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  • The mini Evolve Cam System has tons of features
  • Moveable limb pockets and cable containment system help with tuning
  • 37-inch axel-to-axel bows seems to be the sweet spot for many target archers


  • A suggested retail price of $1299
  • Only 3 finish options


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Editors' review

The Shootdown is going to be a popular bow for shooters on the market for a potential do it all target rig from PSE. The 37-inch axel-to-axel measurement is at a bit of a sweet spot in the target market for what shooters are being drawn towards in 2018. When combined with the LAS pocket system, the flexible rod roller cable system, and the Evolve Cams, the Shootdown has some incredible performance with an easy draw cycle. Shooters also have the option to go with 65-90% let-off depending on which module they wish to use. The ATA/IBO performance rating is 334-326 feet per second, which follows the PSE heritage of high performance, high quality shooting rigs. Unfortunately, PSE only offering the Shootdown in three finish options is a huge bummer, especially considering the huge selection on the other 2018 target rigs. The price tag is expensive as well with a suggested retail of $1299. The Shootdown is a really awesome shooting bow, and is worth a serious consideration for anyone on the market for a target bow. With that being said, shooters could potentially consider the Evolve 35, which may not be as target minded when reviewing specifications, but is a bit cheaper and has some different finishes available.


PSE applies their finish try well leaving an outstanding looking final product. The finish is slick looking, and the durability is outstanding for the potential abuse a target bow is likely to go through. Unfortunately, the Shootdown has limited choices for the final product, which is limited to three colors. Although the colors look nice, a target bow in this price range should have similar finish options offered on the rest of the PSE target bow lineup for the 2018 model year. The three colors available are Electric Lime, Platinum Titanium, and Charcoal. Again, these three choices look fine, and should last as long as the bow, but it is sad to only see three options.


The Shootdown has a more traditional style aluminum riser, without a shoot through design like some of the other target bows from PSE feature. However, this makes the 37-inch axel-to-axel Shootdown riser a bit more comparable to the longer axel-to-axel hunting models giving it some more competition within the line up. The brace height is a forgiving 7-inches, and the dual riser cages stiffens things up considerably. The entire package weighs in at a pretty lightweight 4.7-pounds, which allows shooters the ability to add weight where they want it.The cable containment system has two solid technologies including the Rollerglide system and the Flex Rod Torque Reducing System. The Rollerglide Cable system is advertised as the smoothest roller system on the market. This cable slide rolls with the cables as the string is drawn to make things as smooth as possible. In addition to the Rollerglide, the Flex Rod Torque System (FRS) flexes towards the arrow as the bow is drawn and can be adjusted to specifically match each shooter and their setup. The rod flexes more as the glide reaches the end and has built in adjustments made for tuning purposes. Other technology added to the riser includes the string stop system and a front and rear mounting stabilizer mounting hole.


The PSE grip is designed directly into the riser with no side plates or traditional grip material added for comfort or shape. The back of the grip is flat like the rest of the PSE grip designs, and has a slight rounded edge for added comfort. The flat back design is extremely popular in 2018 because it's consistent and fits in every shooters hand. In a way, the flat back eliminates the personal preference for how the grip should feel. The thickness of the grip is just about right as well. PSE has played around with this on different models, but the Shoot down grip feels pretty good.


PSE stays with the highly prestressed split limb technology on the Shootdown. These limbs are held in place with the micro-adjust LAS pockets, which keep things in place when locked down, and allow shooters to adjust the location of the limb tips for fine tuning how everything shoots. Shooters can choose maximum draw weights of 40, 50, 60, and 70-pounds, which is a great range for the target world. The limbs are black on each riser color, and the large block lettering graphics looks pretty sweet. The limbs are typical PSE craftsmanship, and will last for a long time through the thousands of shots target archers put through their rigs.

Eccentric System

The cam system on the Shootdown is the Mini Evolve Cam, which is highly anticipated. This cam allows for adjustments between 26-31.5-inches in half-inch increments with a rotating draw length module. Shooters can also choose one of two let-off modules, which adjust from 65-90%. The low let-off module is 65-75%, and comes standard on the Shootdown. The high let-off module is adjustable from 80-90%. The Shootdown has pretty great performance for a target bow as well, with an ATA/IBO rating of 334-326 feet per second. The Evolve cam system has taken the PSE lineup by storm being featured on a variety of different bows, and being loved on each of them! The new cam design eliminates the need for a yoke system, with a splitter being used and the cables mounting on the used of the limb tips instead of the outside. This cam all but eliminates cam lean, and yoke tuning can be done by moving the limbs with the LAS pocket system or tweaking the cable containment system.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The draw cycle is pretty sweet, as to be expected with the Evolve cam system. With the mini version of the Evolve cams being used, the cams roll over easier than the larger versions, which is saying a lot. Many shooters are drawn to the Evolve Cam System for the high let-off. However, the low let-off module may be more popular for shooters in the target world. The best part is the ability for shooters to adjust this let-off from 65-90%. In addition to the outstanding draw cycle and the let-off adjustment, the Shootdown holds very well on target, and finishes really well also. The speed is outstanding and zips arrows downrange. For those wanting a target bow, the Shootdown will check off a ton of boxes.

Usage Scenarios

The Shootdown is a target bow, with the ability to be used for any style of target archery a shooter may wish to pursue. For hunting purposes, the Shootdown could work, but there are many better options for the general bowhunter, and many cheaper than the Shootdown price tag.

PSE Shootdown vs. PSE Perform-X 3D

BowPSE ShootdownPSE Perform-X 3D
Version 20182018
PicturePSE ShootdownPSE Perform-X 3D
Brace Height7 "6.5 "
AtA Length37 "36 "
Draw Length26 " - 31.5 "25 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 70 lbs30 lbs - 60 lbs
IBO Speed326 fps - 334 fps330 fps - 338 fps
Weight4.7 lbs5.0 lbs
Let-Off65% - 75% 65% - 75%
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These bows are similar in terms of specifications, purpose, performance, and target consumer. Shooters wanting a high end target rig from the PSE camp will more than likely be considering each of these two models, and for good reason. The largest difference is arguably the shoot through riser design on the PSE Perform-X 3D. The Shootdown is a bit cheaper as well, which could be a deciding factor just by itself. In the end, these two differences will more than likely be the reason an archer decides to go with one model over the other.


The Shootdown is a target bow caught in the middle of the very diverse PSE lineup. The Shootdown fits between the Evolve 35 multipurpose bow and the Perform-X 3D target bow. For some, the decision is going to be a difficult one to make with some many features and specifications being shared. For others, the 37-inch axel-to-axel measurement is the new sweet spot for target bows, which can make the traditional riser design on the Shootdown a winner for many. The mini Evolve Cams are a great target cam system for how great it feels, and how adjustable it is especially when considering the let-off range. The moveable pockets and tunable cable slide system make tuning an easy task and allows shooters to specifically match their exact set up. For a bare bow price of $1299, shooters should expect to see more finish options than the three offered, although they are well done. For shooters wanting a new target bow, the Shootdown is a good option.

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