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Diamond Fugitive

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  • Fast and Quiet
  • R.A.K package gets you completely set up
  • Durable finish that is soft to the touch
  • Very affordable price tag


  • Grip has hard plastic feel
  • Noticeable hand shock and vibe when shot


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Editors' review

The 2011 Diamond Fugitive is fast, quiet and loaded with features that will appeal to many archers this year. With an IBO speed of 337 and a ready to hunt package called R.A.K (ready, aim, kill) this set up has everything you need to grab your arrows and release, and start shooting. Also with a $599 price tag this bow will be a very viable choice this year.


The Fugitive is available in Mossy Oak tree stand camouflage and has a quality and durable finish in the Invelvet system by Diamond. Invelvet is a unique finish system designed to dampen noise, prevent dings and scratches and feel soft and warm to the touch. Despite its soft feel this finish is a very durable finish that will be very reliable for many years of use.


The riser on the Fugitive is a one piece machined aluminum riser with a multiple cut outs along the length of the riser. It is designed to be as lightweight as possible without giving up any strength.

Limb/Limb Pockets

The limbs on this bow are solid glass, one piece limbs that rest in the parallel position. The limb pockets are constructed out of aluminum and encapsulate the end of the limbs for a tight fit between the limb and the riser at any draw weight.


The grip on the Fugitive is a medium size, one piece component that is constructed out of a composite material. Some archers have stated they prefer the feel of a rubberized or wood grip over the plastic feel of this particular grip.

Eccentric System

The Fugitive features Diamond's new Throttle single cam and idler wheel system. This system is unique in the fact that the bearing assembly is attached to the limb tips. This design enables the cam track geometries to approach the center of rotation and beyond. This almost eliminates creep and creates equal tension on the strings and cables. The Throttle cam system has a rotating draw module on the cam. Without the aid of a bow press, you simply remove the module screws adjust the length in half inch increments, retighten the screws and you are set to your preferred draw length. The effective let off of this system is 80% which makes it hold with ease and the infinite draw stop allows you a solid back wall at any adjustment. Also this system boasts and impressive a 337 fps IBO rating with 88.28 ft-lbs of kinetic energy.

R.A.K system

The R.A.K system stands for ready, aim, kill. Basically this bow comes set up with everything you need to start shooting. Grab your arrows and your release, then sight in the Fugitive and then you are ready to go. At $100 more than the bare bow this system is very affordable way to give you everything to need. The accessories in this package go as follows:- 4 pin Tru Glo Apex Sight- Hostage XL arrow rest- 1 piece Ultra-lite quiver- Comfort wrist sling- Alloy Peep- 5" Ultra-lite stabilizer- BCY string loop- Dura-Flex string dampeners

Carbon Rod string stop

The Fugitive comes with the Carbon Rod string stop. While many of today's bows come with string stops the design of this stop is unique. The rod itself is made of carbon which makes it very strong. Also unlike many other string suppressors, this stop comes with a vibration module attached where the rod meets the riser and is in line with the stabilizer for consistently quiet shots. Then it is tipped with a limbsaver type material making a very quiet shot.


With the aggressive cam system on the Fugitive the draw cycle is a tad harsher than other single cam set ups. When drawing this bow the valley is seemingly pretty steep but transitions well to full draw. Once at full draw the back wall is very solid with little to no creep and with 80% let off it is very easy to keep drawn. The bow feels very balanced in your hand but the grip is hard and has a plastic feel to it. As far as felt vibrations some archers admit that the Fugitive does have a noticeable vibe when shot but the addition of a vibration dampening stabilizer and limbsavers, that could be reduced a decent amount. One thing archers agree on is that this bow is very quiet when shot and is no slouch in terms of accuracy.

Diamond Fugitive vs. Outlaw

BowDiamond FugitiveDiamond Outlaw
Version 20122014
PictureDiamond FugitiveDiamond Outlaw
Brace Height6.5 "7 "
AtA Length32 "32 "
Draw Length26 " - 30 "26.5 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed337 fps330 fps
Weight3.8 lbs3.8 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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These two bows share many characteristics which are as follows; The Throttle cam system, limbs, 3.80 mass weight, 80% let off and the R.A.K package. Probably the most noticeable difference between these two bows is the speed, the Fugitive comes in at about 7 fps faster than the Outlaw. The brace height on the Fugitive is a 1/2" shorter than the Outlaw and the riser is slightly different shape also. In addition Fugitive's price tag comes in at about a $100 more than the Outlaw.

Perfect hunting bow

The Fugitive with the R.A.K package is a set up that screams bow hunter. A short axle to axle will make it effective for tree stand hunting. With it completely set up, ready to sight in and kill this system is going to be very appealing to bow hunters. While this bow seems like a hunter's set up, it could be used for 3D or recreational use as well.


Overall the Diamond Fugitive would be a very solid choice. Whether you are an avid archer on a budget or a beginner this is a very affordable and feature packed set up. Durable, fast and quiet this bow has a lot to offer the archer whether you are a bow hunter or want a bow for 3D shooting. Even though the draw cycle is more on the harsh side, once at full draw the back wall is extremely solid and with the high let off you can hold this bow for a good period of time. In conclusion if you are looking for a fast, quiet and accurate rig with a very affordable price tag the Diamond Fugitive could be a great fit for you.

User Reviews

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Great bow just one problem

Version: 2012 Diamond Fugitive


Pros: Great bow, really fast, easy pull.. Prefer over a lot of other bows

Cons: The adjusting mod.

Full review:

Over the bow is great!! Had it for a few years now and the only problem I've had was with the adjusting mod. Came loose and tore up my cables.. Took it to shop and they said that does happen a lot with the fugitive. Just have to keep an eye on it.. Other than that great bow :).

