Diamond Outlaw Review

Diamond Outlaw

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Diamond Outlaw Review4.8517 out of 17 user reviews


  • Very affordable price tag
  • Fast
  • Quiet
  • Accurate
  • R.A.K package is convenient and a great value


  • Slight vibe when shot
  • Could torque grip for some archers

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Editors' review

The Diamond Outlaw is one of those economically priced bows that is going to appeal to many archers in 2011. It has a combination of speed, accuracy and nice features that make it a very solid choice. It is outfitted with the R.A.K system which gives you a bow that is already completely set up to tune in and shoot, which even further makes it a very viable choice this year.


The finish on the Outlaw is different from many other bows on the market, it is armored with the Invelvet finish. This finish is designed to feel warm and soft to the touch, dampen noise and prevent dings or scratches. Despite its soft feel it is a very durable finish and should supply you with years of use with no problems.

Riser/Limbs/Limb pockets

The riser on the outlaw is a quality one piece, lightweight machined aluminum riser. The limbs on this rig are one piece solid glass limbs with the parallel limb design. The limb pockets on the Outlaw are made from aluminum and encapsulate the end of limbs and give the bow a tight limb cup to riser fit. With this system the axle to axle length is 32".


The grip on this bow is one piece and made from a composite material, made to give you a warm feel in cold weather situations. Some archers agree that this grip could be a slight bit more comfortable and may be susceptible to some hand torque. Keep in mind a grip is a very personal thing and grips fit every archer differently.

Eccentric System

The cam system on Outlaw is a single cam and idler wheel system equipped with Diamond's new Throttle cam. They designed this system with the bearing assembly on the tip of the limbs. This design allows the cam track geometries to approach the center of the rotation and beyond. Also this allows for equal tension on the string and cables which is designed to eliminate creep. With this system there is a draw weight range of 40 to 70 pounds and a draw length range of 26.5" to 30.5". Also with this system the draw length is adjustable with Diamond's rotating module which makes it very simple to adjust the draw length. Just remove the module screws, rotate the module to desired draw length and retighten the screws. The Outlaw also has an effective let off that is 80% which allows you to hold the bow at full draw with ease.

R.A.K Package

R.A.K stands for ready, aim, kill, which translates to this bow being completely set up with all the accessories ready to tune and shoot. The list of accessories in this package goes as follows, a 4 pin Tru-Glo Apex sight, Octane hostage xl arrow rest, carbon rod string stop, Octane one piece 5 arrow quiver, 4" light stabilizer, comfort wrist sling, BCY string loop and Duraflex string leeches. Overall this is a great combination of accessories already installed on this bow which makes it very convenient. Just grab your release aid and arrows then tune in and you're ready to go.


Overall this is a good shooting bow with a very good speed and accuracy. The draw cycle is smooth and has a slightly steep valley but it transitions well to full draw. With the combination of a solid back wall and the 80% let off this bow holds well at full draw. When released the bow is quiet but does have some slight hand shock and vibe. Installation of some limb savers and a quality vibration dampening stabilizer would probably take care of most of that.

Outlaw vs. Fugitive

Bow Diamond Outlaw
Version 2014
Picture Diamond Outlaw
Brace Height 7 "
AtA Length 32 "
Draw Length 26.5 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 330 fps
Weight 3.8 lbs
Let-Off 80%
Where to buy
Best prices online
The Outlaw and Fugitive share some of the same components like 3.80 mass weight, cams, limbs, 80 % effective let off, grip and the R.A.K package. But there are noticeable differences as well. The shape of the riser between the two is slightly different. The Fugitive has a 7 fps advantage over the Outlaw but gives up a 1/2" of brace height with the Diamond Fugitive being 7" and the Outlaw being 6.5". Also the Fugitive is priced at $100 more than the Outlaw. Both bows show the same shooting characteristics and feel very similar when being shot.


The Outlaw is one of those rigs that will suit a variety of archers from the beginner to the seasoned pro on a budget. With the short axle to axle length this bow would be very good for hunting situations especially from a tree stand, but is certainly not limited to hunting and could be used for 3D and recreational shooting as well.


Overall with the way this bow is priced this is a solid choice for 2011. The Outlaw gives you a good shooting, fast and accurate bow at an economy price. When combined with the R.A.K package this offers you and very convenient and versatile package that will appeal to many archers this year. Even though the bow has a slight vibration when shot with the addition of some vibration dampening components should solve that and make this a very shootable bow. Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned archer not looking to break the bank the 2011 Diamond Outlaw is a very solid choice.
Diamond Outlaw Review4.8517

User Reviews

  • 17 reviews
  • ( out of 17 reviews for all versions)
  1. great bow for the money

    Version: 2011 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: shoot well, draw lenth easy to move,

    Cons: small grip

    Full review:
    I had a small vibertion in bow but with libsaver and some sting whiskers videration is 95% gone. shoot very well strait out of the box sights shoot high but very well, rak package fits the bow well. love this bow

  2. $500.00 out the door, can hang with anything out there. Goodbye to the over-priced bows.

