Trade a Bow

Enter the details of the bow you would like to trade on our website. We will send you an email as soon as we find a perfect match through one of our partners or other archers like you.

    Step 1 - Describe the Bow You Own

    Enter a full name including brand and model. Example: Mathews Switchback

    What year was the bow manufactured? (leave empty if not sure)

    Hand Right HandLeft Hand

    Describe the bow to build trust and to trade faster: why you are trading, condition, issues if any (be honest), included accessories, postage terms, etc.

    Upload up to 5 images
    Take real pictures of your bow. Be honest: show scratches, finish issues, or any other problems with the bow (if at all)

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    Step 2 - Describe the Bow You Want to Get

    Model #1 - first preference
    Specify the model you would like to trade your bow for. Example: Bowtech Admiral

    Model #2 - second preference
    If your main preference is not available what would be the next best model you would trade your bow for? (leave empty if you only want one specific bow you have already specified above)

    Model #3 - third preference
    If none of the above two models are available what would be the next best model you would trade your bow for? (leave empty if not applicable)

    Step 3 - Confirm Transaction Details

    Are you happy to negotiate?
    I want it to be fair and I am happy to either pay a little extra or get paid depending on which bow has a higher market value

    Trading Fee
    If we help you trade your bow you will be charged a flat fee of $20 USD for this service. You will NOT be charged if the bow is not traded

    I agree to pay a trading fee when the bow is traded successfully

    Step 4 - Enter Contact Details

    You personal details will NOT be published on our website. We will only use this information to contact you when we need. We will keep your data secure and we will never share it with anyone

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