Athens Accomplice 32 Review

Athens Accomplice 32

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  • Shock free and quiet shot
  • Lifetime fully transferable warranty
  • Lots of customization options and great craftsmanship


  • Athens is a newer company and that may be an area of concern for some shooters


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Editors' review

Athens archery started out as a machine shop, which expanded to design and produce archery products as well as compound bows. Athens fully machines all their bow risers and puts careful craftsmanship and consideration in to all of their products. With some buyers possibly skeptical about making the purchase from such a new company, Athens is one of the few bow companies offering a fully transferrable lifetime warranty to help ease the minds of buyers and showing the industry they are making a well-crafted bow. With IBO speeds reaching over 330 feet per second, a seven-inch brace height, and an almost shock free release, shooters interested in a new hunting bow should give the Accomplice a try.


Some Athens bow models require a premium for some of their finish patterns, but the Accomplice is not one of them. All the patterns available for the Accomplice should be priced the same, which makes it nice when choosing a camo pattern. Aside from all black, Athens has several finish options they have created for themselves. Next Vista, Pink Vista, BoneHead Skulls and BoneHead Web are all Athens-only patterns that make the bow look really great. Predator Brown Deception is also a camo pattern option available on the Accomplice as well. Although the camo patterns are only available for Athens bows, shooters who like to match their accessories will also have that option. Athens also offers a variety of accessories to match their finish options.


With the Athens headquarters being a machine shop, the Accomplice has a fully machined aluminum riser, which is extremely strong and long lasting. The design of the riser cutouts give it a really distinguished look as well. The Accomplice utilizes a traditional cable slide and sports a rear mounting string stop system. The front of the riser has a mounting hole for shooters interested in using a front mounting stabilizer as well. This mounting hole is directly inline with the rear mounting string stop helping with eliminating noise and vibration by transferring it away from the shooters hand and to the front of the bow.


The Accomplice has one of the most comfortable grips Athens makes. The two-piece laminate grip is a comfortable fit in the shooters hand and makes it very easy for repeatable hand placement shot after shot. .The grip is also shaped in a way that makes it tough to torque while at full draw. Shooters will appreciate the improved accuracy from a grip that demands good shooting form, and it is comfortable on top of that.


The Athens Accomplice uses the highly sought after Barnsdale limbs. Barnsdale has proven to be one of the archery world's leading producers of limbs. The solid limbs offer a wide range of adjustability for shooters as well. Although the limbs are only adjustable in ten-pound increments, they are available in maximum draw weights of 40, 50, 60, and 70 pounds. Athens choosing Barnsdale limbs shows how much consideration they have put into making the best possible rig they can. The Athens logo located on the outside of the limbs look really great regardless of which finish option shooters decide to go with.

Eccentric System

The dual track EV2S Extreme Velocity Cams help make the Accomplice the stand out bow that it is. A dual track cam system forces the cams to work together making timing and shooting more efficient. The draw is cam specific for the Accomplice, making it a bit more expensive to change draw lengths, but makes the cam much smoother and more specific for each shooter. With draw lengths available in half-inch increments between 25-30 inches, most shooters will be able to be properly fit with an Accomplice bow. The let off is also adjustable from 65-80% further customizing shooters options. Solid wall draw stops also help with the back wall of the Accomplice being what some shooters consider among the best available.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Extreme Velocity cam is a shooters cam. It is smooth to draw and allows shooters to anchor at one of the most solid back walls available. The draw gets to peak weight rather quickly and then gradually releases to a solid back wall. After the shot, the bow is virtually silent. Equipped with a Bowjax limb dampening system, the Accomplice has almost no residual vibration, which ultimately cuts down on the noise the bow makes after the shot as well. Everything about the bow comes together to make a really great shot shooters are able to repeat.

Athens Accomplice 32 vs. Athens Accomplice 34

BowAthens Accomplice 32Athens Accomplice 34
Version 20122013
PictureAthens Accomplice 32Athens Accomplice 34
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length32 "34 "
Draw Length25 " - 30 "25.5 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed330 fps330 fps
Weight3.95 lbs3.95 lbs
Let-Off65% - 80% (adjustable) 65% - 80% (adjustable)
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The Accomplice is available in a 32-inch axel-to-axel model as well as a 34-inch model. Aside from the draw length range being slightly different, the main decision for shooters will be narrowed down to axel-to-axel preference. With both models using the same technologies and cams, the 32 inch model feels almost identical to the Athens Accomplice 34 during and after the shot.

Usage Scenarios

The Accomplice 32 is designed with the bow hunter in mind. It is apparent Athens wanted to create a hunting bow with a smooth draw cycle with good speed, and this is exactly what they were able to do. Although the Accomplice is going to be accurate, serious target shooters may have better options available to them. However, shooters looking at a new bow will enjoy the personal touches they can put on this bow in finish options and matching the specifications to their own shooting style.


Athens has been in the archery industry a few years now, and the Accomplice truly shows what the company stands for. With a competitively priced bow displaying high-end craftsmanship, Barnsdale limbs, and a transferrable lifetime warranty the Accomplice has a lot to offer shooters looking to upgrade their hunting rig. With fast speeds, a smooth draw, and a solid back wall hunters will be comfortable drawing and floating their pin on a variety of big game species. Those interested in a new bow should not hesitate to give the Accomplice a shot.

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