Whisper Creek Phantom Review

Whisper Creek Phantom

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  • Extremely lightweight
  • Little to no hand shock
  • Adjustable draw length with rotating module


  • Rarely meets advertised IBO speed of 210 fps
  • Draw length setting greatly affects the draw weight poundage

Editors' review

Whisper Creek Archery's hot youth bow for 2008, the Phantom, is an elegant, smooth, and efficient bow adjustable for any and all beginners looking to delve in the sport of archery. Being one of the lightest bows tested, it is perfect for the small framed shooters looking to hit the ten ring every single time. It may not be a speed machine with an IBO speed of 210fps, but what it lacks in that category is made up for in forgiveness and letoff. Looking to learn how to shoot accurately without spending a lot of money? Take a closer look at the Phantom from Whisper Creek Archery.


The Phantom features all of the Kings Camo options. Ranging from a green-hued Mountain Shadow to a pink-hued Pink Shadow variety, the unique pattern has an unparalleled amount of depth and detail. Finish overall is of very high quality, with no noticable blemishes, crisp corners, and consistent anodizing on the cams. For an added appeal, this bow features vinyl WCA graphics on both the top and bottom limbs. In comparison with the rest of the bow in regards to quality, the strings featured tend to wear fairly easily, and likewise have a slightly higher maintenance factor, but a simple string replacement would solve that problem in a heartbeat. Overall, the Phantom features a higher than average finish.


The riser design, although shaped geometrically similar to other youth bows on the market today, has some unique positive attributes. These include inseparable limb pockets built in to the riser, eight engineered cutouts for vibration and weight reduction, and an internal brass threaded stabilizer mount. The Phantom's riser comes factory installed with a straight machined cable rod and plastic cable rod guide, keeping cam lean to a minimum, especially with its generous 6" brace height.


This bow includes factory stressed composite solid limbs fitted in extremely solid limb pockets that allow or a semi-parallel figure with a 29" axle-to-axle measurement. Since this bow does not have a draw weight past much more than 30lbs, there is not a whole lot of external stress that would normally degrade a set of limbs on a higher poundage bow, so splinters and fractures are practically nonexistent. Adjustable for any and all beginning archers, it can be decreased to a mere 10lb draw with a simple allen wrench.


The solid, non- removable grip on the Phantom is slim, but structured to be comfortable for archers with small hands, specifically youth archers. Being very similar to an "off the riser" style of grip, the main difference is the implication of a bit more volume than plain sideplates. Overall, even though the grip may be prone to harsh temperatures, it is very comfortable for lengthened shooting.

Eccentric System

The Phantom's dual cam system is rated for a fairly slow 210fps, however, it does compete with and exceed speeds of other bows in this range of use. The cam system is designed with a convenient rotating module for 11 inches of draw length adjustment from 13" to 24" in one inch increments without the need of a bow press. Being the only downside, the cam stops are designed to contact the string instead of the limb, creating a somewhat soft back wall if not timed perfectly. The 80% is not adjustable with this cam style, however as draw length increases, let-off does consecutively.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

In order to be dubbed a youth bow with today's standards, it needs to have a generous draw cycle, be repeatable by archers six to sixteen years old, and be comfortable to hold at full draw, all the while being fun to use. To say that the Phantom is qualified for this position would be an understatement, there is nearly no stiffness, peak, or rough parts in the draw that might prove difficult for a younger shooter. At full draw, the cam geometry creates a stable shooting platform that will allow for the archer to not feel rushed while aiming for the center of the bullseye. It may be slower than average, but it's lack of excess mass, consistent limb pockets, and center-finding grip will contribute to accurate shots in no time.


BowWhisper Creek Phantom
Version 2008
PictureWhisper Creek Phantom
Brace Height6 "
AtA Length29 "
Draw Length10 " - 25 "
Draw Weight14 lbs - 24 lbs
IBO Speed fps
Weight2.3 lbs
Where to buy
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Also introduced in 2008, WCA's Whisper Creek Panther is a bow geared towards filling in a definite gap between adult and youth bows, stepping the draw weight and length up a notch from the Whisper Creek Phantom. Comparatively, this bow can be adjusted from 20 to 50lbs with an equal amount of draw length adjustment, from 16" to 27". With the different limbs, axle-to-axle on the Panther is 31" and the advertised speed is 290fps, a significant 80fps difference. Otherwise, this bow is designed similarly with great finish quality and both a generous cam system and brace height. For shooters looking to hunt for the first time, the Panther may be a more advantageous option.

Usage Scenarios

The Phantom was designed strictly as a youth bow for kids and teens looking to get into the sport of archery. As mentioned above, this bow does not reach the general minimum draw weight to hunt with of 40lbs, but this is the perfect bow to increase strength, get familiar with the process, and develop good shooting habits at a young age- whether the designated target is a block of foam or a 3D Whitetail Deer.


Whisper Creek Archery may not have many bows on the market, but the ones produced are noticeably created with time and a high attention to detail, especially significant with their Phantom for 2008. Although the strings may need replacement after a year or two of constant use and it may be slower than average in today's standards, the combined attributes of being lightweight, comfortable and enjoyable to shoot is rare to see in a bow that can be found for under $250 completely set up and ready to shoot. Dads, look no further for the perfect birthday present to introduce your son or daughter into archery.

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