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Diamond Marquis

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  • fast bow with little shock and vibration
  • great stability and accuracy due to a long riser
  • fine-grained draw length adjustment by 1/4 inch


  • not the most compact and maneuverable bow
  • cam system requires individual modules for adjusting draw lengths


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Editors' review

Being the flagship bow of the 2008 Diamond Archery line the Diamond Marquis is a good match for both tree stand and ground hunters. This bow has a good mix of long-distance accuracy and maneuverability as well as great stability and shootability.


The Diamond Marquis has a long riser making this bow more stable and accurate but not heavy. A longer riser contributes to a longer axle-to-axle length (34.5"). As a result the bow is more stable and accurate. The Diamond design team put their best efforts into making this bow as lightweight as possible. They managed to reduce the mass weight significantly by using a special lightweight aluminum and including many cutouts in the riser. In addition, the Marquis riser is sleek and narrow which further contributes to its reduced mass weight. Finally, this riser is designed to significantly reduce vertical torque and improve stability at full draw.

Eccentric system

BowDiamond Marquis
Version 2009
PictureDiamond Marquis
Brace Height7 "
AtA Length34.5 "
Draw Length26 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed314 fps - 322 fps
Weight4.1 lbs
Let-Off65% - 75%
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When it comes to the engine behind this bow, the Marquis features Diamond's Pinnacle5 single cam eccentric system capable of producing IBO speeds of up to 316-324 fps. Draw lengths are adjustable from 26" to 30" in half inch increments through a modular cam system. Once set up, the draw length can be further adjusted by a quarter inch through the cam adjustment system. Many archers agree the draw cycle is smooth enough and has a good blend of smoothness and aggressiveness. Lastly, let off can be adjusted from 65% to 75%.

Quietness and vibration

To reduce vibration and noise the bow is equipped with a roller guard with an inbuilt string suppressor. In addition, this rig is designed to reduce hand shock as much as possible. Low shock and vibration are achieved through using pivoting limb pockets that help maintain precise orientation between the limbs and the riser. Needless to say, such design also adds overall stability. This is why many archers say this bow is very stable and has little shock and vibration.


To summarize, the Diamond Marquis is a very stable compound bow with little shock and vibration. The eccentric system is very solid and is capable of generating blazing speeds of 316-324 fps. While it is not the most compact bow, it has little noise, shock, and vibration. This bow is a good choice for shooters who prefer different types of hunting or recreational activities.

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Great all round bow

Version: 2008 Diamond Marquis


Pros: Very forgiving Smooth draw Fast enough Good hold on target Good grip

Cons: Slight vibration Sting suppressor where a kisser would go

Full review:

This may be my favorite bow that I have owned so far. I think it is by far the best all round bow that diamond has made. To bad they took it out of their line-up. This bow was very smooth to draw with a good valley. The back wall was very solid with the draw stop rotating to contact the bottom limb. It is not a blazer for speed but very respectable. It is very forgiving due to a 7 inch brace height and the longest riser I have seen on a 34 inch ATA bow. The hold on target is very solid and this bow has very little chance to torque. There is some vibration but it is still a very quiet bow on the shot. I liked the string suppressor being in the middle of the string but it is right where you would but a kisser button on the string. I would recommend this bow to anyone interested in a solid all round bow.

very accurate. A shooters bow.

Version: 2008 Diamond Marquis


Pros: accurat,quiet and feels good in the hand.

Cons: no differnet paint options.

Full review:

Fast, accurate accurate accurate accurate and quiet. Great shootabiity. I hunt and shoot 3d with same bow. This bow is a well kept secret among archers. Most archers buy the name and not the bow. Shoot a marquis and see if it does not help you perform better.

great overall bow

Version: 2009 Diamond Marquis


Pros: great hunting bow, great for a beginner has a solid backwall with good accuracy. being a 16yr old pulling 70lbs with a 450 grain goldtip is putting out about 275-280fps great bow love it! wish diamond would put it back in their line up

Cons: could be a little faster need modules for adjusting draw length greta hunting and long distance shooting bow

Full review:

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