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Version2018 Elite Impulse 312016 Elite Energy 32
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Elite Impulse 31Elite Energy 32
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2018 Elite Impulse 312016 Elite Energy 32
Brace Height31 "7 "
AtA Length6 "31.75 "
Draw Length26 " - 30 "26 " - 30 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 80 lbs30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed300 fps - 340 fps293 fps - 335 fps
Weight4.2 lbs4.3 lbs
Let-Off75% - 90% 80%+
Editor reviews
Elite Impulse 31Elite Energy 32
Summary review written by our editors.

The Impulse 31 is what shooters have been begging for from Elite for a while now. The IM cams are a typical Elite drawing cam system, with the majority of the increase in speed coming from a shorter brace height than years past. 343 feet per second will not set any records, but it does make Elite competitive in the speed department with any non-speed bow for 2016. The 31-inch axel to axel may not be short enough for some hunters, but many requested it, and Elite delivered. The new finish options are a welcomed addition as well, but those liking the previous offerings, the option is still there. To be honest, it is very difficult to find anything wrong with the Impulse 31. Everything with archery boils down to personal preference, and the Impulse 31 may not be what every shooter is looking for. However, anyone saying the Impulse 31 has major flaws is not speaking the truth. The Impulse 31 is a job well done by Elite to provide a bow many shooters are interested in. The $999 price tag is fair when compared to other flagship bows, but may not be doable for some shooters. For those wanting a faster, shorter Elite, it has arrived. Read full review...

The Elite Energy 32 is a new hunting bow that is ideal for any archery situation. It is part of the 2014 lineup and is being marketed as one of the most shootable bows ever made. The innovative Caged Riser design going to give the shooter "braggin' rights," it makes up for in a smooth, quiet, and accurate shot, time after time.With a 32" ATA, 7" brace height, 26" - 30" draw length, and a variety of peak draw weights, this bow will fit virtually any shooter. If you are looking for a rig that will "follow you into battle," this could be it. From the 3D range, target range, or any hunting situation, this rig will satisfy almost everyone. Read full review...

Elite Impulse 31Elite Energy 32
  • A long anticipated shorter axel-to-axel Elite hunting bow
  • A quicker IBO speed up to 343 feet per second while
  • Trademark shootability and Elite back wall
  • New KUIU camo pattern adds an overall custom look
  • Fast, accurate, quiet
  • Very shootable and versatile
  • Solid shooting platform
  • Solid back wall
Elite Impulse 31Elite Energy 32
  • $999 MSRP may be a bit pricey for some shooters
  • Some may not appreciate the trimmed 6-inch brace height.
  • Diehard speed shooters may still be a little disappointed
  • Draw starts off stiff, but does ease throughout the draw cycle
  • Not enough in stores yet to keep up with demand
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Elite Impulse 31
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Elite Energy 32
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out of 1 review
  • As advertised: Shoot-ability right out of the box. Smoothest Draw cycle.
    by Juan Barrientes from Fort Wayne, IN
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out of 6 reviews
  • smooth draw cycle and excellent wall! Dead in your hand!
    by P. Sanders from OK, USA
    by michael goulding from meridian, id
  • to sum it up this bow is very- forgiving-quiet-well balanced and consistently accurate.
    by jay baily from elmira,ny
  • Best bow for me
    by Chase Dillon from Olivia, Minnesota
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Elite Impulse 31Elite Energy 32
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