possible. The Saddleback Thermal grip has a slim ergonomic curve that aids in reducing torque. This grip also utilizes leather to provide a protective non-slip barrier between the shooter and the riser to protect the shooter from all temperatures while retaining the feel of the bow. There are also two wooden inlays to add to the overall look of the bow.

Eccentric System

This bow is setup with a pair of Nitro 3 Hybrid Cams. This cam system is easy to tune and provides plenty of power. These cams also offer the shooter zero tuning issues, no nock travel, and, paired with the limbs, an outstanding 335 fps.The cams house a rotating module for draw length adjustments. The draw length can easily be adjusted by rotating the module, and adjustments can be made in 1/2" increments. The draw length can be adjusted by loosening the two screws securing the module, rotating the module to the proper location, and tightening the screws back down. This can be done without a bow press and in a matter of minutes. There is also an adjustable draw stop that can further adjust the draw length in 1/16" increments.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The draw cycle for this bow starts smooth and builds throughout the cycle to let-off. About halfway through the cycle, the draw force stiffens considerably, making it more difficult to draw. From here, the effort required to reach let-off increases as well. Transition to let-off is quite abrupt, but once there, the solid back wall makes it to hold. If the shooter needs to "let down," it is surprisingly easy to do, and can be done without this bow ripping your arm off.The peak draw weights for this bow are 50#, 60#, and 70# and can be adjusted up to approximately 15# from peak with the use of the limb bolts. This makes the effective draw weight range of this bow 35# - 70#. For a rig of this price though, there is quite a bit of noise and vibration, even with the efforts built in to reduce both.

Silencing Package

Martin added several features to this rig to mitigate noise and vibration. The carbon fiber STS, the vibration modules, the silencing arrow shelf, and the string dampeners. The aluminum riser and the limbs also have some inherent vibration dampening properties, and the cams help reduce noise and vibration also. Unfortunately, this bow still is louder than most within this price range, and vibration can be felt in the hand well after the shot is made. A stabilizer is a must, but will only reduce noise and vibration a little. It will not eliminate it altogether.


BowMartin Nemesis 35PSE X-Force Omen
Version 20132013 Omen Max
PictureMartin Nemesis 35PSE X-Force Omen
Brace Height7 "5.5 "
AtA Length35 "33.625 "
Draw Length26 " - 31 "26 " - 30 "
Draw Weight35 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed335 fps358 fps - 366 fps
Weight3.8 lbs4.4 lbs
Let-Off80% 70%
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The Martin Nemesis 35 can be compared to the PSE X-Force Omen Max. The Martin is classified as a bow for all archers, while the PSE is marketed strictly toward the men. Both of these bows are considered average for their ATA with the Nemesis 35 coming in at 35" and the Omen Max at a little over 33.5". The Omen Max is about a half pound heavier in mass, which should make it easier to hold steady on target. The Martin offers one inch more of draw length adjustability and a lower draw weight, but the PSE has a max draw weight of 80# over the 70# offered by Martin. Both of these bows are fast, but the PSE offers the shooter an additional 31 fps with an IBO of 366 fps. Keep in mind though, that this is based on 29" draw length at 80#, where the Martin offers 335 fps at 29" at 70#. Both of these bows have a draw cycle that is smooth from start to finish. Each also begins the cycle with average effort and builds sharply to let-off. Both also take a little extra effort to get over the transition point to let-off. The PSE has a max let-off of 70% and the Martin provides up to 80%. Both are forgiving and accurate, but can make the shooter tired within a few shots.The Martin Nemesis 35 can be found within a wide price range of $849 - $1,449. This wide range is attributed to how the particular dealer sells the bow, whether bare or with some type of components package. The PSE Omen max has a retail of $950 in the bare bow package.

Usage Scenarios

This bow was designed as a hunting bow. Although it is louder than the average hunting bow, the speed makes it a good choice for hunting. Many have found the 35" ATA a little cumbersome for a hunting rig. The Nemesis 35 is definitely a good rig for the 3D range as it is fast and accurate. This also makes it a good bow for a target range as well. If the shooter seriously wants to use this as a hunting rig, they must take special measures to reduce the noise and vibration as much as possible.


This rig can be found new in price ranges from $899 up to $1,449, and can be found used for considerably cheaper. For this price, you would expect no issues with noise and vibration. Even if this bow sold for $200 less, the vibration and noise out of the box would still put it in the bottom tier of similarly priced bows, and you could still find an equal or better rig for the price.


The Martin Nemesis 35 is the flagship bow for the 2013 lineup. It was designed for the archer that prefers a longer ATA, and this bow fits the bill with a 35" ATA. The elongated riser, the X4 Twin Limbs, and the Nitro 3 Hybrid cams and the 7" brace height provide a solid platform with plenty of power at 335 fps. This is a higher priced bow and has the speed and looks to go with it. It can be adjusted from 35# - 70# draw weight and 26" - 31" draw length. All adjustments can be done easily without the need of a bow press. If the shooter wishes to use this rig as a hunting bow, they should not have any issues with the short kills as the speed will take care of everything, but on a shot beyond about 30 yards, there is enough noise and vibration in this bow that the shot could be compromised.

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