Ben Pearson Compound Bows

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History and Facts

Ben Pearson started making bows in the mid 1920's. After pairing with a friend of his as a would be partner they designed machines to mass produce these bows. After several years in the industry Ben Pearson bows were known for their precision manufacturing. Well today's Ben Pearson bows are very different from earlier recurve models but are right in with today's big names in archery.

Technologies and Achievements

Ben Pearson bows have all the characteristics and technology that a modern bow should have. Let's take a look at some of these technologies.

Eccentric Systems: With the cam systems on these rigs you have two options, an aggressive speed cam system (Stealth Cam) and a very smooth drawing cam system (Legend Cam). With both of these systems they were engineered to have a very solid back wall and ultimate performance. Both systems have adjustable draw lengths.

Limbs: Ben Pearson has both solid and split limb variations on their limbs. Both limb designs are solid glass limbs that are reportedly very reliable and tough.

Risers: Like many other companies the risers on these bows are constructed from machined aluminum. They are made with the cutout design to reduce weight but keep the riser the strongest, most rigid it can be.

Popularity and Customer Feedback

While Ben Pearson archery doesn't seem to be a household name anymore, they have many loyal shooters that use their product. Ben Pearson is a legendary name in the archery industry and the new line of these rigs meets the standards of the name.

Product Range

Youth Bows: Ben Pearson has been a long time supporter of the younger generation in archery and with that they produced the Cadet. With draw weight and lengths that suit the growing child this bow is a good choice for the young archer.

Women's Bows: While Ben Pearson doesn't have a designated woman's bow in their lineup, the Advantage bow is probably the best choice for the lady archer. Lightweight with a broad range of draw weights and lengths make this suitable for many women.

Hunting/3D bows: The bows that best suit this class are the Advantage, Stealth II, Legend and Predator. These bows have many characteristics that catch the eye of the bow hunter and 3D shooter. Being quiet, fast and reliable these rigs will appeal to many archers.


Overall Ben Pearson archery is still going strong. While they are not the most advertised brand out there, they are very worthy of taking a look at. Some archer prefer the below the radar popularity of these bows as they think they are hidden gems. In all reality these are very good bows that will stand up to today's most popular bows.