PSE Revenge Review

PSE Revenge

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PSE Revenge Review5.057 out of 7 user reviews


  • Short axel-to-axel measurement
  • IBO speeds of up to 332 feet per second
  • Relatively inexpensive for a mainline bow with this many features
  • An inner cam featuring 6 inches of draw length adjustability without a bow press
  • Compact design great for treestand hunting, ground blinds, and spot and stalk hunting situations
  • Factory installed America's Best Bow Strings


  • A little heavy for some weighing in at 4.2 pounds
  • Draw cycle may be a little stiff for some

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Editors' review

The PSE Revenge takes the place of the well-loved Vendetta XS. With a short axel-to-axel design and an IBO speed of 332 feet per second, the Revenge was designed with all types of hunting in mind. The compact 29 5/8-inch measurement makes it a great bow for ground blinds, treestands, and spot and stalk situations. The riser design is only slightly reflexed and is almost the entire axel-to-axel length giving it a forgiving length despite the shorter measurement. Those interested in shorter hunting bow will love the speeds featured on the Revenge.


The PSE Revenge offers several flawless finish options that look great and give shooters several nice options to choose from. The first option is the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity option. PSE has used this finish for a couple of years, and it really looks nice with the limb graphics and red rubber grip. The second option comes with a black riser and a Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity limbs. Finally, new for this year is PSE's own Skullworks Camo. This is a unique option that has a flat black background with off-white European skulls from different big game animals. The finish looks very nice and is a result of customers wanting something a little different than the human skulls featured on the Skullz camo pattern. All patterns are a result of a dipping process that is long lasting and durable.


PSE's new planar flex riser features a larger sight window, a design allowing the riser to flex front to back instead of side to side, along with 25% less handle deflection. Along with these innovative designs, comes multiple sight mounting holes to offer shooters many different options for mounting every type of sight available. Coming off the back of the riser is a factory installed Vibracheck string stopper. This helps stop the string from vibrating to a stop eliminating after the shot noise and vibration. Directly in front of the Vibracheck is a front mounting stabilizer hole for shooters wanting added counter weight or additional vibration dampeners with a front mounting stabilizer.


PSE grips have been on the skinny side for the last couple of years. However, the Revenge grip, known as the Raptor grip by PSE, is a bit bigger than the B.E.S.T. Raptor grips on other PSE proline bows. Many shooters appreciate the more mainstream series grips. The grip is built in to the riser and has a red rubber handle on both sides of the riser. The red rubber is the same as the black from last year, but the color stands out a bit more than previous models. The red grip really looks great with the other graphics and finishing options available with PSE.


The Revenge limbs are like the rest of the PSE lineup with their split construction. Because of their highly pre-stressed position, split limbs are the only option that will remain strong enough to last. Limbs are available in ten-pound increments with maximum weights of 50, 60, and 70 pounds. The split limbs come from the factory with an installed Vibracheck hush kit as well.

Eccentric System

PSE has 4 mainline series cam systems for the 2012 lineup. The PSE Drive Hybrid Cam powers the Revenge. Perhaps the best feature of the cam is the second-generation inner lock cam system that allows draw length adjustability in half-inch increments from 24.5-30 inches. Shooters will love being able to fine tune their draw length without having to purchase new cams, modules, or even use a bow press. Sealed ball bearings are used in the cams, which have laser engraved tuning marks and cam adjustment reference points for easy changing. With a draw stop on the top and bottom cam, that makes contact with the string upon full draw, the back wall is very consistent when tuned properly. 75% let off allows shooters a very manageable weight to hold at full draw as well.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Vendetta from last year had a highly regarded draw cycle that most found very favorable. The Revenge sports the same cam as the 2012 Vendetta series. Although the draw cycle is relatively stiff, shooters will appreciate the generous valley, minimal transitions, and solid back wall. The cushioned draw stops make contact with the string. These types of stops usually have a softer back wall when compared to those that make contact with the limbs. However, shooters will come to a noticeable stopping point with the rive Hybrid cam. Overall, the draw cycle is easy to shoot despite being a little stiff with constant weight throughout.

Silencing Package

All PSE bows come from the factory installed with Vibracheck silencing accessories. The first accessory used on the Revenge is the Vibracheck string stop. This helps transfers the strings energy the front mounting stabilizer along with eliminating noise caused from string vibration. The limbs also come equipped with composite rubber hush kits that also help transfer vibration through the rubber dampeners. The rubber design adds to the aggressive design of the bow as well.

PSE Revenge vs. PSE Vendetta XS

Bow PSE Revenge PSE X-Force Vendetta XS
Version 2013 2011
Picture PSE Revenge PSE X-Force Vendetta XS
Brace Height 6.25 " 6.5 "
AtA Length 29.625 " 29.5 "
Draw Length 24.5 " - 30 " 24.5 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 332 fps - 340 fps 322 fps - 330 fps
Weight 4.1 lbs 3.8 lbs
Let-Off 75% 75%
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The PSE Revenge appears to replace the PSE X-Force Vendetta XS from last year. The Vendetta XS was loved for its smooth draw and short axel-to-axel measurement. The Revenge takes all of the wonderful things about the Vendetta XS, and reengineers them to make them even better. The newly designed planar flex riser is longer and stronger, which shoots better and performs more consistently. Keeping the same smooth draw and blazing fast speeds, the Revenge appears to be an improved version of one of last years most successful PSE sellers.

Usage Scenarios

The PSE Revenge is designed as a hunting bow. The short axel-to-axel measurement is a big trend in the hunting world. The Revenge's maneuverability in a treestand, ground blind, or a spot and stalk hunt really appeals to the die-hard hunter. Shooters with a short draw length will also appreciate the speed that comes with this rig as well. Although this bow is very accurate, serious target shooter will find better options.


