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PSE Brute

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PSE Brute Review4.8515 out of 15 user reviews


  • Incredibly forgiving brace height 8 1/8" to 7" depending on the model year
  • Fast
  • Inexpensive
  • Well balanced
  • Newer models have almost no noticeable vibration
  • 6 inches of draw length adjustment


  • Bow press is required to make draw post adjustments

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Editors' review

The PSE Brute is appropriately named for its sheer brute strength. This bow is very tough but also, fast, accurate and incredibly forgiving. Because of this, some shooters say it should not be compared to other models in its class.


Like the rest of this bow the finish is also tough, durable and resistant to fading. The Brute however, has never offered a choice in finishes. It originally came in Mossy Oak New Break-up, then went on to Mossy Oak Treestand, and most recently Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity.

Riser and Limbs

The Brute utilizes parallel precision engineered Boattail limbs which are connected to the riser through the Pivoting Hyperlight Unibody Limb Pockets. These limb pockets create perfect limb alignment for high level of accuracy and reliability. Over the years the CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum riser has changed shape to continually remain strong but achieve an ultra-lightweight design. All of these parts come together to give the look of a very tough looking bow.


The early models of 2007 & 2008 come with the Vibracheck rubber grip, which is constructed to suppresses vibration and give a soft comfortable feel. However, this grip is wide and can cause hand induced torque. The more recent models of 2009 thru 2010 employ the SLT (Slim Low Torque) Grip. This grip is designed for consistent hand placement which will produce better accuracy. The Brute HP of 2011 is equipped with the new BEST Raptor Grip which is everything the SLT grip is with a more ergonomically correct hand positioning.

Eccentric System

While the performance system on the Brute has been evolving for 5 years, all modifications are built to achieve a very smooth draw cycle, produce consistent shots, be easily adjustable and be efficient and fast. Past models of the Brute have advertised IBO speeds between 300 - 308 fps, the 2011 model boasts an IBO of 320 fps. The increase in 2011 is due to the redesigned HP cam system. Over the 5 years the Brute has been in production it has seen 4 different cam systems (NRG plus, NI Cam, NI One Cam, HP Cam). Each cam system varies slightly as new technology has been developed. Each model has adjustable draw lengths with up to 6 inches of adjustability. The 2007 model requires a module change to adjust draw length. Since then, draw length adjustments are made with the rotational inner cam, further post adjustments can be made but may require a bow press. During the first four years of production the cams had an adjustable let-off of 80% or 65%, however the new 2011 model has a fixed let-off at 75%.

Draw Cycle & Shootability

With an easy drawing single cam performance system and its silencing package the Brute is a nice shooting, well balanced bow that delivers a quiet shot with little hand shock. The Brute is an extremely smooth drawing bow with a solid back wall that is easy to hold. Additionally, post adjustments can customize the draw cycle to suit your feel. Upon release the bow is very quiet and almost vibration free. Early model years may require a stabilizer and string stop to achieve the vibration dampening of the newer models, this is partially because the newer models come with the factory installed VibraCheck Hush Kit.

Good Hunting Bow

The Brute is a hunting bow through and through. It is built well, accurate and fast enough for any type of hunting. Hunters will not need to make any large movements in the stand to draw this bow, thanks to its smooth and easy draw cycle, allowing himself/herself to remain concealed from their potential prey. Furthermore, the let-off will allow hunters to hold at full draw for lengthy amounts of time while waiting for game to enter the shooting lane.

Great Value for the Money

The PSE Brute has been one of the best bows for the money on the market for the last five years. Priced at $400 for the bare bow you would not expect to get a bow that shoots and feels like top of the line bow. Consider this, the Brute is priced less than most comparable bows from the competition and it gives you the performance of the high end bows. In fact, many Brute shooters admit that this bow is underpriced and it's not every day you'll see a deal like this.


The name says it all, Brute. This bow is a great hunting bow especially if you are on a budget. The incredibly smooth draw and very forgiving brace height make this bow easy to shoot accurately. It is also virtually vibration free, giving it the feel of a much higher priced bow. It is hard to find anything wrong with this bow especially at its price point but that, in fact may be its down fall. Priced at such a low point, the Brute may actually be over looked by many hunters. It seems that over the years the industry has taught that you need an expensive bow to be a successful hunter. Well, the Brute definitely proves that theory wrong.
PSE Brute Review4.8515

User Reviews

  • 15 reviews
  • ( out of 15 reviews for all versions)
  1. Terrific Bow! Outstanding Value! A Hunters Tool!

    Version: 2011 PSE Brute HP


    Pros: Smooth draw, very fast, dead in the hand at the shot. Tough finish, well balanced. Terrific price.

    Cons: Some string noise – leaches fixes it. However, I shoot directly off the string at 70# Tru_Fire bear claw release so there is a plucking noise without leaches.

