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Diamond Kronik XT

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  • A forgiving 7 7/8-inch brace height
  • Lightweight 3.5-pound bare bow
  • Single cam shootability
  • 6-inches of draw length adjustability
  • $399 price tag


  • Only sold at Bass Pro Shops
  • The grip is not very comfortable
  • IBO speeds of only 305 feet per second


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Editors' review

Bass Pro Shops attempt to offer great equipment at an affordable price. The partnership with Diamond Archery, produced by Bowtech, is an example of Bass Pro Shops vision. Although produced by Diamond, the bow is sold under the Bass Pro shop "Redhead" name. With a compact 30.5-inch axel to axel measurement, and bare bow weight of 3.5-pounds, many hunters will find this sized bow the perfect fit for their hunting needs. The single cam draw cycle and shootability combines with an almost 8-inch brace height making the Kronik XT a very forgiving and easy shooting rig. However, the IBO speeds of only 305 feet per second may be a disappointment for those wanting something a little faster. For less than $400, the Diamond Kronik XT is a fantastic value and a decent bow. The price also includes a 3-pin sight, Hostage arrow rest, and a quiver.


The Kronik XT is dipped in RealTree APG, and features the Kronik logo in red on the top and bottom riser. The Redhead logo is also a great looking addition featured on the riser above the arrow shelf. The finish looks durable and covers the cutouts and geometry of the riser. The RealTree APG finish is decently popular, and can be seen on other outdoor products as well. It would be nice to see the bow offered in an all-black version in addition to the camo option, but for a mostly dedicated hunting bow, camo should meet the needs of most shooters.


The machined aluminum riser on the compact Kronik XT is a bit on the short side, but with an overall dimension of 30.5-inches, that is to be expected. The look of the riser is not too fancy, but does a nice job of keeping the overall mass of the bow under 4-pounds. Some bows have distinct features and riser shapes that help them stand out, the Kronik is not one of those bows. The bow does feature a rear mounted string stop system, but does not have the ability for adjustments. The string stop system is fixed, and does not allow for tinkering. It works great, but does not have any adjustments. The front of the riser has a mounting hold for a stabilizer, which is slightly above the rear mounted string stop. This is great for those wanting a little extra weight out front, and will help with holding the short framed bow on target with a little extra weight. The cable slide is a traditional cable slide system, and just works. There is nothing fancy or cutting edge about the cable slide system. Overall, the riser works, but does not stand out in any way.


The grip on the Kronik XT is not great. It is a hard plastic composite material that fits decently in the shooters hand, but is not overly comfortable. The slightly boxy grip could be tapered just a bit to fit better in the palm of the shooter and it would feel much better. The grip can be held in the proper shooting position, and is not too tough to repeat, but it will take a little getting used to for most shooters. The hard plastic is not a terrible feelings grip to the touch, but the shape is a bit off putting. The grip will not be a deal breaker for those interested in the Kronik, but it could be a better design.


Like all Diamond bows, the Kronik XT is a solid limb offering. The limbs are also coated in RealTree APG, and feature red limb graphics with the Kronix XT logo, which helps the name pop a little bit. The limbs are adjustable in 20-pound increments, which is a little larger than the industry standard of 10-pounds. The Kronik XT is offered in two limb configurations: 40-60-pounds and 50-70-pounds. The 30-pound range is sure to give most shooters what they need in terms on draw weight, and offers a little wiggle room for shooters still growing a bit to change from one year to another.

Eccentric System

Diamond bows features single cam technology, which traditionally are easy drawing, easy to shoot rigs. The Kronik XT is exactly that. The single cam is adjustable in half-inch increments from 25-31-inches without the need for a bow press. Most shooters will have no need to make draw length adjustments, but those shooters that like to mess around a bit with their bows, will enjoy the ease of adjustment the Kronik XT has to offer. Single cams are notorious for being easy to set up, and stay in tune fairly well through lots of shooting. The limb stop draw stop post is a nice addition as well, and helps shooters fine tune the feel of the back wall and valley if they desire to do so. The Kronik is by no means a speed demon at only 305 feet per second, but many shooters will be willing to make the tradeoff for a smooth draw cycle.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

For the most part, single cams are great drawing bows. Even the more aggressive single cam bows draw a lot of fans based on how great they feel through the draw cycle. The Kronik XT single cam is not aggressive at all, and manages to hit all the highlights of a single cam system. The cam is easy from start to finish and transitions from the beginning of the draw cycle to the solid back wall with ease. What the Kronik XT loses in speed, it makes up in shootability. The bow features a very long brace height of almost 8-inches, and the 80% let off is effortless to hold on target. The solid back wall is aided by a limb stop draw stop system, and has no play at all. Shooters can be comfortable pulling into the back wall with no fear of an inconsistent anchor point. The short frame of the Kronik XT is noticeable. Although parallel limbs make the short axel to axel measurement a little more manageable, the overall mass of the bow makes it tough to hold on target. The addition of a high quality stabilizer would be beneficial, and shorter draw shooters will not notice the compact design as much, but it was noticeable for many shooters toward the top end of the draw length range. After the shot, the bow is pretty quiet, and sits in the hand fairly well. There is a bit of vibration felt in the shooters hand, but with a stabilizer that is less noticeable.

Usage Scenarios

The Kronik XT is a hunting bow. Some shooters may choose to shoot 3d shoots with the Kronik bow, but it is designed for the woods. The price is appealing for shooters just starting out in archery, and perhaps upgrading an older bow. The Kronik XT's ability to adjust is also appealing to younger shooters still growing as well. The 5-inches of draw length adjustment, combined with limbs featuring a 20-pound range make the Kronik XT a great bow for those with a little growing left to do. Regardless of the shooter, the easy draw cycle and long brace height easy to get used to.


For an accessorized bow with a price under $400, it is hard to find anything wrong with the Kronik XT. It is not an industry leader in any category, but it does most things very well. The minor issues with the bow fall under personal preference, and what some do not like others will love. With a forgiving brace height and an easy draw cycle, the Kronik is going to win over a lot of shooters from those just starting out, to those just wanting an upgrade. If the Kronik XT hit speeds around 320 feet per second, it would be much more desired, but 305 feet per second is still plenty for most hunters' needs. All of this shootability for under $400 is hard to turn down. Those close to a Bass Pro Shop interested in a lightweight, compact hunting bow should give the Kronik XT a shot.

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