The PSE Revenge is a great option for short draw shooters in the market for a hunting bow. The speed from this bow combined with a smooth draw cycle, high end strings, and a relatively inexpensive price tag may entice many shooters in the market for a hunting bow. Although the draw is a little stiff, it is very smooth. The ease of changing draw length without expensive cams or modules and without needing a bow press is a great design that will allow shooters to fine tune their own rigs to fit their shooting needs. Shooters interested in a short axel to axel bow with great speeds have a nice option with the PSE Revenge.
PSE Revenge Review5.057

User Reviews

  • 7 reviews
  • ( out of 7 reviews for all versions)
  1. Great bow for the price.

    Version: 2012 PSE Revenge


    Pros: You get it all. Smooth, Quiet, Light weight, Short,and Fast. Really fast. Easy adjustments and the skull works pattern looks awesomwe.

    Cons: Only thing in question in the grip. Not quit used to one that is that thin. If you shoot more open handed like most it will feel better though.

    Full review:
    This bow was easy to set and tune. Feels great. Shoot a 29 inch draw with loop (need a loop for sure) with whisker bisquit. Carbon express 3d selects tipped with 100 grain grim reapers. G5 peep and sight. Shoots 322 fps. Bought bow as back up to my PSE super short treestand model last week of this season. Two days later i hunted with it taking 1 small buck and 1 pig. It will not be the backup next season.

  2. All around great bow

    Version: 2012 PSE Revenge


    Pros: This bow is fast, quiet, dead in the hand, and a very hard hitter. You cant use the cheap styrofoam targets, first shot at 30 yards went through the target. Draw is not bad, no shot vibration, im very satisfied!

    Cons: No real cons, draw length can be changed in minutes with just an allen wrench, (definitely not a con), grip is thin but I personally dont have a problem with it.

    Full review:
    The PSE Revenge is a home run hitter. I have a 27" draw, 65#, and im shootin well over 300fps. For my short draw length this was the best bow I found.

    I was lookin at the Bowtech Assassin, Mathews Z7, and the Revenge. The revenge was by far the fastest, it is very quiet, no vibration, and it feels great in my hands.

    It does weigh 4.2 pounds, which is considered heavy but if u ask me I cant tell a difference between 3.5 and 4.2. Overall this bow is everything I hoped it would be and plenty more.

    Do not overlook this bow the next time you are n the market for a bow! Dont waste ur money on $800+ naked bows, the Revenge is just as good.

  3. like it so much i have 2

    Version: 2012 PSE Revenge


    Pros: smooth quiet fast and it looks awesome

    Cons: i cant find anything i dont like

    Full review:
    i have one i shoot 3ds with that is set at 57 pnds and chronos 288fps at 26 inch draw. and 1 for hunting same setup just heavier arrow n it shoots 279 fps both r awesome forgiving bows.all n all prolly the best bow out for the money

  4. I shot a lot of bows in my search for the perfect rig. When I drew the Revenge I said "WOW"!.

    Version: 2012 PSE Revenge


    Pros: Compact, Smooth draw, Smokin fast and Deadly Accurate.

    Cons: Haven’t found any yet. Mine is the 2013 model.

    Full review:
    I like everything about this little bow. It just fits me perfectly. I prefer a solo cam bow but the Revenge draws and cycles like a solo cam but is smokin fast. I prefer a heavy arrrow and mine shoots a 412 grain Beman at 282 fps at 28" draw and 63#. Bow is surprisingly dead in the hand. Easy to tune and I have a set of 383 grain arrows that shoot over 300 fps. The price is outstanding for what you get in this rig. You can completely rig it with quality components for about the same price as most top line bows naked. You should try this bow before you spend your money. It’s an awesome bow!

  5. This is by far the best bow I have ever shot. Its affordable easy to tune and is accurate.

    Version: 2012 PSE Revenge


    Pros: The fact that this bow is specifically designed for short shooters is great. I’m shooting at around 289 with a 26 in. draw. At 65 lbs. Its compact and very forgiving

    Cons: No cons. Can’t seem to find anything wrong with it yet

    Full review:
    Overall the PSE Revenge is a fantastic bow for short draw shooters. But you still get incredible speed out of it and dead eye accuracy. You owe it to yourself to shoot the revenge. You will find that you dont need to spend a insane amount of money for a good shooting bow.

  6. Absolute best bow I have ever shot!

    Version: 2012 PSE Revenge


    Pros: Short axle to axle, very fast and dead quiet

    Cons: I see no cons

    Full review:
    I have the 2012 model revenge in skull works 30" draw set at 72lbs. This thing is absolutely unbelievable! I shoot a relatively heavy arrow as this is my main hunting bow and I’m getting 340-342 on for the advertised IBO for the bow. Not onlyis it smoking fast its also dead in the hand on the shot and very quiet. This is the ultimate hunting now IMO. In 2 seasons with this bow I have taken 8 deer. Absolutely best bow you can get for the money!

  7. It is by far the fastest, smoothest and most accurate bow possible for a short draw shooter.

    Version: 2013 PSE Revenge


    Pros: smooth,fast,accurate,well priced

    Cons: Nothing. I shoot it every day

    Full review:
    The PSE Revenge Bow is absolutely one of if not the best bow to take out in the field. It packs nicely and can be carried in heavy timber or drawn easily in a ground blind. The weight seems to help steady the bow and absorb what little vibration you get from a shot. One issue seems to be some allen screws work loose but this is just simple maintenance. Really…this is an awesome bow.

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