    Full review:
    You could pay more than twice the price and end up with less bow. This is one heck of a bargain. I have owned a number of high end bows and this PSE Brute stands with any of them. In fact, I was practicing with one of the big names for my annual elk hunt and one of the limbs broke. It has a lifetime warrant so I took it to the dealer to be repaired. It has be 8 weeks and they still don’t have them after repeatedly contacting the company who always say they will be right out. I ordered this bow online as a backup – delivered for $332!! It will not be a backup bow it will be my primary bow. It is that good! Buy one you won’t be sorry.

  2. The Brute HP is a fast,balanced,,smooth drawing bow with a solid wall @ the end of draw cycle.

    Version: 2011 PSE Brute HP


    Pros: Well priced,balanced,smooth draw, solid wall,descent accessories. Quality in a low priced package.

    Cons: String. Low quality string, but that is to be expected on any brand pkg. bow.

    Full review:
    I did my homework on low priced package bows before I purchased the Brute. Compared to all the others in its price range, the Brute clearly was the superior package bow. I tested some higher end bows that are not sold as package deals and the only difference that I could see, aside from a better string, was a higher price tag! I will replace the string with a higher quality string and I’m good to go.In my opinion you never need to spend double this money for a bow because advertisements say other brands are high quality.I have killed many deer with so called "mid" and "lower" end bows. This is definitely a "high" end bow with a low end price tag!

  3. Absolutely amazing!!!!

    Version: 2012 PSE Brute X


    Pros: smooth draw! fast! veryy quiet shoots better than my mathews

    Cons: weight, it ways a little more than i would like but still the shooting ability is far geater than the weight

    Full review:
    i own a mathews switchback and this bow shooots way better than my switchback, i recommend it to anyone! it is great! very fast, quiet, and low price, the weight is a little to much but the way this bo shoot i would take it ove the new helium

  4. My Initial Experience with the Brute X, Its a joy to shoot

    Version: 2012 PSE Brute X


    Pros: Accurate out of the box
    Extremely Smooth Draw
    Easy for beginners
    Excellent Value
    Shoot all day comfortably

    Cons: I wish the black bones model came as a kit

    Full review:
    With work and University, I had to wait a long time before I could allow myself to get into Archery. I am extremely inexperienced and and it has been years since I’d done any archery at all with traditional bows, but I knew I would enjoy the sport and it would expand my hunting experience so I went for the Brute x this season. This being my first compound bow, I don’t have alot to compare to, but I did do ALOT of draw tests in several stores on ALL the bows available, and not many bows were as smooth and comfortable as the Brute, and even those bows that were about the same in quality of feel were at least twice the price or more, and thats why I went with the Brute. Is it quiet? I shot a Buck standing with a doe at 15 meters last week total pass through and the doe got startled at the arrow in the tree behind the buck, she didn’t even notice me, I wasn’t in a stand, I was stalking, thats how quiet the Brute is. Im grouping within 6inches at 40meters at the range, which isn’t impressive until you realize I only have 50 arrows through that bow with the cheapest sights and no suppressor bar. I think in time and more practice the Brute will prove to be just as accurate as any quality built bow on the market, and I won’t be upgrading for a long time to come.

  5. Remarkable value for the price.

    Version: 2009 PSE Brute LT


    Pros: Compact and easy to make adjustments. Fairly quiet with a little tweeking. Good manueverability in tight places. Price for this level of quality and shootability cannot be beat.

    Cons: Not a very good selection of colors but PSE is getting better about it.

    Full review:
    This was my first bow and I am very happy about it’s service to me. Even though I bought another bow with more expensive features, I simply cannot let my Brute go. It’s easy to set up, shoots well and it’s inexpensive in all aspects. Like other reviewers have said, you get more bow than what you pay for and that’s why it’s probably not as popular as other bows/brands. The new Brute-X looks like a real winner. I hope to try that out next.

    I never got the "hush kit" sold by PSE. My Brute wears a mixed bag of Limbsaver and Bowjax products and everything seems to work well with keeping noise and vibes to a minimum. I also use a Sword Accu-site and a regular drop-style arrow rest that’s so old I cannot even remember who makes it. I’m happy with the way it performs.

  6. Awsome bow, great price!

    Version: 2012 PSE Brute X


    Pros: Very quiet. Smooth draw cycle. Well balanced. Nice finish. Great Price and Fast!

    Cons: Maybe a bit heavy at 5.5 Lbs with accessories…Lower quality string, which I plan to upgrade after 1 season.

    Full review:
    I read many, many reviews leading up to my purchase. I also shot many "higher end" bows, but always kept coming back to the Brute X. This bow is fast, quiet and smooth at a great price. I just could not justify spending double. I did purchase the bare bow because I did not care for the accessories that come with the "read to hunt" package. With the money I saved on the bow, I upgraded to quality accessories. I also recommend upgrading the string as it comes with a low quality string. I am shooting groups the size of a 50 cent piece at 30 yds……..great all around bow!

  7. This is my third bow and i would have to say its the best.

    Version: 2012 PSE Brute X


    Pros: fast and quiet
    price good

    Cons: didnt like string quality but thats really it
    well maybe if only they were binary cams instead of single cam

    Full review:
    shot this bow and a few higher end bows. None of the higher end bow could compare to the brute and the price made it even better. Going to fix the low quality strings when i have my korbins put on it this week.

