PSE Bow Madness 3G Review

PSE Bow Madness 3G

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PSE Bow Madness 3G Review4.854 out of 4 user reviews


  • Forgiving 7-inch brace height
  • Fast single cam speed of over 330
  • One of the most shock free bows of 2012
  • Inner lock cam system for easy, bow press free draw length adjustability with no extra parts or price required
  • Can be used as a hunting bow and a target bow


  • May be a little heavy at 4.3 pounds
  • Draw cycle may be a little aggressive for some

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Editors' review

The PSE Bowmadness 3g is an amazing single cam speed bow utilizing a lot of useful technologies for a great shooting rig. For shooters interested in a bow that can truly be a multipurpose rig the Bowmadness 3g could be a great option. Shooters interested in a single cam speed bow understand they will be getting a little more aggressive draw cycle to help with the speed. Although the bow may be a little more aggressive than some, the draw is still extremely smooth and hump-free. The best news is that the bow still has a 7-inch brace height and a relatively long riser for increased stability and forgivability. The specifications for this bow make it look great on paper, and it feels great in the hand as well.


The Bowmadness 3g is available in four finish options, which are all a result of a dipping process. PSE has been finished in Mossy Oak camo patterns for a few years, and the Bowmadness is no exception. Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity is the pattern of choice for this year. Shooters have the option for the entire bow to be finished in camo, or for the limbs to be Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity and the riser to be Black. The third finishing option is PSE's own unique Skullworks Camo. The new for this year camo option is a black base with different big game animal skulls in a European mount look. This will replace the former Skullz camo pattern from the last few years. The fourth option is an all black rig. Regardless of which option shooters choose, the finish will be flawless and look great.


The third generation Bowmadness has a 33 1/8 inch axel-to-axel measurement with the riser being close to the same dimension. The machined aluminum riser has strategic cutouts designed to lighten the overall mass of the bow while maintaining strength and stability. With such a long riser, shooters are going to love the stability this bow provides while holding on target. Target shooters have been taking advantage of longer risers for a while now, and the Bowmadess 3g fully utilizes this theory. PSE also considers the riser to be a "low-flex" riser meaning it will not twist under pressure and after the shot. The riser is designed to move forward and backwards instead of side ways. This design allows for a more repeatable shot. Attached to the riser is a rear mounting Vibracheck sting suppressor. Directly in line with the factory-installed string suppressor is a front mounting suppressor hole for shooters wanting counter weight. Another option available on the bow is a tuning mark on the riser shelf to align the arrow with when setting the bow up. This makes setting the rest up and tuning the bow an easier task.


PSE grips are known for being slim grips, and this year's Raptor grip is no different. The Bowmadness 3g grip is part of the riser with a red rubber grip on both sides. The grip is mostly unchanged from last year other than the red color, which looks great against all of the camo options. The Raptor grip is very slim and designed for a repeatable, non-torque grip on the bow. Although it takes some getting used to, the slim grip is sure to be the new preference for anyone shooting it.


The limbs on the PSE Bowmadness 3g are split limb construction and highly stressed both at rest and more so at full draw. The layered composite material is extremely strong and durable. The split limb construction allows the limbs to be highly pre-stressed and still strong enough to last shooters a very long time. Limbs are available in ten-pound increments and are available in maximum draw weights of 50, 60, and 70 pounds. The limbs connect to the riser through a black plastic composite material. There is also a pivoting tab off set a little ways toward the cams that pull the limbs toward the centerline of the bow. Again, this helps with performance and consistency with a more repeatable motion. The limbs are finished with red stickers adding to the overall look of the bow as well.

Eccentric System

The Bowmadness 3g is powered by the Madness Pro (MP) single cam. PSE advertises this as their "highest performance and highest efficiency single cam ever." It also features the 2nd generation Posi Loc Inner Cam. This allows shooters to change the draw length of their bow without using a bow press or having to buy modules. The Madness Pro cam is capable of adjusting in half-inch increments from 25-30 inches, and also features a 75% let off. The cam is made of high strength aluminum, sealed ball bearings, and a rubber stop. Tuning marks are engraved on the cam as well for a quick reference. The MP cam is extremely fast and shoots an achievable 330 feet per second.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Shooters interested in a single cam speed bow often sacrifice a harsh draw cycle for additional speed. Shooters will be excited to hear that the Bowmadness 3g has smooth transitions, a very nice valley, and an extremely solid back wall. Although shooters may find an easier drawing single cam bow, it would be difficult to find one combined with the speed of the 3g without lowering the brace height. The best part of the bow comes after the shot. The bow is completely shock free after releasing the arrow. There is no residual vibration felt in the hand and it is extremely quiet as well. Shooters wanting speed combined with a smooth transitioning draw cycle will be happy with the PSE Bowmadness 3g.

Silencing Package

PSE bows come equipped with Vibracheck dampening accessories. The rear mounting string stop system stops the strings forward movement after the arrow has been released. When the string hits the rubber dampener, vibration resulting in noise and hand shock is eliminated or transferred to the front mounting stabilizer. The limbs also come from the factory equipped with an installed limb hush kit as well as a dampener on the cable guard. All of the dampeners, in combination with the long riser, do a great job eliminating vibration and noise after the arrow is released. The Bowmadness 3g is virtually shock free and is one of the quietest PSE models available.

