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Obsession Addiction

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  • Very little to no noticeable vibration
  • Longer ATA measurement of 35" to appeal to 3D shooters
  • Fast with an IBO of 332 fps


  • Modular Draw Length in 1/2" increments
  • Press needed for DL adjustment

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Editors' review

Since 2012, the Obsession Bow's Addiction has been terrorizing targets all around the US. Even though this compound is ultimately designed as a target/3D bow, notable by the fairly large axle-to-axle measurement, forgiving brace height, and smooth drawing dual sync binary cam system, it is fully capable of satisfying all of a hunter's needs as well. With many camo options, an adjustable amount of letoff, and a supreme silencing package, any archer should consider the Addiction as a do-it-all compound.


Obsession Bows has a definite reputation for many different and unique finish options from the factory. Along with the standard black and anodized colors, Predator 3D and all of Stormy Hardwoods' options are available at no extra charge for both the limbs and riser. These patterns are transferred through a dye sublimation process instead of a traditional hydrographic transfer to eliminate some of the common inconsistencies of the resultant finish. The only downside to this level of customization is the possible extra wait times associated with the orders. Similarly, all hardware on this bow is type three hardcoat anodized for the prevention of buildup of rust. Overall, taking into the consideration of different ABB string, riser, limb, and cam combinations, this compound stands out from the rest.


Styled similar to its Lethal Force and Sniper counterparts, the Obsession Addiction riser is milled from a single piece of aircraft 6061 aluminum for a structurally sound platform. With over a dozen cutouts, mass weight is reduced to 4.2 pounds, yet provides a lengthy 35" ATA measurement for ample forgiveness for the shooter. A factory installed string stop and fiberglass cable rod are designed to keep vibration to a minimum and control the buss cables respectively. Aluminum limb pockets are minimal but sturdy in construction.


The Obsession Addiction features split Gordon Glass composite limbs. As an advantage over solid limbs, they are wider and have the ability to flex more, containing a higher amount of energy and ultimately improving the overall effectiveness of the draw cycle. Likewise, at full draw, the limbs take up a past parallel standpoint, canceling out most of the vertical resonance at the moment of the shot and leading to a very quiet and vibration-free shooting experience. Along with the large axle-to-axle measurement, this bow also has a 7" brace height.


This compound features simplistic wooden laminate side plates bolted to the riser for a slim, torque free handle. Compared to other larger plastic or rubber grips, the side plates may take some getting used to, however the slim feel assists with finding the most consistent spot in your palm to provide a basepoint for accurate shooting.

Eccentric System

Equipped with the Lethal Cam, the Addiction is capable of pushing speeds of 330 fps and above, all the while maintaining a slippery smooth draw cycle with an adjustable valley. The binary dual track cam system incorporates slaved cams without the need for yokes. Different press-only installed draw length modules, however, are necessary to change draw length in half inch increments from 24 to 32", but the tradeoff is improved performance with the ideal curve at all ranges in the draw cycle. Letoff is preset at 80% but as mentioned before, can be reduced with the target shooter in mind or increased for the average bowhunter.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow features a ten pound draw weight range maxing out at 60#, 65#, or 70#. Since most of the weight in the draw cycle builds up close to the start of the pull, eventually fading off until an extremely solid back well is met, there is very little hump; feeling as if it were significantly lighter in draw weight. At the shot, even in a bare bow state, this bow has an extremely small amount to no noticeable vibration, which solidifies the complete transfer of energy from the limbs and string to the arrow itself-resulting in a very efficient system.

Silencing Package

The Obsession Addiction comes factory equipped with Limbsaver Super Quad limb dampeners for each limb and a Limbsaver cable guard rod silencer. Along with a soft rubber string stop, this compound does an extremely good job at eliminating any remaining vibrations. There is no need for any additional silencing accessories.


Bow Obsession Addiction Bear Anarchy
Version 2015 2014
Picture Obsession Addiction Bear Anarchy
Brace Height 7 " 7.25 "
AtA Length 34 " 35.5 "
Draw Length 28 " - 31.5 " 26.5 " - 31.5 "
Draw Weight 30 lbs - 80 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 337 fps 330 fps
Weight 4.2 lbs 4.0 lbs
Let-Off 80% 75%
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In comparison to the similar spec'd Bear Anarchy, the Addiction has the advantage in terms of the cam system and overall draw cycle/shooting experience. Even though the Anarchy has a slightly larger ATA of 35.5", a larger draw weight range, and a longer brace height of 7.25", the Addiction has a slightly higher IBO, letoff, and utilizes a binary cam system over a single cam setup. For almost $200 less, the Addiction would be the likely choice in terms of a competition, even though both bows would be adequate for any archer.

Usage Scenarios

Due to the realization that a longer ATA measurement leads to more forgiveness- in regards to string angle and overall weight distribution- this bow is marketed towards 3D archers and target shooters, but as aforementioned, any bowhunter would be foolish to assume that this isn't an adequate enough compound for the task at hand.


With enough speed, camo options, and a quiet shot, this bow meets the standards of archers of all experience levels looking to head for the woods. However, with bright colors, customizable combinations, and features of a high end target bow, this compound can be the dream of archers simply looking to stack arrow upon arrow in targets around the country. For right around $800, this superior compound from Obsession Bows can be ordered fully to your liking and shipped to your door either by hunting season or by the date of your next tournament. The Addiction from Obsession Bows is a perfect example of their success and will continue to be one of their most appealing models for the future; with speed, shootability, and extreme quietness, there isn't much more to ask for in a modern high performance compound.

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