Alpine Compound Bows

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History and Facts

It didn't take Idaho born Alpine Archery long after their start in 1988 to start putting their stamp on archery. The first was the Slide Lock overdraw, this was the first adjustable length overdraw on the market. Another notable innovation on Alpine's part was the machined riser. In 1990 Alpine introduced the first bow with a machined riser that archery had seen.

Technologies and Achievements

After getting their start in 1988 Alpine has introduces many designs into archery that had not yet been seen. They are responsible for the start of things like machined risers, machined risers with removable limb pockets & shelves and rotating draw length cams

Eccentric Systems: Their newest system is the Velocitec single cam system. This system boasts a 337 fps due to the dynamic load balancing technology of this system.

Limbs: Alpine has always been known to have rock solid components and the limbs are no different. Whether we are talking about the limbs from 1988 or the solid glass limbs on today's Alpine bows they are both very reliable.

Risers: Being at the forefront of the machined riser introduction to archery and still to this day are producing strong lightweight machined aluminum risers for their bows.

Popularity and Customer Feedback

Always having a quality line of bows has made Alpine a solid choice for many archers. But they aren't quite as popular as some of the other big bow manufacturers out there. But they have a working man's price tag and have recently been endorsed by hunting celebrity Jim Shockey.

Product Range

Youth Bows: There are two models in Alpine's line that appeal to kids. These bows are the Lil Guff and the Ruckus. The Lil Guff is more suited for ages 5-12 and the Ruckus is more suited for ages 10-16.

Women's Bows: Alpine was the first company to have a bow designated just for women but the newest lady's bow in their arsenal is the Blush. Equipped with pink strings and cables and having pink camouflage options make this bow catch the eye of the female archer.

Competition Bows: Alpine has one model designated for shooting competition and that is the Concorde. It is the more traditional competition compound having a longer axle to axle length.

3D/Hunting Bows: This is Alpine's largest part of their lineup, making quality hunting equipment for the working man. The bows include the Jim Shockey series Yukon, Ventura, F1 Fireball, F2 Liberator and the Nitrous. These along with many of Alpine's hunting rigs over the years are sure to give you many years of performance to put food on the table.


Overall Alpine has been in archery for many years now and they have brought many innovations to the sport. They are considered the working man's bow company having all their bows at very economical prices. To this day they are going strong and have many proud owners of their products.