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  • Excellent draw cycle
  • Solid back wall
  • Easily adjustable


  • Only two finishes to choose from


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Editors' review

Diamond has created their most technologically advanced bow yet with the Deploy SB. This rig has a 31.5" ATA, 6.75" brace height, 27" - 30.5" draw length, and a choice of 50#, 60#, or 70# peak weight limbs, and launches an arrow downrange at 330 fps. This bow is said to be the smoothest drawing bow on the market, and some that have shot it say it "like an old friend from day one." What else needs to be said? Give this one a try.


This bow is very limited on finishes and can only be purchased in Mossy Oak Break-up Country, Black Ops.


This bow is built around the lightweight Carbon Knight riser, a forged carbon composite frame that is lightweight (3.2 pounds total) and is easy to handle, very maneuverable, and exceptionally strong and well balanced. This bow also has a 31.5" ATA and 6 3/4" brace height.The parallel limbs are a fiberglass composite one-piece limb and come in peak draw weights of 50#, 60#, and 70#. The draw weight can be adjusted by approximately 10# from peak simply by loosening the limb bolt (max of three turns from fully tightened position). The limb pockets on the Deploy SB are a "minimalist style" pocket and are integrated into the riser with a limb bolt cap. This reduces weight, yet secures the limbs perfectly in place while enhancing the shot.

Other Components

This bow is virtually vibration and noise free right from the box and only has a carbon string stop. If it is purchased in the R.A.K. package, it comes with a 4-pin custom sight, Octane Hostage Max Arrow Rest, wrist sling, Octane DeadLock Lite quiver, carbon peep sight, Octane 5" stabilizer, and BCY string loop.

Eccentric System

This rig is set-up with Bowtech's most accurate cam system, the Synchronized Binary Cam System to date. This is a dual cam system that is based on a "set it and forget it" technology. The cams aid in the production of the 330 fps touted by this bow. Many shooters say it will meet the mark pretty well. The rotating modules are easy to adjust, allowing the draw length to be adjusted between 26" and 30.5" in half-inch increments. It can be fine-tuned using the draw stop all without a bow press. The bow has a very solid back wall and is easy to hold on target.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow has a radically smooth draw cycle, and is considered by many a "dream to shoot." Not only is it easy to draw, the 80 percent let-off means it is easy to hold on target without feeling strained. This bow is easy to tune, and is virtually vibration and noise free. This rig provides the shooter with the perfect combination of power, accuracy, and consistency. One shooter said the Deploy SB "seems like an old friend from day one."

Silencing Package

The Deploy SB will certainly meet the needs of any hunter. It is built to be noise and vibration free out of the box, but does have an adjustable carbon string stop, limb dampeners, and a very smooth cable guide that helps with this. If the R.A.K. package is purchased, it will also include an Octane 5" stabilizer. The shooter can add string leaches if they choose, but are not necessary. This is a quiet bow.


The bow has a two-piece composite grip that sits nicely in the hand. This grip gives the bow a comfortable feel in the hand without any slippage on those warmer shooting days or wet ones.

Compared to Similar Bows

BowDiamond DeployPSE Drive
Version 2020 SB2020 Drive XL
PictureDiamond DeployPSE Drive
Brace Height6.75 "7 "
AtA Length31.5 "33 "
Draw Length26 " - 30.5 "26.5 " - 32 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed330 fps319 fps - 327 fps
Weight3.2 lbs3.9 lbs
Let-Off80% 85%
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The Diamond Deploy SB is very similar to the PSE Drive. Both bows are easily adjustable and good shooting bows. The sizes are similar, but the PSE is 1.5" shorter ATA. Brace height and draw weights are the same, but PSE offers two more inches of draw length, and an extra six feet per second speed. Many shooters say the draw cycle on the PSE is fairly harsh, where the Diamond is reported to be exceptionally smooth. There is a $200 price gap in favor of the PSE for the bare bow, but only $50 difference for the R.A.K. package. Beyond this, you definitely have to shoot in order to make the choice.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is very versatile and will fit most archery situations. Based on the Knight riser, it is a solid hunting bow, but is definitely not limited to only hunting. The design definitely had the hunter in mind as this 31.5" ATA bow is excellent for tree stand or ground blind hunting, it will also work well for target shooting or the 3D course. Weighing only 3.2 pounds, it will also not cause any fatigue on those long DIY hunts where you have to hike in and carry it along on those long trails.


This rig is pretty average with the price point for a compound bow. It can be purchased as a bare bow for $650 or with a Ready-Aim-Kill package at $750. This is a nice, quality bow and should not be dismissed by anyone.


