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Mathews eZ7

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Mathews EZ7 Review5.053 out of 3 user reviews


  • Beyond Quiet
  • Smoothest Shooting bow in the 2011 lineup
  • Highly accurate for a short axle-to-axle bow
  • Relatively fast at 321fps IBO
  • Comfortable for any draw length


  • Not the most affordable bow


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Editors' review

The Mathews eZ7 is exactly that, a beyond smooth, easy drawing version of the Z7. Utilizing the Z7 Cam, the eZ7 is silky smooth throughout the entire draw cycle and shot sequence while retaining some surprising speed. Built with a 32" axle to axle length and a 7" brace height, it is very difficult to not like this sweet shooter. Putting out arrows at a reported 321fps, this bow is not the slouch many would expect from a bow that draws and shoots as it does.


Designed to reduce weight and add strength, the popular Grid Lock Riser from one year ago is the body of the eZ7. Known for the elastomer wheels embedded in the riser that when coupled with Harmonic Dampeners or Harmonic Stabilizers reduce residual vibration on the shot, Mathews outfits the eZ7 with a Harmonic Dampner in the top elastomer wheel and a Harmonic Stabilizer in the bottom elastomer wheel of the riser. The functional riser is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The test bow had a flawless Lost Camo finish, which is not surprising due to the quality control that Mathews is known for.


Made of the new SE5 Composite material, the Mathews SE5 Composite Slim Limb is thinner than any previous Slim Limb that Mathews has offered as the new composite is nearly twice as strong as the SE Composite used last year in limb production. Being of stronger material, the eZ7's limbs are lighter as less material is needed to make the limb and is more durable than previous Slim Limb designs.
Connected to the riser utilizing what Mathews calls the Sphere Lock Limb Cup System, the limbs are on the eZ7 placed parallel to beyond parallel of one another to cancel out vibration during the shot and enhance speed and power. The Sphere Lock Limb Cup System utilizes a Limb Turret to help to evenly spread the load of the limb while insuring positive alignment and downward pressure on the limb at all times.


The walnut SlimFit Inline Grip is standard on almost all the 2011 Mathews bows including the eZ7. Like all SlimFit Inlines, there is a line layered into the center of the grip marking the center line of the bow to ease setup for the rest and sight. Most archers find the grip to be narrow and comfortable. Mathews does offer a few other grip options, including the unique Focus Grip, which minimizes hand torque and forces the hand pressure to the center of the grip. They also offer the Classic Grip. Made of wood, this grip promotes a higher wrist and offers a little more bulk to the grip.

Reverse Assist Roller Guard

The Reverse Assist Roller Guard on the eZ7 enables the cables to move with less tension than what standard roller guards allow as the cables are contained in front of the roller guard instead of behind it like on most bow models. Since the cables are free of pressure and tension, the result is added smoothness to the draw cycle.

Z7 Single Cam & QCA

Mathews utilizes what they are calling their Z7 Cam, but looks drastically different than last year's model and doesn't resemble the ZX Cam for this year. The cam looks similar to what had been on the Drenalin and pulls as smooth. For being as ultra smooth as it is, the cam on the eZ7 produces some outstanding performance with a reported IBO of 321fps.

Draw lengths for the range from 24" to 30" for the eZ7 and are available in half inch increments. Like all Mathews single cams, in order to change draw lengths another cam must be installed. Using the QCA (Quick Change Axle) changing out the cam becomes quick and easy. Using just your hands, the axle assembly can easily be dismantled and a new cam can be installed in less than a minute. It is a very good system.

Draw Cycle

The draw cycle of eZ7 is exceptional. The entire sequence can be described in two words, silky smooth. Not as stout as a speed cam, the Z7 cam does ramp up quickly, but the poundage isn't as noticeable. Although the valley is narrow, it is not really noticeable as cycle moves through it to the wall. Difficult to describe it print, but it is very pleasurable. The length of the valley and the design of the cam make it possible to relax the bow easily without fearing the cam rollover taking the string. The back wall is solid with this cam, making it easy to hold through the aiming process. The eZ7 is beyond quiet upon release with absolutely no vibration being felt. It shoots like it draws, it is quite amazing. The eZ7 needs to be experienced to truly appreciate it.

Silencing Package

Like all bows in the Mathews line, the eZ7 has String Suppressors on the end of each limb to stop the string dead at the shot. Mounted in a bushing opposite of the stabilizer bushing is the Dead End String Stop. This accessory also stops the string, canceling out vibration and reducing noise. The cable has two Monkey Tails installed to stop oscillation and the one Monkey Tail located on the string near the cam to serve the same purpose. Although three accessories are installed in the string and cable, the loss in fps is only a reported 1-2fps. Located above the cam on the eZ7, but below the Monkey Tail is the String Grub. The String Grub, which looks like nocks covered in heat shrink of old, reduces vibration near the cam and therefore increases speed.

