Diamond Nuclear Ice Review

Diamond Nuclear Ice

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  • One of the best bows for small kids (from 4 to 10 years old)
  • Extremely adjustable draw length (no bow press or modules are needed)
  • Very fast for a youth bow of that size
  • Low vibration due to post-parallel limb design
  • Looks like an adult (Dad's) bow - great factor for kids
  • Great value for money


  • No hand grip


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Editors' review

The Nuclear Ice is a very well built bow specifically designed for small kids. With the mass weight of less than 3 pounds, minimum draw weight of 10 lbs, and minimum draw length of 14 inches, this rig is normally easy to handle by kids from 4 years old. Admittedly, this is one of the best youth bows suitable for youngsters from 4 to 10 years old.

The bow that looks like a Dad's one

Before we delve into the details, let's quickly mention that this rig looks like an adult bow. This means that any child who shoots this bow will be extremely excited to know their rig looks like a dad's one!

Riser and limbs

The fully machined aluminum riser is solid and does not have cutouts. While the Nuclear Ice is one of the best quality bows for small kids, some people think that having cutouts in the riser would make it even more perfect because it would help to make it even lighter. The post-parallel limbs help to reduce unwanted vibration and further contribute to the "like a Dad's bow" look. The pivoting limb pockets allow for draw weight adjustments from 10 to 29 pounds and perfectly align limbs to deliver improved accuracy.


The Nuclear Ice doesn't come with a hand grip. While this is not a big deal for some parents, others say this is an area for improvement. Such people say it's not a major issue anyway and just put some tape on the grip to make it feel better.

Eccentric system

Although this is youth bow, its eccentric system delivers exceptional performance. Many parents are surprised how fast this rig is. At 29 pounds and 24 inch draw length, the bow is capable of generating IBO speeds of 200 fps. Many archers agree that's pretty fast for a kid's bow of that size. The Nuclear Ice comes with a rotating module designed for easy draw length adjustments from 14 to 24 inches without using a bow press or any additional cams/modules. The let-off is 70%.

Suitable ages

BowDiamond Nuclear Ice
Version 2010
PictureDiamond Nuclear Ice
Brace Height6 "
AtA Length22.75 "
Draw Length14 " - 24 "
Draw Weight10 lbs - 29 lbs
IBO Speed187 fps - 195 fps
Weight2.8 lbs
Where to buy
Best prices online
Not available now.
Please check later.

As was mentioned earlier, the Nuclear Ice is specifically built for small kids. This bow is mainly used by kids from 4 to 10 years old. So, if your child is under 9 years old, you should seriously consider this bow as one of the best suitable rigs for them. On the other hand, if the child is 4 years old or 9-10 years old, you should also consider other options especially if their body is outside of average standards for their age. For example, if a child is 9 years old and is stronger than average, a bow like Diamond Razor Edge could be a better choice because it would be a better match and you would not need to upgrade soon. On the other hand if your boy or girl is only 4 years old and quite petite, experts recommend putting the bare minimum on this rig and using only the lightest accessories. This will allow for reducing the overall bow weight and will significantly help a small shooter to be more successful. Alternatively, you may want to consider a plastic/recurve bow or a compound bow with lower mass weight such as Fuse Freestyle or Mathews Mini Genesis.


To conclude, the Diamond Nuclear Ice is one of the best youth bows suitable for small kids from 4 to 10 years old. A lot of experts and archery enthusiasts agree this is one of the best youth bows on the market. They say the Nuclear Ice is a very well made bow that delivers exceptional performance and has a nice look and feel. Although this is a youth bow, it looks "like a Dad's bow" due to beyond parallel limbs, fully machined aluminum riser, and efficient cam system. Being extremely adjustable, the bow does not require a bow press or additional modules for changing the draw length. Overall, the Nuclear Ice comes with a very low price tag, yet it is one of the best quality youth bows out there.

User Reviews

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25 yards with this bow,lethal penatration on a 3-d target.

Version: 2010 Diamond Nuclear Ice


Pros: press less and simple to service. great quality product for the $

Cons: arrow rest does not adjust low enuff for smaller arrows od, arrow falls out of hostiage arms onto the housing of rest. replace with a biskit to solve problem.

Full review:

shootabillity 9, feel 7, setup 10, ibo speed 9, experiance 10, hand grip is uncut for memory placement. bow has great quality in its fabrication. This bow will grow with your children and last serveral generations. i find my self playing with this fun youth bow as much as my kids do. great for hunting small game and target pratice. my children can pratice with little to no help from me, after set up. this bow has made it thru two of my four kids and i have no dought that it will last the next two.

Not a hunting bow, but the next step down from one. It would be a crime not to buy it.

Version: 2009 Diamond Nuclear Ice


Pros: Its so smooth, and perfect.

Cons: On cold days the handle gets cold if your not wearing gloves. Witch is only because of the pure metal handle.

Full review:

It comes fully locked and loaded. With arrow holder, sights, and peep hole. It has amazing groping, and I was able to shoot a tennis ball. It is not a deer hunting bow, simply because it is to week. It is not a adult bow it is very small witch can good and bad, you decide. I'm 11 and is is perfect, but I would recommend the max age as 12. And my 5 year old brother has a lot of fun with it at 10 pounds.

Best quality youth bow on the market wish they would not have discounted it

Version: 2010 Diamond Nuclear Ice


Pros: Highly adjustable

Cons: Cold grip

Full review:

At 10 yards my son breaks knocks after getting this thing tuned it's a tack driver. This is the most durable youth bow out there my son got it on his forth birthday and just turned 8 other than a new string/cable set this bow has stood the test of time. My son just maxed out the draw length and has 1.5 turns before he maxes out the weight. His cousins have dry fires it and only needed the peep replaced well worth the money for the quality

Amazing adjustable kids bow that they can use for years

Version: 2010 Diamond Nuclear Ice


Pros: Adjustable length and weight is awesome. Cool look for a small kids bow Easily adjusted

Cons: Sight is easily broke by kids

Full review:

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