    Version: 2011 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: Very fast, well priced and a one pin shooter out to 40 yards.

    Cons: The octane rest must be swapped if you do any significant shooting

  3. Fabulous bow package for the price

    Version: 2011 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: Fast. Accurate. good accessory quality. Looks great. Nice finish. light weight. GREAT value

    Cons: A little hand shock and vibration. Not bad at all for the money, especially considering the energy and speed involved. should be easily fixable

    Full review:
    Smooth draw with a bit of a steep let-off. very hold-able at full draw. Good quality accessories. Did replace the Octane rest with a good drop-away, but the Octane was very useable. Sight is good, quiver is light and solid.

    Has proven very accurate and consistent. better than I can shoot at this point.

  4. Great quality bow for the money by far and best of all is that it is 100% ready for the field.

    Version: 2011 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: I liked how the bow is fast, easy to shoot, not heavy and was a !00% ready for the woods or range and loved the affordable price. All I did was swap out the Hostage rest for a drop away. I just prefer the drop away over the Hostage.

    Cons: Just a lil bit of vibration which some cat wiskers and limb savers cant fix. Other then that an all around great bow.

    Full review:
    I love how much faster my Outlaw is compaired to the 2009 Hoyt Kobalt I shot last year. Each bow is 62lbs,a 27" draw and 29" Easton Axis 500 Nanotube arrows with 100grain tips. With the Hoyt I was shooting 264fps and even tho I havent cronographed my Outlaw,I know I am shooting faster with the Outlaw without a doubt.

  5. Fast. Affordable. Quiet.

    Version: 2011 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: Very fast. Out shoots my buddy’s $1k bowtech. Decent sights, rest, and quiver for a package. Grip isn’t an issue as I shoot open handed.

    Cons: Slight hump at the end of the draw. You will get used to it though. Very very firm back wall. Invelvet chips easily.

  6. Great bow at a great price!!! Ready for the woods out of the box!!!

    Version: 2011 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: This bow shoots like a rocket! Easy to change draw lengths. Great bow for the price. The R.A.K. package comes with quality accessories. Smooth draw cycle.

    Cons: A little bit of a vibration when bow is shot. I added some Limbsaver vibration dampeners and this has helped alot. Hostage rest will probably be changed for a drop away rest. Not sure it would hold up to a lot of shooting.

    Full review:
    Overall, this is a great bow for a great price. I did a lot of research before deciding on this bow. I am real happy with how fast this bow shoots. It has an easy draw cycle. And, comes with a great package of accessories. I am going to change out the Hostage rest. I prefer a Whisker Biscuit, or I may try a drop away. This bow is great for a hunter on a budget, like me. I have been very pleased with this bow.

  7. Love the bow. Wish it had a more comfortable grip.

    Version: 2011 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: Well designed and speced out for the price

    Cons: Grip

    Full review:
    I just purchased the 2011 Diamond Outlaw. My only gripe is the grip. It is slippery and has an uncomfortable ridge where the grip does not blend into the riser near the thumb and web of hand. Do any of you know if there are options for replacement grips that are proven for this bow. I can’t be the only one feeling this.

  8. Great bow, great price!

    Version: 2011 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: Sizzling fast speeds! It is very accurate and shootable

    Cons: Like others mentioned, the grip is not the most comfortable. I find it to skinny at the palm. Also, where the thumb meets the riser there is a nasty ridge that causes some knuckle rubbing.

    Full review:
    I bought this bow for $499 with the R.A.K. System, which makes it ready to shoot right from the cash counter. It is simple to adjust to your personal settings ( mine is 29" draw length and 65# draw weight). I have not had a chance to put too many arrows through it, but from what I observed it is decently quiet for the speed I’m getting out if it, and the vibration is nothing that couldn’t be solved with a couple of limbsavers. As mentioned above I am going to switch out the hostage rest for a drop away, mainly for personal preference. Overall, for the price this bow can’t be beat!

  9. greatest bow ive shot. and priced amazingly for the quality

    Version: 2011 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: love every last detail of the bow. this RAK system is great and wouldnt change a thing. the rest is great and so are sights

    Cons: has none to me honestly

    Full review:
    honestly this is probably the best bow you can buy for the money. plus the fact they are made in america is another great thing. i wouldnt change a thing about it or the rak accesories. i got it sighted in and at 20yds i can put a 1 1/2-2 inch group in the bullseye repeatedly. and personally i love the grip. i got it tuned at 65lbs at 29inch draw and love it. honestly the performance and quality of this bow would easily be rated up there along with matthews and other higher end bows and the speed of this bow is amazing

  10. Good bow, little noisy but easily fixed

    Version: 2011 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: Small light weight and fast, ready to shot straight out of the store. Good buy for a novice that is on a budget and can’t afford the 1000.00 bows. Not a lot of movement out to 40 yards. Like the look and feel of the bow.

