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Diamond Edge SB-1

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  • Website of information devoted to owners of this bow
  • Implementation of Binary Cam System
  • Extreme versatility in DL and DW for archers of all ages


  • Plastic molded grip
  • Lack of silencing accessories


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Diamond Archery, powered by Bowtech, has been known to produce some of the finest-shooting, multi-adjustable, youth-to-adult compounds to this date. Along with their performance, the bows have always come with a reasonable warranty from the factory, good customer service, and adequate dealers throughout the US. However, for this year, they took it to the next level with the Edge SB-1. To put it simply, Diamond created an entire website revolving around this compound, featuring setup, tuning, maintenance, and adjustment information in the form of helpful videos to aid the new owner. This, along with an improved IBO speed and draw cycle feel due to the implementation of a synchronized binary cam system has made the new Edge SB-1 a very valid competitor in the world of versatile youth compounds today.


The Edge SB-1 is available in four finish options for this year- BlackOps, Blue Blaze, Purple Blaze, and Mossy Oak Break-Up Country. All finish options are merged onto the riser through a hydrodipping process; one that is both commonly used and has a very low margin of error in terms of cosmetic imperfections. In addition to the riser finish options, premium two-color matched strings are offered.


Featuring over a dozen cutouts to keep the production weight to less than 4lbs, the aluminum riser is machined nicely to complement the accessories on the bow, all the while retaining strength necessary to fire arrows to almost 320 fps. The factory string stop and cable guide rods are held nicely with large set screws to minimize long-term stripping with use.


Being a new technology for a bow of this kind, the EZ Adjust Pocket System works flawlessly, providing a benchmark indicator to the draw weight of the compound just by looking at the outer portion of the resin limb pockets. As a cost-effective option as well as a stable approach to transfer energy to the arrow, solid limbs are installed on this bow. However, with the solid limbs comes lesser preload angles, so although at max draw weight the bow doesn't reach a state of full parallel limbs at draw, the lower the draw weight, the more vibration will cancel from the limbs traveling in exact opposite directions. With a 7" brace height and a 31" axle-to-axle measurement, it is compact enough for nimble shooting from a tree stand or ground blind, but forgiving enough for most backyard spot shooters.


In terms of comfortability and fit, the molded, bolt-on resin grip is sufficient, especially for those with smaller hands. However, the plastic is somewhat unforgiving for those used to other materials such as wood, or for those used to bows with side plates.

Eccentric System

The synchronized binary cam system utilized on the Edge SB-1 is impressive, featuring 15" of draw length adjustment from rotating modules, 80% letoff, and a respectable 318 fps IBO speed rating. From 15 to 30 inches, this bow has the ability to pretty much fit the arms of most individuals from the age of 6 upwards, and it does so with ease. The design of these cams removes the factor of having individual yokes, which were prone to multiple tuning and centershot issues. Paired with the large cutouts to minimize rotational weight, this cam system is both proven and effective, especially when prospective archers look at other binary systems designed by Bowtech as a comparison.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Most compounds focus on maximum speed output, and along with that comes with a minimal 10 pound draw weight adjustment and a small range of draw length adjustment. The Edge SB-1 is designed to focus on a large range of draw length and draw weight adjustment, while speed is somewhat limited. Along with the lower speed, the shape of the cams equates to a very pleasant draw cycle at all draw weights, indiscriminately peaking early in the draw cycle and dropping off into a comfortable valley. For how adjustable and versatile this bow is, it is both smooth and accurate enough to be any archer's target machine, even if it isn't exactly optimized for that.

Silencing Package

The Edge SB-1 is somewhat limited to basic components in its silencing package, featuring only a string stop, vibration-reducing stabilizer, and rubberized speed nocks coming from the factory to help dampen the bow. The addition of string silencers, both on the main string and/or on the buss cables, as well as limb and cable guide rod silencers would further reduce the noise output of this compound.


BowDiamond Edge SB-1Bear Cruzer
Version 20182018
PictureDiamond Edge SB-1Bear Cruzer
Brace Height7 "6.5 "
AtA Length31 "32 "
Draw Length15 " - 30 "12 " - 30 "
Draw Weight7 lbs - 70 lbs5 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed318 fps310 fps
Weight3.6 lbs3.6 lbs
Let-Off80% 75%
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In comparison to the very similar Bear Cruzer, the Edge SB-1 has some notable differences. With a shorter brace height and a longer axle-to-axle, the Cruzer has a different riser geometry. It also has 3" more draw length adjustment from 12-30" and 2lb more draw weight adjustment from 5-70lb, but it is almost 10fps slower, has 5% less letoff, and has a rougher feeling draw cycle than the SB-1 and its slaved binary system. Overall, these similarly-weighing multi-adjustable compounds are both respectively good for the price, and they are both worth a look by any prospective archer.

Usage Scenarios

Although designed for all-purpose shooting, this bow is perfect for the average archer who utilizes a bow for practicing most of the year and hunts in the fall. This bow is fully capable of taking down game comfortably, but would be accurate enough to take to local shoots. It truly is a versatile bow.


Diamond Archery has caused an uproar in the industry by not only putting out an impressive shooting machine, but by including a full blown website devoted to the owners who purchase this bow, helping them turn their own allen wrenches before running to a local shop or dealer. For nearly half the price of a modern flagship compound, any individuals looking to get into the sport get an impressive package; the SB-1 totes an extremely adjustable design as well as provides a solid shooting platform from the beginning. With the addition of some silencing accessories and a nicer grip, this would become the bow to be at the side of everyone getting into the sport, or even at the hands of someone looking to upgrade from a different model.

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