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Mathews Legacy

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Mathews Legacy Review4.958 out of 8 user reviews


  • Accurate bow with a forgiving brace height
  • Has a smooth draw cycle
  • Quiet rig with little hand shock and vibration
  • Good for hunting, can also be used for 3D shooting
  • One of the hottest selling Mathews bows (even after being discontinued)


  • Draw length specific eccentric system
  • Could be a bit lighter and faster


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Editors' review

The Mathews Legacy is an older Mathews bow that was manufactured from 2002 until 2004. Ideal for hunting, this quality rig is also used by some archers for 3D shooting. With a good silencing package, this bow has little shock and vibration and delivers quiet shots. While the Legacy is not a speed monster, it's fast enough for many hunting situations.

Riser, Limbs, and Grip

The AeroRiser is 100% fully-machined and is designed to reduce bow mass weight. Despite this design, the Legacy is not as lightweight as some modern bows with similar specs. The bow comes with parallel limbs to reduce vibration and make it quieter. Although some shooters like the new Mathews Competition grip, others say it is not that comfortable and needs to be replaced.

Eccentric system

Mathews's new StraightLine MaxCam 3 system is the driving force behind reported IBO speeds reaching 308 feet per second. This cam-specific eccentric system is not adjustable and requires new cams for adjusting the draw length. While this design is a bit restrictive, overall shootability is better because each cam is specifically tuned to deliver optimal performance for a particular draw length. Cams are available from 24" to 30" in half-inch increments. The let-off is 70%.

To deliver faster speeds, smoother draw cycle, and reduce recoil, the StraightLine MaxCam 3 is oversized and has a weight on its perimeter. This weight is an essential part of the whole system and is designed to deliver smooth release and reduce vibration.

Draw cycle / Shootability

The Mathews Legacy is a smooth drawing bow although it's a tad stiffer than the ever popular Mathews Switchback. While some shooters say the Legacy pulls a little bit harder than the Switchback, overall they are very happy with the draw cycle for the speeds it produces.

Silencing system / Quietness and vibration

Outfitted with an effective silencing package (parallel limb design, harmonic dampeners, string suppressors, and over-sized perimeter weight), the Legacy is a quiet bow with little hand shock and vibration.

Great hunting bow suitable for 3D shooting

The Mathews Legacy is a very solid hunting bow as noted by many shooters. While some people say this rig could be faster, others believe it is fast enough for their hunting needs. At a forgiving brace height (7.5 inches) and measuring 34" from axle to axle, the Mathews Legacy can also be used for 3D shooting. While there are better 3D bows out there, many archers successfully use the Legacy for 3D shooting and say that the Legacy is a good all around bow.

One of the hottest selling Mathews bows

Having explored a lot of feedback about this bow, we can confirm that this is one of the most popular Mathews rigs ever. Many archers say that they feel no need to upgrade their old Mathews Legacy to a new bow because it shoots perfectly well. Despite this rig has been discontinued, people still enjoy shooting it. Buying a used Mathews Legacy is not very easy because not many people are giving them up.


To conclude, the Mathews Legacy is a quality hunting bow that was (and still is) very popular among hunters. Although the Legacy could be a bit lighter and faster, it's a very good shooter: quiet, smooth, and forgiving. Despite it's been discontinued by Mathews, this rig is still very popular and is a hot seller at the used bow market. Ideal for hunting, it can also be used for 3D shooting.
Mathews Legacy Review4.958

User Reviews

  • 8 reviews
  • ( out of 8 reviews for all versions)
  1. great bow

    Version: 2003 Mathews Legacy


    Pros: easy to shoot quiet short perfect for hunting

    Cons: nothing

    Full review:
    easy setup for hunting.i have no qualms with my legacy.faster bows are on the market but you sacrifice brace height wich can effect accuracy especially in hunting situations where perfect positioning is not possible.

