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Diamond Instigator

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  • Smooth drawing
  • Draw weight ranges from 30-65-pounds
  • Package MSRP is only $449


  • The accessory package is very basic and may need to be upgraded
  • 300 feet per second is not as fast as what some prefer


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Editors' review

The compact Diamond Instigator measures a short 31-inches axel to axel, which makes it very easy to maneuver and carry over long distances. Although the Instigator may be more appealing to new shooters to the sport of archery, the Instigator's smooth draw cycle and quiet release make it an option for anyone fitting in the 23-29-inch draw length range. The accessories are far from top notch, but they will get the job done for those just getting the hang of everything. The $449 package price tag makes it easy to upgrade accessories and still remain below the cost of a flagship rig. Cablea's is known for quality equipment at affordable prices, and the Diamond Instigator fits that demand well. It can also be shot by anyone in the family.


The Instigator is finished in Realtree APG camo and black limbs. The cams match the limb graphics well with a mustard color yellow finish, which helps give the bow a little added style. The finish is done well, and looks nice for Realtree pattern fans. The APG pattern will blend in with most hunting areas, and help with concealment.

Factory Installed Package

The Instigator comes fully rigged from the factory for the low price of $449. The package includes the bow, an Apex 3-pin sight, an Octane quiver and 5-inch stabilizer, an Apex sight, wrist sling, peep, and string loop. Adding arrows, a case, and a release will bring the price well under the hefty cost of a flagship model bow without any accessories. Shooters can also add accessories to the rig and still cash out at a reasonable price for those not wanting to tinker with the lower end accessory kit.


The Instigator is a short 31-inch axel-to-axel measurement. This does not leave room for too large of a riser. However, the bow does not really fell like a short bow, and still hold pretty well on target for its small frame. The riser has some pretty great looking cutouts and gives the bow a nice design to look at.The riser includes a rear mounted string stop system to help eliminate dreaded noise and vibration from the released arrow. The shock after the bow has been fired is tamed very well, but it does only shoot 300 feet per second. Also included is the front mounting 5-inch Octane stabilizer for some extra assistance holding on target.


The grip does not look great, but it feels pretty good. The black composite grip makes the bow look a bit like a budget priced rig, but in terms of feel and proper hand placement, the Instigator grip is rather functional. For those using the bow in cold weather hunting conditions, it should be a little warmer than models simply using the aluminum riser as part of the handle. Overall, the Instigator grip works, but does not stand out one way or the other.


The one-piece solid construction limbs are finished black to give the bow a little flair. When paired with the single cam dipped in mustard yellow, the black limbs and limb graphics do look nice combined with the Realtree APG pattern. The Instigator is sold in one model, but the draw weight ranges from 30-65-pounds. This range covers the majority of shooters interested in this bow, and will allow shooters to grow a substantial amount with their Diamond. The Instigator is marketed toward a variety of people, and is designed to meet the needs of everyone in one single package. Although 35-pound draw weight range bows are not too common, for the Instigator, it makes a lot of sense.

Eccentric System

Diamond stocked the Instigator with a super smooth drawing single cam design that accommodates archers with a draw length range of 23-29-inches. All this distance is done with swapping cams or modules with a simple Allen wrench. The Instigator is clocked at 300 feet per second IBO, which is a bit on the slow side, but is also only rated at 29-inches rather than the 30-inch industry standard. When the smooth drawing cam is combined with 80% let-off, it really becomes a dream to shoot. Single cam rigs are characteristically mush easier to draw and hold, and the Instigator follows the stereotype.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Diamond Instigator is a short axel to axel bow with tons of adjustment, designed to work for just about everyone on the market for a new bow. With that being said, shootability sometimes suffers when the bow is made for everyone, but not designed to anyone in particular. The bow shoots fine, but really does not do anything super well. The single cam model is an ease to draw, but it also only produces speeds that max out at 300 feet per second. The bow holds well for a short rig, and is pretty silent after the arrow has been released. For a budget friendly bow designed for everyone to shoot, it is a nice rig and will serve its purpose very well.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is designed to grow with shooters, as they get older. The Instigator would be a perfect bow for a new shooter, or a younger shooter just getting started. The draw cycle is a great one to learn on, the price is right, and if shooters decide to stay with the sport, they will get several years out of the bow even if they hit rapid growth spurts. For serious hunters on the market, there may be better budget friendly bows on the market though.


The Diamond Instigator is designed in a way that allows the entire family to use it with only minor adjustments that can be done at home. Ideally, the budget friendly Instigator would be purchased for a younger shooter that has a lot of growing left to do. With tons of available adjustments for draw weight and draw length; the bow can grow as rapidly as the shooter. Adults interested in a new bow may want to take a look at a few other budget bows before making the final decision. The made in USA Instigator will shoot well, but should get a test shot first just to make sure.

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