The Diamond Deploy SB is a new bow built on an old platform; the Knight riser. The new limbs and cams provide plenty of speed (330 fps) and accuracy, draw length adjustability (27" - 30.5"), and an overall draw weight range from 40# - 70#. With a respectable price point of $650 for the base bow and $750 for the Ready Aim Kill package, this very smooth shooting bow is something everyone should look forward to shooting.

User Reviews

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Love the Bow. Have had nothing but Bow Tech and Bow Tech Diamond bows for 20 years.

Version: 2017 Diamond Deploy SB


Pros: The valley on this bow is extremely smooth. No creep when holding for a long period of time, waiting for the shot. This bow can easily be held for 20 to 30 sec with no creep. Changed the capture to drop away, and replaced site with 7 pin spot hog.

Cons: The only problem I have found with this bow and is still unresolved is the cable guide is to close to the center line, so my arrow vain at the 4 o'clock position grazes the cable guide and knocks off the vain.

Full review:

Amazing bow! Fell in love when i first shit it in the store.

Version: 2016 Diamond Deploy SB


Pros: Smooth draw, incredibly quiet, super lightweight, very very accurate.

Cons: The downfalls were the accessories that came on it in the R.A.K. package. Ive upgraded everything an i have zero complaints.

Full review:

Wow what an amazing bow!!

Version: 2016 Diamond Deploy SB


Pros: Drops dead in your hand
Extreamly quiet
Carbon fiber!
Very accurate

Cons: Cheap accessories with rak pakage

Full review:

Was not planning on buying this bow. I own a bear threat and enjoy it but was looking to get another bow ( you can never have too many). I did my homework and was pretty set on buying the PSE brute force. When going into the store I asked them to set aside the brute for me and would be in to pick it up the next day as they were closing. While I was in the store the diamond edge was on a stand and on sale and did inquire about it but didn't pay it much attention. I then went home and did a bit of reading on the diamond and thought well before I buy this brute I could at least shoot this thing. The next day I returned to buy the brute and mentioned to the salesman I would like to try the diamond just to know that I was making the right choice. So I had the brute set up and shot it first, very nice bow but in all honesty felt very much like my threat and nothing really jumped out at me with the bow. Keep in mind I was completely set on buying even after shooting it as that is what I had my heart set on. I then was handed the diamond and let me tell ya after holding the brute the difference was night and day. Still not sold on it I had to shoot it. Well as soon as I drew it back I was sold the back wall is so solid and with zero creap was amazing to hold at full draw. Then I released the Aarow, next words were sold ! The bow is so quiet and falls dead in your hand virtually vibration free. It shoots very tight groups and is a no brainer I really did not know a bow could shoot that nice ! Take the time to shoot this bow and it really does sell itself. Good luck shopping for your next bow make sure you put this one one your list of bows to try !!

Great bow, solid back wall, smooth draw. My groupings are tighter and more accurate.

Version: 2016 Diamond Deploy SB


Pros: Great performance and light weight.

Cons: The grip feels a little blocky.

Full review:

The bow is better than the RAK additions. If you can do it, buy the bare bow and upgrade the accessories. The bow has a solid back wall, but at least to me the valley seemed a bit narrow - of course this may be magnified to me because my previous bow had only a 75% let off.

The bow seems a little harder to draw than my previous bow, but the draw is smooth. It is also very dead in the hand. Like I said earlier, my groupings are tighter and my accuracy is also better. I also really liked the way it looks. It was down to this bow or a Mathews Halon. I shot both and I liked both, but the Deploy was lighter and less expensive. The cost and the weight made the Deploy a no brainier for me.

The last bow you will ever need to buy.

Version: 2016 Diamond Deploy SB


Pros: Light weight, beautiful camo, ready to shoot out of the box

Cons: None

Full review:

Let's start this out by saying that this is not a flagship bow, and there are many bows out there that come with all the bells and whistles, but cost a whole lot more. With that out of the way, this bow is flat out incredible. I got back into shooting late last year because my youngest daughter wanted to learn to shoot. I bought this bow from Cabela's in Tulalip and couldn't be happier. I have shot PSE since I was a kid, and was going to buy another one, and Jim suggested that I shoot the Deploy next to the PSE. Well, I shot both, along with a Quest, and the PSE was the first one out of the test. Surprised the heck out of me. I then spent the time shooting the Deploy and the Quest, and even though the Quest was $100 cheaper, I couldn't say no to the Deploy. I ended up changing the rest, sight, and stabilizer, and now that I have the bow tuned, I'm shooting through my own fletchings at 20 yards. At 80 I'm 2" off the bulls-eye. I couldn't be happier with this bow and would recommend it to anyone. At 70lbs and a 28" draw, my 420 grain Full Metal Jackets are shooting at just over 270fps. If anyone is on the fence with this bow, PULL THE TRIGGER (pun intended).