PSE Bowmadness 3g vs. PSE Bowmadness XS

The Bowmadness 3g and the Bowmadness XS share the same Madness Pro cam. The PSE Bow Madness XS offers an inch longer brace height and is about 4 inches shorter axel to axel. Both bows have a similar feel and fast speeds. The real decision lies with the intended use of the bow. Typically speaking, hunting bows have a relatively short axel-to-axel measurement. Those interested in hunting only bow may find the shorter XS a better fit. However, the longer riser and more speed of the 3g may be what other shooters are interested in. The decision will have to be made after shooting each bow to make the best decision.
Bow PSE Bow Madness 3G
Version 2013
Picture PSE Bow Madness 3G
Brace Height 7 "
AtA Length 33.125 "
Draw Length 25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 322 fps - 330 fps
Weight 4.5 lbs
Let-Off 75%
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Usage Scenarios

The Bowmadness 3g has specifications that catch the attention of all shooters. Bow hunters will appreciate the speed and shootability of the rig; while target shooters will respect the long riser, forgiving brace height, and fast speed of the bow. For shooters interested in a bow that is a great hunting bow as well as a great target shooting bow will love what the 3g has to offer. It is hard to decide where this bow will shine the brightest, but shooters cannot go wrong with their decision to shoot the 3g regardless of how they are going to use the bow.


The Bowmadness 3g is very appealing on paper and shoots just as well. The shock free release and IBO speeds of 330 feet per second have a lot to offer all archery shooters. With a long riser and forgiving brace height, the Bowmadness holds very well at full draw and is one of the most shock free bows available in 2012. There may be a few single cam bows with an easier draw cycle, but those interested in speed will be willing to make the trade off. With an MSRP price of $599, it will be hard to find a better shooting bow at a lower price. The 3g performs as well as bows priced much higher. For shooters interested in a truly multipurpose bow that can be used as a target bow as well as a hunting bow may not need to look any further than the Bowmadness 3g.
PSE Bow Madness 3G Review4.854

User Reviews

  • 4 reviews
  • ( out of 4 reviews for all versions)
  1. It’s quiet, has a smooth draw for the speed, and is stable at full draw.

    Version: 2012 PSE Bow Madness 3G


    Pros: Quiet. Good speed for a single cam bow. Smooth draw cycle for a fast bow. Doesn’t respond to wrist torque as harshly as other equivalent offerings.

    Cons: Grip lacks contour. It’s straight flat and slim. I’m going to make a leather wrap to soften the feel. The wrap will also keep my fingers warm, because metal grips are COLD in late season.

    Full review:
    I was drawn to this bow initially for it’s speed and the general smoothness of a single cam bow. Also, the longish axle to axle length means a more forgiving and efficient bow. The choice was further narrowed down when I read that this particular model would work great as a hunting and target bow, since I compete in 3D shoots and am an avid hunter. After shooting the 3G at a local shop I found all the advertising statements to be true. It is quiet. It is fast. It’s a smooth draw for a fast bow and is very stable at full draw. The stability at full draw sealed the deal. This bow doesn’t respond to wrist torque (rotating left to right) as much as other similarly priced, new bows that I shot. However, the grip leaves a little to be desired. It’s metal, which means COLD in late season. It’s also very flat; no contour. My first personal upgrade will be a leather wrap for the grip to soften the feel and keep my fingers warm this December. I may even put a thin foam rubber pad under the wrap. We’ll see.

  2. By far the best PSE ever!

    Version: 2012 PSE Bow Madness 3G


    Pros: Silence is the number one factor followed by speed on this bow. Little to no recoil felt in hand after shot.

    Cons: The package comes with a whisker bisquit which wears out and is inconsistent over time. One would think with all the technology that PSE would use a drop away rest and a better set of sights.

    Full review:
    I recieved this as a gift for my Birthday and quickly fell in love with it. After I switched to a Octane vanish rest and apex bone collector sight shooting Carbon Express maxima hunter arrows with 125 grain tips I’m shooting 3′ groups at 45 yards. Buy the bare bow and pick your own sights, rest,ETC. You will save in the end.

  3. Vibration free smooth shooter with one little hill to climb

    Version: 2013 PSE Bow Madness 3G


    Pros: Sick good looks, near perfect balance, no or little felt vibration, screaming fast for the price — only seventeen feet per second less than a "Bear" bow that costs $899.99.

    Cons: Only one bump: part of the draw cycle — at about two-thirds through the pull, the bow imparts the feel of a sharp increase in resistance, not a gradual incline.

    Full review:
    I own the Skullworks camo version. This bow was added to my arsenal and history of "Stick-and-String" only members. The smoothness after trigger pull is phenomenal. I was shooting two-inch groups after only a few volleys, amazing results for a shooter who has not touched a bow in nearly a year, and one who has historically shot exclusively traditional. The bow looks awesome with its black and red accessories, and yet, still seems to have some camouflage properties inherent in the Skullworks pattern. Balance is tremendous, and the back-wall is solid.

    The only possible con is a slight "bump in the road" on drawback; however, this slightly sudden peak in draw resistance was quickly overcome and forgotten after sending a dozen or so arrows screaming to the waiting target without so much as a hick-up of noise or felt vibration.

  4. Fast and forgiving. Target or hunting this bow gets it done, really a balanced package.

    Version: 2013 PSE Bow Madness 3G


    Pros: Easy to shoot bow, if you are new to compound bows this is a great bow to take out of the box and go hunt or the local 3D competition. The long riser and brace height combine to make a very fun to shoot bow!

    Cons: I would like to see PSE use a higher quality string on their bow.

    Full review:
    I am 6 weeks into owning this bow and shoot everyday before work. I am very impressed with this bow and how enjoyable it is to shoot. I have upgraded the sights. Trust that you are not sacrificing anything in the performance and shoot-ability attributes with the Bowmadness 3G by not spending over a 1000 dollars on a bow! "Awesome Value" is how I would best describe this bow!

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