Diamond Razor Edge Review

Diamond Razor Edge

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Diamond Razor Edge Review5.058 out of 8 user reviews


  • great universal bow for the youth or small/medium frame archers
  • forgiving bow with low shock and vibration
  • draw length can be adjusted without a bow press
  • enormous application range - from training to serious hunting
  • excellent value for money


  • not suitable for large frame shooters

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Editors' review

Designed with small to medium archers in mind, the Diamond Razor Edge is a universal bow known for a great blend of speed, forgiveness, and quietness. Ideal for the youth and women, this bow is also a great choice for many small to medium men. Experts say many shooters will grow with this bow without spending extra money.

Many archery professionals agree that this bow has unique characteristics. With the range of 19 to 29 inches, the draw length can be easily adjusted without using a bow press. Also, the draw weight range is more than impressive. The Razor Edge has only two sets of limbs with an impressive overall range of 15 to 60 pounds. This is why this bow is so unique: such flexibility means the bow can be used by a beginner who can turn into a professional without ever trying another bow. Being a fast bow, the Razor Edge can even be successfully used by the big game hunters.

Not only is this bow extremely adjustable, but it's also a very strong performer too. When set up with the 29" draw length and 60 pounds draw weight, this bow generates a smoking speed of 308 fps. The Razor Edge is a forgiving (7" brace height) dual cam bow with parallel limb design and aluminum riser including ergonomic grip that fits a broad range of hand sizes.

Experts say the application range for this bow is truly amazing. Not only can the Razor Edge can be used as a perfect training and competition bow, but it can also be used for serious big-game hunting as well.

While this bow is often referred to as a great bow for the youth (your kids can grow with this bow), it is also the ideal choice for women and small frame men of any age. For example, while reading forums and analyzing feedback we found that this bow is extremely popular among women and older archers (not to mention small frame middle age male shooters who also adore this bow).

To conclude, the Diamond Razor Edge is a unique and accommodating bow for the youth and small to medium archers. No bow press is required to adjust the draw length that ranges from 19 to 29 inches. In addition, this bow's draw weight can be easily adjusted from 15 to 60 pounds with only two sets of limbs. Surprisingly low priced, this bow is the ideal choice for parents who want their kids to grow with the bow without spending extra money.
Diamond Razor Edge Review5.058

User Reviews

  • 8 reviews
  • ( out of 8 reviews for all versions)
  1. Nice compound bow for anyone.

    Version: 2009 Diamond Razor Edge


    Pros: Range of draw and poundage. Price and quality

    Cons: none.

    Full review:
    Bought this bow when I had disk problems in my neck. Thought it would work perfectly, and it did satisfy. Neck problems gone, and I will never get rid of this bow. Didn’t buy the package, but made my own. Placed a drop rest, fiber optic sight, and stabilizer on it. Man, I love it.

  2. I have this bow and live it

    Version: 2010 Diamond Razor Edge


    Pros: I like that it is smooth and very easy to adjust

    Cons: Nothing

    Full review:
    This bow shoots great it is also smooth and consistent. It is also very quiet so you don’t really need to have a dampener or really anything else to quit it. I did not buy the the package kit but did add some relatively cheap additions such as a rest, sights, and quiver

  3. My first compound bow. I bought it used. I’m 66 years old. Great bow. I love it.

    Version: 2009 Diamond Razor Edge


    Pros: Very easy to sight in. Smooth action. Quiet.

    Cons: None

  4. Fast,smooth,quiet,economic,deadly!

    Version: 2009 Diamond Razor Edge


    Pros: Fast, smooth, greatly priced, and well balanced.

    Cons: Has a little shock and is a little loud.(Comparing it to a buds brand new $1000 Mathews). Still quieter than arrow hitting target.

    Full review:
    I am now 15 years old and got the bow in Christmas of 2009. Changed the original setup to Black Gold Rush 3-pin sight set at 30, 40,and 50 yds, a Quality Archery Design Hunter drop-away rest, and a limbsaver X-coil stabilizer. The bow balances out perfectly, is very quiet and has low shock for the price of it. It is also very fast(keeps up with my friends new 2012 Mathews Z7 Extreme without a problem).I had a timing issue but only because I brought up the weight myself.HINT…(to change draw weight take it to local bow shop). Also the string dampeners dry rot quickly so be ready to replace. I have killed 2 deer with it, neither jumped the string out of the only 2 I have ever shot at which means it’s quiet, and am planning to keep it for numerous seasons to come.

  5. Just big enough, but have fallen in love!

    Version: 2012 Diamond Razor Edge


    Pros: Great range of adjustability
    Easy to use, out of the box

    Cons: only goes to 29"

    Full review:
    Always wanted to start, but there was always one more project to finish. Recently we picked up these bows as absolute beginners (My wife and I) and the range of adjustability and low cost made it a great option for us. Essentially we could buy "two for the price of one"

    The bow is light and stable and for an absolute beginner like myself, it was dead easy to get into a groove (makes you feel this is an "easy" sport) became very confident in this bow in no time.

    I am right on the limit (29") for this bow, but I doubt that I would ever sell it. If I do end up growing out of it, I will most probably keep it for my kids to develop into (That amazing range of adjustability again!)

  6. Amazing!

    Version: 2009 Diamond Razor Edge


    Pros: The let off is amazing, it’s light, grip is very comfortable, bow is quiet, easy to sight in, and is very accurate.

    Cons: NONE

    Full review:
    I am a 39 year old woman, and I have had two neck surgeries. I have a metal plate, 2 rods and 16 screws in my neck, and I have back problems as well. This bow is the reason why I am still able to hunt! I could not be happier and I will shoot my diamond until the day I’m just not able to any longer. I really enjoy my bow and pray I don’t have to go to a cross bow, I love my diamond! I highly recommend this bow to anybody!!

  7. I love the bow. It is light, durable, and easily changeable.

    Version: 2011 Diamond Razor Edge


    Pros: Good price, easy to use, light, and a 15-60 pound draw weight. Great compound bow.

    Cons: None

    Full review:
    I feel confident and comfortable with this bow. I mainly hunt whitetail deer in Wisconsin and this bow is well suited for this environment. It is light and skinny. Brace hight: 7". Axle-to-axle: 31". Let off: 75%. Weight: 3.8 lbs. IBO speed: 308 fps. Draw weight: 15-60 lbs.

  8. Great bow for youth hunters.

    Version: 2012 Diamond Razor Edge


    Pros: Love the adjustability.

    Cons: The bow is great… the package isn’t. Get rid of the sight, rest, and quiver and replace them with better quality products.

    Full review:
    I bought this bow for my son a fews years ago. At the time he used the 19 inch draw length and the lightest draw weight. Fast forward a few years and he’s now using a 27 inch draw length and 50+ pounds of draw weight. The bow shots fantastic and it’s very quiet. I’ve been in a tree stand 40 yards away from my son and only knew he shot after he sent me a text message telling me about the deer he just shot. The bow is a pleasure for him to shoot and he uses it just about everyday of the year. Definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

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