Also bowtech has lifetime warranty so didn't cost a penny to fix :)

Very nice now for the price... Couldn't be happier!

Version: 2011 Diamond Fugitive


Pros: I love that the bow comes ready to shoot. Very fast and smooth. Easy to handle.

Cons: Could definitely use a rubber grip and little less vibration after shot

Full review:

Overall it is the best bang for your buck! I used to shoot an old PSE nova, so I ready can't compare it to any of the newer bows. I am very impressed with the speed and comfort. I will own this bow for years to come!

High dollar bow at a great price

Version: 2012 Diamond Fugitive


Pros: It has great speed, excellent control, wonderful let off and feels great in the grip

Cons: Asthetically, I wish it came in bowtech black ops black.

Full review:

I just purchased this bow less than a week ago and love it. I've been shooting it everyday since I got it and I must say, best bow I've ever shot. The first time I let an arrow fly I was amazed at the speed. People who review it state the draw is harsh, it's not that bad at all. This is my second bow by Bowtech and it is only slightly different from the first on the draw, but that is only a small price to pay for 337 FPS. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a trustworthy well made bow that I would put up against any 800-1000 dollar bow any day.

Unbelievable Bow Fast, Accurate, light weight.

Version: 2012 Diamond Fugitive


Pros: Accurate, Super Fast, Well Balanced

Cons: Arrow Rest & Grip

Full review:

Just got this bow. I am very impressed with the quality of this bow. The groups are are amazing at 20' 30 40 & 50 yards. I replaced the rest with a Trophy Ridge drop away rest which is much better for accurate bow hunting in my opinion. I'm shooting Mayhem Hunter arrows which also complement this bow. I would recommend this bow to both beginners or experienced hunters. Great Job Bowtech for a great product.

Well worth the money! After shooting several bows nothing compared for the price.

Version: 2012 Diamond Fugitive


Pros: The back wall, the speed, and how quiet it is.

Cons: The draw cycle is harsh but tolerable.

Full review:

I've been bow hunting 7 years. I've taken 3 P&Y bucks. This is my 3rd bow. I got it online for 508 with free shipping. This is the best bow I've owned. It comes fully equiped...RAK. It was on paper at 20 yards out of the box. It was just some minor tunning to get it set 20-50 yards. The bow is smoking fast. The back wall is amazing. Its rock solid. There is no give and it never wants to creep forward. I cant really speak to its accuracy because I'm not an expert archer but at 20 yards I'm shooting 2" five shot groups and at 50 yards about 10" groups. I'm 100% pleased with bow. I really thinks its the best set up for the money on the market today. I got the 70 lb bow. Yes the draw cycle is harsh. However the more I shoot it the less noticable its become. I don't know if its me getting stronger, the bow breaking in a little, or me being more prepared mentally before each draw but it seems smoother as time passes. And for those complaining about vibrations...that was greatly reduced but adding some soft plastics to the strings and limbs. I've shot a BowTech Invasion, Matthews Helim PSE Evo and Hoyt Carbon Element. All 4 of these bows cost x2 what this does with out any equipment. If I have another 800-1000 to spend I would Have gone with the BowTech or the Hoyt but even then I'm not sure they shot $1000 better than this bow.

Amazing bow - not only is it fast but it is good looking too. Wish the bow came with a wood grip though

Version: 2011 Diamond Fugitive


Pros: Fast, affordable, sleek design, durability

Cons: Plastic handle, paint job

Full review:

I like it but I wish it had a different paint job the camo paint is a little too light of a color for me I also would have gone with a wood handle but other than those two things there is nothing I can complain about.

Smooth,fast,quiet very good full draw back wall makes holding at full draw easy.Light weight.

Version: 2011 Diamond Fugitive


Pros: This bow is fast,quiet and smooth. Holding at full draw for extended period of time is very easy making it a good hunting bow. Light weight makes carrying while hiking through the mountains easy.

Cons: Handle is a bit harsh and cold feeling but after shooting for a while it is easy to get used to.

Full review:

I used to shoot about 15 years ago and technology has certainly changed. I just started shooting again and have had this bow since august of 2011 and I love it the light weight,speed and accuracy of this bow makes it great for hunting,shooting in the back yard and shooting the dart system at the range. Even at 40yds when my arrows hit my target you can hear that it hits very hard and solid.For the price of this bow with the RAK system you cant go wrong . I would definately reccomend this bow to anyone looking to start shooting or to someone who has been shooting for a while.

Excellent quality and features for the price

Version: 2011 Diamond Fugitive


Pros: smooth, quiet ,fast ,light and the RAK system lets you start out setup and ready to shoot

Cons: the handle feels alittle harsh but after ten shots or so start to get used to it

Full review:

I used to shoot 20 years ago and am just getting back into shooting again ,after shooting mutiple bows of comparable price I have to say the fugitive ranked tops for me. I feel thr draw is smooth.the bow is fast and quite along with a light comfortable weight.

Very nice for the money and it's very fast and 1 pin to 40 yds .

Version: 2011 Diamond Fugitive


Pros: I liked that it's light weight and short and its still a forgiving bow even with a short brace height .

Cons: It's a very aggressive pull until it breaks over then easy to hold . I wish it came with a whisker biscuit but I know thats personal preference .

Full review:

I have bow hunted for 30 years and this bow is the fastest bow I have ever shot. Its harsh on the draw but it feels good in my hand and is pretty quiet ( but I will make it more quiet with bow jaxx and limb savers ). I sighted it in today and with the bow at 30 in draw and cranked all the way up I shot 1 pin all the way to 40 yds with carbon supreme lite arrows and 100 gr tips and tight groups . Over all very pleased with my purchase and I would recommend this bow .

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