The Harmonic Dampener in the top elastomer wheel in the riser comes standard on the eZ7; this Dampener is a weighted disk that helps to absorb recoil at the shot that is coming through the riser. Also a standard install in the bottom elastomer wheel is a Harmonic Stabilizer. The Harmonic Stabilizer is said to dampen more than 75% of residual vibration.

Mathews eZ7 vs. Z7

Comparing the eZ7 to the Z7, there are several similarities. From an appearance standpoint, both bows have the same style and reflexed riser as their brace heights are identical at 7". The eZ7 is 2 inches longer than this years Z7, with the eZ7 being 32". Due to the added length of the riser the eZ7 weighs slightly more than the Z7, but it is only a 4 ounce difference with eZ7 coming in at 4.25lbs. The eZ7 is slower in the speed column by a reported 12fps (IBO 321fps), but this is due to the difference in cam design. It is that cam design that sets the draw cycle for the eZ7 apart from the Z7 and all the other bows in the Z Family for 2011 for that matter. Not built necessarily for speed, the eZ7 is a dream to draw, not that the Mathews Z7 is unusually hash as it is not, just a little more stout.
Bow Mathews eZ7 Mathews Z7
Version 2011 2011
Picture Mathews eZ7 Mathews Z7
Brace Height 7 " 7 "
AtA Length 32 " 30 "
Draw Length 24 " - 30 " 24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 321 fps 333 fps
Weight 4.25 lbs 4.0 lbs
Let-Off 80% 80%
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The eZ7 by Mathews is a sweet shooting bow that hasn't lost much speed (IBO 321fps) to accomplish its smooth shooting nature. Being whisper quiet due to the design of the bow and the silencing package installed, this bow has all the features that make a bow truly a masterpiece to shoot. The balance of the bow in hand is outstanding and with Mathews offering 3 grip options, an archer can get the feel they are looking for. Any archer who is not seeking blazing speed should give this bow a try. Although not highly marketed as the Z7 Extreme, those archers searching for a new Mathews would greatly benefit by shooting this bow in their quest to make a new purchase. Priced at $999.00, the eZ7 has a demanding price tag, but being a high performance bow with all the quality features Mathews has put into the bow will make it worth the money in many archers eyes.
Mathews EZ7 Review5.053

User Reviews

  • 3 reviews
  • ( out of 3 reviews for all versions)
  1. Unbelievable bow! balance, smooth draw, amazing accuracy!

    Version: 2011 Mathews eZ7


    Pros: I love everything from the look,feel,speed,accuracy,quietness,length,brace height,and the balance is just amazing.

    Cons: NONE some would say price but its a lifetime bow. Sure you may want next years model but you wont need it!

    Full review:
    I love this bow and everything I mentioned above. The smoothness, ease of draw and balance are second to none! This is the bow I will be shooting for the next 10 years and will pass it down to the next generation proudly! Thanks Mathews Inc.!!

  2. Perfect!!!!, have not purchased a new bow for 10 years.

    Version: 2011 Mathews eZ7


    Pros: super quite, smooth and easy to draw.

    Cons: Have not found a thing yet.

    Full review:
    Just purchased a new bow for the first time in 10 yrs, have been shooting a Mathews LX since Mathews introduced it. No problems with it, still took 3 whitetail with it this year. However after 10 yrs and an impending 1st elk hunt this fall it was time to upgrade, plus it did not hurt that our local Mathews dealer has dropped the price tag on all the 2011 bows, since the new ones are on the shelf, saved $250.00 and justified the purchase of the new Trigicon Single Pin Accupin Sight. Shot one the dealer has already set up and it was just as the reviews I have read, silky smooth, quite and accurate. Shot both the Z7 and eZ7, my opinion hands down was the eZ7. I am not worried about the minor difference in the posted speed they achieve, based on hunting needs, arrow and broadhead choice I would never expect to match it anyway.

  3. Quiet, smooth, vibration free and accurate.

    Version: 2011 Mathews eZ7


    Pros: Smooth draw, minimal effort, repeatable shot placement due to power curve. This bow was the "sleeper" of the line, and probably got lost in the world of short ATA’s and short brace heights.

    Cons: It became a lot more likeable when dealers dropped their prices.

    Full review:
    A nice mix of shootability and accuracy with an easy power curve. Good speed and repeatable arrow placement (1 to 2 inch groups at 30 yards, 3-4 inches at 70 yards, when the shooter does his part.)
    Sooo quiet!!!! Draw cycle is like walking up a gentle hill, rather than a steep grade. Accuracy comes from brace height and draw profile. Not the fastest, but lays them in there, time after time.

    For the short draw lengths, like me (28") expect 270+ fps with hunting weight arrows and 100 grain heads. Longer draws get more speed.

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