Fantastic Bow !!!!!

Version: 2016 Diamond Deploy SB


Pros: Fast, no vibration, light, short, forgiving, priced right!

Cons: I'm struggling here... this bow is amazing!

Full review:

Pros- Within 3 arrows shot I was feeling like this Bow is a game changer!The clincher for me was a Robin Hood Arrow on my 9th or 10th shot! The bow rocks gently reward after the arrow release, the vibration is minimal, the draw cycle is smooth as glass to a solid back wall! Great Mossy Oak graphics. This bow has re-lit the Archery fever for me!
Cons- It doesn't walk down and fetch up the arrows for me, it doesn't retrieve my newspaper and it doesn't make me look 10 years younger... so, no serious cons to speak of! shooting such a light bow takes a bit of getting use to, a heavier bow can feel a bit more steady on the 1st few shots. Oh... i know!! the light bow doesn't tire me out and makes me stay at the range longer and my wife don't like that!

Awesome bow, bowtech was right on with the deploy

Version: 2016 Diamond Deploy SB


Pros: Smooth draw, solid back wall, no creep, light weight

Cons: None

Full review:

This bow is right on. Bought it in the RAK package but switched out sight and quiver to another that I preferred from previous experience. I shot several different bows and by far, for me, the deploy sb was the clear choice. Switching bows mid season was not ideal in my mind, but once i got it in my head it was just a matter of time. When i went to look at bows i had several requirements that i was looking for centering around speed, weight, and ata length. The deploy met all my criteria except speed, which 340+ was what i locked in on, but once i shot it i was sold. I have been bow hunting for 30+years and have had many bows and for me, bowtech hit the nail on the head with the deploy sb.

Amazing bow!!!

Version: 2016 Diamond Deploy SB


Pros: Smooth draw, rock solid back wall, deadly quiet, fast

Cons: Cable slide

Full review:

This is probably one of if not the best bow on the market for the money. It draws like a dream and is way more accurate than I can ever hope to be. The only things I can fault it on is the fact that it is not a "speed bow" per se and that the cable slide is junk. However for $5-$10 you can put on a Teflon one and be golden. Amazing value bow here!

Best Value for the Best Diamond yet!

Version: 2016 Diamond Deploy SB


Pros: Good IBO speed (330 fps)
Strong lightweight Carbon Riser (3.2 lbs bare wt.)
Synchronized Binary Cam System
Very attractive, modern, & subtle appearance
Good Factory Strings & Cables
Easily-adjustable Draw Length
Very reliable
Great Value

Cons: Traditional Cable Guard system still used (could use FLX Guard as replacement)
Control Cable System used instead of Y-cables (Causes cam lean)
Quiet, but louder than most competitors
R.A.K. Package not very high quality

Full review:

I've owned this bow for about one month now and shot it twice before buying it from Bass Pro Shops with the R.A.K. package. My original bow was a 2014 Bowtech Carbon Knight, so I was largely familiarized with this bow except for the poundage increase from 60lbs to 70lbs. The bow still looked almost the same & felt just as light as my prior one did, but the build quality of this bow felt largely refined, given Bowtech & Diamond had two years to make those minor but wholistically significant changes. The appearance of this bow was more subtle given they changed the accent colors from red & black to Mossy Oak Breakup Country camo & grey, which made this bow seem more aesthetically practical when camouflaging for hunting.

When shooting this bow from before I bought the bow until nowadays where I've owned the bow for one month, I have to say that it is easily a very sharp and linear draw cycle with a distinct letoff boundary into the valley, which signaled to me that this bow was ready to javelin my arrow right where I wanted it. And that it did; in fact, I almost made a robin hood with Bass Pro's arrows the first time shooting it, making me slightly nervous to almost cover that arrow's cost and extremely confident in the bow's performance. It is not a loud bow either, but at the same time I must say that most of its competitors are quieter. Perhaps the FLX guard could have helped in that a bit, due in part to the traditional cable slide causing cam lean.

The only issues I have had were peep sight rotation and slight looseness of the factory's cable servings, which have not caused any problems for me so far or were easy fixes. All in all, I am really happy that I spent a very reasonable amount of my hard-earned money on such a great hunting and target bow with so many great features, innovations, and refinements from its predecessors. Hope this helped any prospective Deploy buyers!

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