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PSE Spyder

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PSE Spyder Review4.051 out of 1 user review


  • Easy to shoot & handle
  • Smooth draw cycle
  • Durable
  • Very adjustable
  • Performance


  • Could be a bit quieter (needs a silencing package)

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Editors' review

The PSE Spyder was manufactured from 1999-2006 because of its popularity, ease of use and ability to fit a wide variety of shooters. Originally designed to be a starter bow for youth, some models do come with a 70lb peak draw weight to fit small framed adults also. This rig is a great bow to learn to shoot with because it is a simple bow that is easy to handle and can be adjusted to fit most shooters.

Riser & Limbs

Stress-optimized, precision-engineered Magnaglass limbs are attached through the limb pockets to a fairly simple riser that is designed to keep the bow light weight while also keeping the cost down. The riser design is almost straight, making this bow very forgiving, an important aspect for individuals learning to shoot.


The Spyder incorporates a rubber grip that helps dampen vibrations and is quite comfortable for most shooters. However, because the rubber grip is fairly wide some hand induced torque is possible.

Eccentric System

Depending on which model Spyder is purchased the IBO speed could be anywhere from 240-295fps, which is quite impressive for a bow originally designed for youth. The wide range is due to PSE producing a Single Cam version and a version which employs Cam Wheels (S4) each year. The Single Cam versions are always significantly faster.

Draw length and Draw weight, of course, differ in availability and range year to year and model to model. The S4 version, offered every year, offered two peak draw lengths, 19 & 23 inches with 1/2 inch adjustments and peak draw weights of 20 - 40 lbs. The different Single Cam versions (VC, ST & RF) offer draw lengths of 23-28 inches in 1 inch increments and peak draw weights of up to 70lbs. While the 70 lb bow is not available each model year it does make this bow a good candidate for a small framed adult. Below is a list of model year and corresponding Cam Systems available:
  • 1999-2001 - S4 (Synergy 4) & VC (Venom Cam)
  • 2002-2003 - S4 & ST (Stinger Cam)
  • 2004-2006 - S4 & RF (Rim-Fire One Cam)

Draw Cycle / Shootability

All models of the Spyder draw fairly smooth however the back wall may feel somewhat mushy with the S4. From the factory this rig is pretty bare bones and thus there is some noise and vibration after release. In order to reduce these effects a stabilizer, string leeches, limb dampeners, and possibly a string stop should be added.

PSE Spyder vs. PSE Deer Hunter

Bow PSE Spyder PSE Deer Hunter
Version 2010 (NI Cam) 2012
Picture PSE Spyder PSE Deer Hunter
Brace Height 7 " 7.625 "
AtA Length 31.5 " 38.25 "
Draw Length 25 " - 30 " 24 " - 29 "
Draw Weight 35 lbs - 70 lbs 30 lbs - 65 lbs
IBO Speed 310 fps 257 fps - 265 fps
Weight 3.5 lbs 3.6 lbs
Let-Off 65% or 80% (adj) 65%
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The PSE Spyder is fairly comparable to the PSE Deer Hunter. However the PSE Deer Hunter is longer axle to axle. If you look at the specs from both models of the Spyder it looks as though PSE took some from each and created the Deer Hunter. Of course this is not what happened but it is believable. While the Deer Hunter is a good rig for a teen, the Spyder VC, ST, or RF (Single Cam models) offers more performance for a similar price and the Spyder also has a youth model in the S4.


The PSE Spyder is an entry level bow for youth, teens and women, thus archers who purchase this bow are most likely going to use this rig in any situation they find themselves in from hunting to 3D or target archery. This bow is a great bow to get started with in any of these areas of archery and you can do it at an affordable price.


The Spyder makes a great bow for learning how to shoot and to start hunting, target shooting, or shoot 3D. The S4 model is designed for youngsters, while the single cam versions (VC, ST & RF) are designed for teens or small framed adults. Although this bow might need a few things added to make it quiet and dampen vibration, it is very easy to handle, lightweight and has a lot of performance built into this small package making it ideal for learning to shoot.
PSE Spyder Review4.051

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  1. Great Starter Bow

    Version: 2005 PSE Spyder (S4 Cam)


    Pros: Easy to set up, and very forgiving. Great for children and as a starter bow for adults. Cam is very easy on the String so it will last for years. Draw is smooth..

    Cons: Tuff to adjust without Bow Vise. This is not a speed bow.

    Full review:
    If you have a child or little lady that wants to start shooting bows, and is not looking for a toy, this is one to take a long look at. They are not expensive and easy to find. Priced less than $100 very adjustable and compact.

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