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Mathews Passion

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  • A top of the line bow designed for women
  • Draw length adjustment in half inch increments between 22.5-29 inches
  • Bare bow weight of 3.6 pounds
  • Draw weight options from 30-70 pounds


  • MSRP $869
  • Draw length is cam specific

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Editors' review

The Passion is one of the first bows designed specifically for female archers in mind. The Passion Solocam system is a wonderful powering force rounding out a list of great technologies and specifications designed to make the Passion the amazing shooter it is. Weighing in at a light 3.6 pounds, 40 pounds of draw weight adjustment, and 6.5-inches of draw weight adjustment, the Passion is sure to fit almost every shooter interested in a top of the line rig. The Passion has an MSRP of $869, which may be a little steep for some shooters on a budget. However, the entire rig has been specifically designed to perform for female archers, which may help justify the cost of the rig.


All Mathew??s bows are done through a dipping process that leaves the bow looking flawless. The Passion is no exception. The Passion riser features several cutouts and all of them are completely covered. Three options are available for the Passion offered by Mathews. The finish patterns are available for archers wanting a target bow or a hunting rig. The all camo pattern is available on the bow with accessories available to match. Along with the Camo offering, the Passion is available in Pink, Teal, and Electric Pink. These colors are best suited for target archers, and are anodized as well for extra durability.


The Passion riser is highly reflexed giving it a very unique look overall. The parallel limb design also adds to the overall appearance of the Passion. The six-inch brace height keeps the string decently close to the grip of the bow, but this helps with getting the most amount of speed possible out of the rig. The Passion riser has harmonic dampening holes located at the top and bottom of the riser. The purpose of this is to deaden the vibration and noise after the shot. These dampeners have been featured on Mathews bows for a while, and different colors are produced to allow shooters a more customized look and feel.

Unlike other bows in the Mathews lineup, the Passion does not come equipped with a rear mounting string stop system. It does have two string dampeners on the limbs, near the cams, but it does not come with a string stop system mounted on the riser. There is a hole for one should shooters want to add it. In all honesty, the bow feels great without one, but it could only be better by adding a quality string stop such as the Dead End String Stop Mathews uses on other rigs. There is also a front mounting stabilizer hole located slightly above where the string stop system would attach for shooters wanting to add a little counter weight out front.

The Passion features a Harmonic Dampening Roller Guard system, which helps the draw feel effortless and smooth. Not only does this help remove unwanted torque and pressure to the riser, but it also allows less friction on the wheels as well.


The SlimFit Inline Colored Grip looks great and truly shows how high end the Passion really is. The walnut grip is sure to be warmer than other materials used in the business today during hunting conditions. There is a line on the back of the grip that helps align the grip in proper hand placement. The grip is a little on the thick side, but is comfortable after spending some time with it. For shooters wanting a thinner style grip, there is an option to purchase the focus grip to replace the wooden stock grip.


The SE4 composite parallel SlimbLimbs are the same as the ones featured on the men??s line of bows from Mathews. However, the limb decals are much different than any other graphics produced currently by Mathews. The graphics are floral in design and make it obvious the bow was designed with women in mind. Although some may find them a bit girly, they do a nice job separating themselves from the other offerings on the market today. These limbs are slimmer and substantially stronger than others produced in part because of the proprietary composite material. The limbs adjust in ten-pound increments available in maximum weights of 40, 50, 55, 60, 65, and 70 pounds. The Sliblimbs ride on the limb turrets as part of the Spherelock Pivoting Limb Cup System, which helps spread the load and cradle the limbs for the entire draw cycle. This also helps add to the strength of the limbs as well.

The limbs also feature string suppressors near the top and bottom cams to help bring the string to a stop after the arrow has been released. This reduction in noise and vibration makes the Passion an absolute dream to shoot.

Eccentric System

The Passion Solocam was designed to make the Passion the highest sought after women??s bow produced. With adjustability between 22.5-29-inches in half inch increments, the Passion is sure to fit most shooters interested. The draw length is cam specific, which makes changing the cams an expensive affair. After purchasing the Passion, shooters should leave perfectly fit for draw length, which makes changing the cams less of an issue. Designed with 80% let off, the Passion cam has a great feel and shoots up to 325 feet per second at 29-inches at 70-pounds. The top wheel has sealed ball bearings, which makes it long lasting and durable under normal shooting conditions.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Mathews Passion is a great shooting bow developed for female archers. For years, women have been forced to shoot bows designed for men and shot at settings suitable for themselves. Now, female archers have a high end option available produced by one of the largest names in the archery business. The Passion Solocam draws extremely smooth through all transitions of the draw cycle. The let off feels great and the back wall is as solid as one would expect it to be for a single cam without a draw stop. The valley is very manageable and has no desire to jump forward while shooters steady the pin on target. After the shot, the bow is virtually silent and no vibrations are felt in the shooters hand. The speed from the rig is decent as well. The 6-inch brace height is relatively forgiving considering the shorter draw lengths available for the Passion. Overall, this bow feels great and will shoot very well in the hands of any female archer.

Usage Scenarios

The Mathews Passion features a 29.75-inch axel-to-axel measurement, which is suitable for hunting or target archery considering the shorter draw lengths these bows are designed to shoot. The target colors look great and the anodized finish is sure to last as long as shooters use the bow. The speed and smooth draw cycle will be ideal in a treestand as well, giving female shooters a bow that will perform well in all situations.


Until now, female archers have not had many options to choose from. The Passion gives serious female shooters a bow they can use for a variety of reasons. With tons of adjustability and the technology one would expect from a Mathews bow, the Passion really does well at delivering everything in one package. Although the $869 price tag may be a bit steep for some, the Passion can be used for target shooting or a hunting bow. The ability for the bow to be used in a variety of situations may be enough justification for making the purchase. For some serious female archers, having a bow designed specifically for them may be enough justification.

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