    Cons: After I shot 60 or so arrows sounded like I was squeezing a cat every shot, string whiskers helped a lot, still a little noisy

    Full review:
    Good overall buy $499.00 out the store ready to shoot, with a few minor upgrades it is a great bow for a novice hunter or target shooter. Like the speed I have a 31" draw and 60 pounds, getting 305 to 310 fps depending on the arrow ( better arrows better speed and accuracy).

    Very solid shooting bow. Solid out to 40 yards. Little noisy after the first 60 or so arrows, but easily fixed for a minimal cost. Shoots as good if not better than most of its counterparts for less money. I like most of the diamond bows that I have shot, just don’t have the budget for the top dollar outfits.

  11. Love the bow great value.

    Version: 2011 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: Super fast and very light. Set at 65 lbs and 28.5 inch draw it is shooting 305 fps. Holds 2" groups out to 30 yrds.

    Cons: None

  12. Does Everything I Ask Of It.

    Version: 2011 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: Performance in the field equals that of the higher priced compounds. After adding my own accessories it’s quiet and accurate. Great bow for the price.

    Cons: Only drawback is the bow won’t hold my 70 year old hand steady for very long.

    Full review:
    After installing a Trophy Ridge Drop Away rest, Trophy Ridge Alpha V5 sight, stabilizers, string silencers, etc., the accuracy of this bow is excellent shooting CE Mayhem 250 arrows with 100gr. points. I have shot 350 and 400 arrows with the same accuracy. I have not checked the speed since adjusting draw length to 29 and weight to 60. I’m 70 yrs old and started with Bear Kodiak Magnum recurves in the early 60s. The bow is light and small enough that a cross wind breeze does not whip it around that much. The Outlaw feels well balanced and comfortable. Confidence is a key ingredient for success in the field and on the range….. I have this confindence with the Outlaw and would place it right up there with the higher priced bows.

  13. The greatest bow I have ever owned

    Version: 2012 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: The diamond outlaw is one of the fastest bows I have ever shot. The accuracy is top of the line.

    Cons: A little vibration, until I put limb savors on it. 100 percent better.

    Full review:
    Over all, this is an awesome bow. I have a 29 in. draw shooting the ics HUNTER 340 with 100 grain

    field tips. Shooting speeds up to 305. Im using the ripcord drop away rest and added the one pin

    true glow site. No problems out to 40 yards.

  14. I love this bow!

    Version: 2012 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: Fast, smooth, accurate, and value priced!

    Cons: I have not found anything that I don’t like about it.

    Full review:
    I bought this bow, made one or two sight adjustments, added a kisser button. The Outlaw is deadly accurate, and incredibly fast. I have an Ice Man as well. I really like it, but the Outlaw is much better in my opinion. A little louder, but better. I was a little worried about the R.A.K setup when I bought it, but that was quickly squashed when I shot it. I will never spend a thousand dollars on a bow when I can get this kind of quality for half of that.

  15. Great bow for the money

    Version: 2013 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: Fast very smooth

    Cons: The arrow rest

    Full review:
    I really like the over all feel of the bow took the biggest buck of my life with it last year 130 class 8 point blowed thru him so fast he run 70 yards and looked back at me before he fell back into the beans so I am very comfortable with it all the way out to 60 yards I put a ripcord drop away on mine with limb savers

  16. deadly killed 2 does last year can’t wait till October gets here

    Version: 2013 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: smooth draw 80% let off and it was easy to tune

    Cons: check everything too make sure it’s tight. my string stop fell off from shooting and one module was loose and rattling

  17. Great value

    Version: 2013 Diamond Outlaw


    Pros: price

    Cons: little vibration when shooting low grains per pound and a little louder than some bows (that are alot more expensive)

    Full review:
    I bought this bow on clearance for $399. Added a drop away, limb savers, and eliminated the d loop. With 6 new GT arrows, new release, 6 muzzy heads, and a new target for $688. with a 30.5 draw at 67lbs the bow is blazing fast. Shooting 5.7 GPP the bow does vibrate and isnt the quietest bow ever but is still well within acceptable ranges, especially considering the price. This is the 4th Diamond bow I have purchased not because I suffer from brand loyalty but simply because they tend to be the best cost v quality value. Haven’t hunted with it yet but cant wait to!

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