  8. Best Bow by far

    Version: 2008 PSE Brute (NI Cam)


    Pros: The smoothness and durability is unparalleled. Hunting in rocky, mountainous areas you don’t want a bow that will let you down. This one has yet to do that. Fast, quiet and reliable. I love it.

    Cons: The string quality is the only problem but easily remedied.

    Full review:
    A great bow for the beginner or seasoned hunter. At 308 fps I have yet to have my deer and moose get away. A forgiving bow for the beginner and quiet. This is the type of equipment that will get you hooked on archery and not be hard on the pocket book. This one has done it all for me. If I was to go to another bow, I would want to go to the 2013 PSE Brute-X.

  9. This is a hunting machine if I ever seen one!!

    Version: 2012 PSE Brute X


    Pros: The value vs price is unmatched! Great job PSE! Smooth draw, nice speed, quietness on release is awesome, let-off is VERY forgiving for game that lollygags a while. The compact size is great for blinds or stands.

    Cons: I am primarily a blind hunter. I wish this bow would have been available in black! The camo pattern works great from a tree but the light colors do not help from a SMALL ground blind.

    Full review:
    If you are a beginner or a seasoned shooter who thinks you have to spend $1000 or more on a fully equipt package…think again!! Give this one a try. If you don’t love it for the money spent, then you make too much money!! It is that simple. Happy hunting to all with a Brute X !!!

  10. Great bow! Cannot be beat! Forget the mathews or Hoyt, not worth it. Brute X is where it’s at!

    Version: 2012 PSE Brute X


    Pros: Price, accuracy, shootability, skullworks camo!

    Cons: Only con is I don’t have enough time to shoot as much as I would like

  11. Absolutely Love It!

    Version: 2013 PSE Brute X


    Pros: Smooth draw, great speed, forgiving brace height, and excellent price!!!

    Cons: String twisting during first 50 shots, but has settled now. Will replace at the end of this season…

    Full review:
    I haven’t owned any other high end bows. My previous bow was a PSE Lightning Flite II (round wheel cams)that hardly had any letoff. I killed a lot of deer with it, but I also missed some opportunities because of trying to hold the full 70 lbs with very little letoff! So, last year I finally splurged and upgraded to what I thought was a low-mid range bow. WOW!!! The Brute X is light years ahead of my old clunker! It is very fast, quiet, and forgiving. I am shooting consistent groups out to 60 yards, and that is with the basic equipment package that came on it. I can only imagine what a dream it will be when I can afford to upgrade that accessories! As far as I’m concerned, PSE makes great products at a great price.

  12. Bought this bow for deer hunting

    Version: 2012 PSE Brute X


    Pros: Fast, accurate,

    Cons: Let off, back wall, noise

    Full review:
    I’ve shot my brute x and it’s alright for the price but when I draw my bow back and get to the point of let off it always wants to keep creeping forward. I’ve done some research and the people say that pse bows just don’t have a good back wall like mathews. My friends have the z7, heli-m, and the creed I have shot all three and love them. When you draw back and let up you can actually let off because mathews bows have a good back wall. If the brute x had a good back wall I would love it so other than the back wall it is a great bow but it’s a great bow FOR THE PRICE .

  13. I think it’s the best bow for the buck hands down.

    Version: 2011 PSE Brute HP


    Pros: Very fast. Easy to hold. Very accurate.

    Cons: None that I have found

    Full review:
    This was my best experience with a new bow that was set up from factory. This bow fit great shoots like a high end bow. I have shot friends of mine Mathews, Bear, Diamond and I will stick with my PSE BRUTE. You will know when you pull it back if it’s for you or not.I tried different bows prior to buying this one but just wasn’t happy with them. No regret here at all. I’ve even had Mathews shooters say it’s the best bow for the money. Buy and enjoy. HAPPY HUNTING

  14. Great bow at a great price…

    Version: 2013 PSE Brute X


    Pros: Smooth shootin, accurate, great looking, light weight…. cant beat this bow for the price

    Cons: stock string is not the best…

    Full review:
    Bow looks and feels great… very smooth and quiet. Tried many bows costing double the price, kept comparing them all to this PSE Brute X RTS. Sold my old PSE and bought this bow with no regrets… I would definitly advise anyone looking for a quaility bow to check out the Brute. A bunch of my friends with other big names in bows have shot my Brute X and all were impressed… then I told them what I paid for it… Needless to say they could not belive the price. There bows are doubled the price and the Brute was just as smooth and just as accurate..

  15. Great Compact Bow Can’t beat it for the price

    Version: 2013 PSE Brute X


    Pros: Love it will buy another one soon for my son, compact and light, got the hunting package with it. Draw is smooth and the let off is fast. Very adjustable, draw and pounds, very user friendly.

    Cons: The only problem is the back wall, once you at full draw, it wants to pull you farword but that’s about it

    Full review:
    Great bow would buy another one, will not pay for the more expensive one’s when you can have the total package with the PSE Brute. The Brute is a tough, clean Bow. Will be buying my son one real soon.

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