  2. Great bow for hunting and 3D, very forgiving and very accurate. @50 yds I’m sending a dzn inside 6"

    Version: 2004 Mathews Legacy


    Pros: Again very accurate no torque and very quite.

    Cons: I wrap the grip for winter hunting, and I hate the stock quiver.

  3. still love my Legacy

    Version: 2002 Mathews Legacy


    Pros: very stable,smooth shooting, and deadly quiet

    Cons: little on the heavy side, and cant use string wiskers not that there needed (have let many shops tie them on and have tryed tieing them my self and they will sling off after 5-8 shots)

    Full review:
    have been shooting my Legacy for 9 years now and wouldnt trade it for anything on the market today. i use it for 3D and for hunting. was asked the year i bought it what i would think of my pretty high dollar bow 10 years down the road. i dont think my opinion will change in the next fue months. its no longer the shinie new bow on the market but will still shoot side by side whith the best of them.

  4. smooth quiet fast and acurate easy easy to shoot

    Version: 2004 Mathews Legacy


    Pros: quiet fast smooth and easy to shoot and stable

    Cons: NA

    Full review:
    best smoothest bow i have ever shot and it can even shoot a little distance if i needed to i shoot it every day over 70 times a day it shoots nice smooth quiet and fun never could ask for anything more out of a single cam bow

  5. Top notch quality from Mathews…as expected.

    Version: 2002 Mathews Legacy


    Pros: QUIET. Bought this bow in 2002, it’s been shot thousands of times and still slinging tight groups at 40 yards. Added the focus grip, harmonic stabilizer, and dead end string stop. Makes it shoot even better.

    Cons: To change draw lengths you need to buy an $80 cam from the company. Or find one used.

    Full review:
    I’ve literally shot this bow thousands of times, and it still performs like the day I bought it. I will never buy another brand of bow. Mathews 4 life. Legacy 4 life…or until it blows up or I drop it out of my stand.

  6. This will be the 12th archery season that I have been using the Legacy. What a good investment.

    Version: 2002 Mathews Legacy


    Pros: quiet, accurate

    Cons: none

    Full review:
    This will be the 12th archery season that I have been using the Legacy. What a good investment. I have no plans of upgrading untill this one falls apart. Have killed at least a dozen deer with this bow. Still using the original black gold fiber pin sight and quick tune rest. Have tossed around upgrading the sight and rest, but see no reason to being that this rig is still as accurate as it was when new in 2002.

  7. great shoot bow, got it for a great deal, lil longer ATA than im use to shooting

    Version: 2004 Mathews Legacy


    Pros: solid back wall, smooth draw, quite and very good groups

    Cons: lil have and longer ATA than im use to but getting use to it an love it more an more the more I shoot it

    Full review:
    older bow, added the dead end string stop and made it ever bette, qda fall away rest an tru glow sites, absolute sweet shoot bow for its age, unless they jus come out with a extremely better bow which I doubt happens will keep shooting it

  8. I can’t get rid of it.

    Version: 2002 Mathews Legacy


    Pros: The draw cycle is nice. I have a 30% partial rotator cuff tear and a 70lb Legacy drew easier then a 70lb HTR.

    Cons: Doesn’t look as cool as my buddies new bow?

    Full review:
    I purchased this brand new in 2002 and shoot the newest Mathews each year. This wins each year.

    I thought this year would be the upgrade year with the HTR (revolutionary technology like the Legacy in 02), but after loosing the 1st HTR arrow, the Legacy wins another year. I’ve killed dozens of deer, wild boar, 3 elk and 2 antelope.

    Forgiving bow with longer then average (now days) ATA and brace height.
    It’s quite.
    Two Piece quiver is awesome. The arrow gripper bottom part rides nicely against my pack belt while scrambling terrain in the mountains.
    Easy to tune. Cam lean and twisting the cable and string to meet the exact BH and ATA is easy.
    I’ve shoot this bow thousands upon thousands of times. Outside of replacing the string and cable every other year or so I had to replace the white washer disks on the cam once. It has never given me any issues.

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