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  • Extra long 7.5" brace height
  • Very low mass (3.4lbs)
  • Pleasant 33" AxletoAxle length
  • Adjustable in 10lb increments from 50 to 70lbs
  • Rock solid back wall


  • Modular draw length system (2631")
  • Somewhat slow (300fps IBO)
  • Decent amount of vibration at the shot


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Editors' review

Diamond hit the nail on the head with the Rapture, a forgiving shooting machine looking to put the arrow in the "x" or behind the shoulder with ease. This compound is fairly light, aesthetically simple, and makes up for a shallow valley in the draw cycle with a limb-activated draw stop, allowing for absolutely no stretch at full draw. Rated at speeds up to 300 fps, it may not be a speed demon, but you can't go wrong with its above average brace height of 7.5". Any hunter looking for a simple, inexpensive workhorse of a bow, go no further!


Although the Rapture is only available in Mossy Oak's New Breakup Camo pattern, it stands out from the rest. It is a darker, more distinct pattern that provides texture and depth into the finish. Likewise, it is covered with a soft-touch coat, preventing your hand from freezing when touching bare metal. Blemishes are uncommon and not in the history of this bow, but with incorrect usage may be prone to chipping. Vinyl decals are present and contrast the camo pattern, all the while not destroying the overall image. There is no question about it, no sacrifice to detail was made in the production of this compound.


The Rapture is machined out of a block of 6061 aluminum alloy. Some noticeable design features and modifications from previous models include a wide, flat shelf with a curved lip, thin and rigid design and 18 cutouts. Although there is a low amount of contained reflex with the riser, the semi-parallel limb design is compromised with highly stressed limbs, typical in a setup of this fashion. The Rapture comes factory installed with a straight carbon cable rod and a partial containment plastic cable slide, which is sufficient but always can be replaced with an angled rod for less torque on the cam at full draw. Its riser, a mere 2" at the widest point, is strong enough to retain abuse to the woods, while containing eighteen cutouts for more stability at longer yardages.


Diamond's Rapture features highly pre-stressed composite solid limbs to create a semi-parallel construction. At full draw, the limbs do not reach a parallel structure, so there is a definite jolt at the shot, but it is significantly less of a negative aspect with the factory dampening system and efficient cam system. The longer, 33" ATA measurement may deter some individuals striving for a close-quarters treestand setup, but the extra few inches is fairly unnoticeable, and can only aid to producing an accurate shot. Limb pockets are of a robust design, allowing for the standard process of adjusting draw weight on the limb bolts with an allen wrench.


Diamond's hard form grip is unique in the fashion that it is of a rubber design, but is slick to the touch to keep from applying too much torque. Many problems originate from a thick, tacky rubber grip that affect accuracy; Diamond's version solves those issues. Being a medium wrist style, it is comfortable for most hand sizes.

Eccentric System

The Rapture's Solitaire Cam is rated up to 300fps IBO, and is adjustable from 65-80% letoff with the sliding post. Being one of the main negatives, the cam is draw length specific, meaning different modules, which are usually hard to come by, are required to make drastic changes in draw length. It can be fine tuned with the sliding post acting as the draw stop, but doing so will affect the amount of letoff and holding weight you have in the entire system. Similarly, a single yoke system near the idler wheel allows for an easy tuning, beneficial to get the desirable bullet hole through paper. As for cam lean, there is absolutely none present, typical with most single cam compounds.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow is characteristically efficient in the drawing process, with a shallow dump into the back wall from the valley ending with a positive stop, a draw cycle that can be repeated with ease. The lack of harsh corners and steep edges on the cam allow for a smooth pull, and ultimately a forgiving release. The large brace height of 7.5" and the longer axle to axle give attributes of a target bow into a smaller framed hunting setup, which is extremely beneficial for longer ranges. At full draw, the solid limbs, single limb stop, slim grip, and single cam design allow for a both lightweight and solid benchmark to propel any arrow from. The only improvement could be implying more of a parallel limb design, which would in turn negate some of the shock and vibration noticeable at the shot.

Silencing Package

This bow comes with limb band silencers, string silencers, and a cable rod supressor. Although it is minimal, the stock silencing package cuts down the vibration in much needed places. The addition of solid limb "stick on" silencers would improve the shooting experience, but would decrease overall speed and add weight to the bow.


BowDiamond Rapture
Version 2007
PictureDiamond Rapture
Brace Height7.75 "
AtA Length31.5 "
Draw Length26 " - 31 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed305 fps
Weight3.6 lbs
Let-Off65% - 80%
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Compared the Diamond Victory DC, Diamond changed the system to a dual cam platform, adding axle-to-axle length, overall mass, and brace height for more of a target bow. The Rapture is rated 16 fps slower, but is deemed more of a hunting bow with the ability to achieve a higher 80% letoff compared to the Victory DC at a fixed 70%. Overall, with a similar $399 vs $499 MSRP, the features stand apart for two different uses, and it is up to each individual archer to find a shooting platform that is consistent with their style. But one thing is for sure; either compound will suit their needs, and more.


Diamond continues their desirable reputation with the production of the Rapture. This bow is a solid, high output shooter with an inexpensive price tag, a perfect compound to continue the passion of archery into individuals after the short process of growing out their first bow. The surprisingly thin and nimble rubber grip, one-piece aluminum build, longer axle-to-axle length, and generous brace height are all great features to have , and for the price, definitely is one that should not be passed up. In the market for something to refuel your passion of archery? Take a long and hard look at the Rapture from Diamond Archery.

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