Ross Carnivore 34 Review

Ross Carnivore 34

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  • Great smooth drawing draw cycle that allows a little creep
  • A forgiving brace height over 7-inches
  • A silent bow after the arrow is released


  • Not the fastest bow
  • Mass weight is 4.8 pounds for the bare bow

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Editors' review

Ross archery has made several great shooting bows and the Carnivore is one of them. Although the bow is not a speed demon, the noticeably smooth draw cycle and silent arrow release combined with a forgiving brace height of over 7-inches is a wonderful addition for shooters interested in a hunting bow. Going against the trend of short axel-to-axel hunting bows, the Carnivore's 34 inch axel to axel measurement offers hunters the stability many are looking for.


The Ross Carnivore is finished off in the dipping process with the Realtree APG camo pattern. Shooters interested in matching their accessories to the camo pattern of their bow will enjoy this because many accessory manufacturers produce products with this finish as an option. After Ross partnered with Bowtech, the InVelvet finish option added to Diamond and Bowtech bows can now be found on the Carnivore as well. This finish adds a softer feel and helps to eliminate noise caused from things contacting the riser and limbs such as an arrow. The feel is great, and durability is improved as well.


The CNC machined aluminum riser is extremely strong and durable, but it comes at a cost. This bow is built like a tank, but it also weighs in a 4.8 pounds for the bare bow. The slight reflex design is a nice addition, and the longer length of the riser makes it easier to hold on the target as well. Also added to the riser is the broad head guard, a rear mounting Flatline string suppressor, and a front mounting stainless steel stabilizer bushing. All of these riser additions make the bow very sturdy while holding on target and it balances rather nicely as well.


The one-piece plastic grip is a little different than the side plated wooden grip offered by Ross in the past. Although the grip is slightly different than what Ross shooters are used to, it remains rather comfortable and the plastic grip will help in keeping the shooters hand a little warmer while sitting in their stand. The neck of the grip is thin, but the back of the grip widens out a bit fitting nicely in to the hand of the shooter and making it an easy grip to repeat.


The Ross Carnivore uses 13-inch composite glass material for their limbs. These are proven to be very durable and long lasting under normal shooting conditions. With the industry standard 10-pound limb adjustments, the Carnivore is available in maximum draw weights of 50, 60, and 70 pounds.

Eccentric System

The Carnivore cams and machined aluminum and almost completely circular in shape, making it very easy on the shooter to draw without having any noticeable humps in the draw cycle. Sealed bearings help the movement of the cams as the shooter reaches full draw as well. By moving the draw stop post, shooters have the ability to adjust the let off from 65-80%. With draw lengths in half inch increments between 26-31-inches, most shooters will have their desired draw length as well.

The Carnivore uses a Krank pulley system helping the draw cycle become even smoother while eliminating stress on the limbs prolonging the life of the limbs as well. The Krank's action along with the cams shape produces the smooth drawing system. As the bow is drawn, the Krank pulley spins, which eliminates torque, and aides with drawing the bow back. The system is neat looking, but functions very well and allows for an easier draw.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Carnivore has an absolutely wonderful draw cycle. It is smooth the entire way through, and does not seem to stay at peak draw weight for long. With a long riser and a 34-inch axel-to-axel measurement, the bow holds on target extremely well also. Although some shooters may find the bare bow weight of 4.8 pounds a bit on the heavy side, it actually allows the Carnivore to hold even steadier on target. A few ounces may seem like a lot, but after shooting the bow and experiencing how well it holds, most shooters will get over the heaviness rather quickly. After the arrow is released, the bow has no hand shock and is very quiet. Again, this in part can be attributed to the heavier over all weight of the bow along with the longer riser. The string's forward movement is halted by the rear mounting string suppressor and any residual vibration is transferred to the front mounting stabilizer. The overall experience of shooting the Carnivore is a great one and the smooth draw cycle is easy to fall in love with.

Usage Scenarios

The Carnivore is designed as a hunting bow, but will serve as a great multipurpose bow for shooters who like to keep their bow skills in practice at weekend 3d courses. The longer axel-to-axel measurement and forgiving 7 3/8 brace height make the bow very forgiving. There is also a little creep in the draw cycle, which many hunters prefer when they are settling in on an animal before making the shot. Shooters do not need to worry about the string wanting to lunge forward while at full draw and this allows them to focus on executing the shot.


The Ross Carnivore is an extremely smooth drawing bow, that produces decent IBO speed and allows shooters enough adjustability to be able to customize the bow to fit their shooting style. All draw length modules are included in the same module, and moving the draw stop post will change the let off. The bows overall weight of 4.8 pounds may be a deal breaker for some, but it helps the Carnivore hold very well on target and cancels out the majority of the noise and vibration. Shooters wanting a new hunting bow that can be used on weekend 3d shoots will love the smooth drawing Carnivore and the adjustability options it has to offer.

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