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  • Cabela's labeled bow offers solid performance at a great value
  • The bow fits a lot of people
  • Single cam technology with draw length adjustments without a bow press
  • $549 MSRP comes with a fully loaded bow with accessories


  • The package accessories are not great quality
  • The camo pattern is not the most appealing look


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Editors' review

Two giant names in the outdoor industry, Cabela's and Bowtech, have teamed up together to create a high performance, well priced bow for shooters of all abilities and skill levels. The Regulator features a 32-inch axel-to-axel measurement, a 6.5-inch brace height, and 325 feet per second. The limbs are adjustable between 50-70-pounds, and has an easy to change draw length without the need for a bow press ranging from 26-30-inches in half inch increments. For an MSRP price of $549 coming completely rigged with factory-installed accessories, the Regulator is a bow anyone can shoot and enjoy.


The Regulator model is available in two finish options straight from the factory. The first pattern, and arguably the best looking choice is the all black model. The black bow would be great for any shooting situation and is done very well in terms of no imperfections and general looks overall. The second option is a camo model. The camo pattern, although well done, does not look like as good as other offerings currently on the market. The Cabela's logo takes up a chunk of the solid limb, which also features the Bowtech logo as well. Overall, the camo and black models will perform well and look decent, but a more popular camo option would have been a nice addition for the Regulator.


The Regulator riser has some nice machined cutouts that are relatively geometric. The riser shape resembles other Bowtech and Diamond models, but is not an exact copy. The Regulator does weigh in just under the magical four-pound mark many shooters really want, but just barely. The 3.9-pound compound bow would be decent to carry along on spot and stalk adventures, in the treestand, and even in the ground blind. The back of the riser features a carbon rod string stop system. It does not have adjustment abilities, but it fits the way the engineers intended it to for the best performance. Like other models, the front of the riser has a front mounting stabilizer bushing for shooters looking for additional weight or dampening stabilizers added to the bow.


The Regulator grip feels like other Diamond model grips on the market. The composite material feels decent, but looks cheap. It would add a lot to the overall look of the bow if the grip were not so cheap looking. However, the functionality is decent for shooters having good form. The handle is a little thicker, but narrows in the back for proper hand placement. Just spending a little time with the bow will make it feel much better in terms of comfort and shootability, but it will never look different, which is unfortunate.


The Regulator limbs are more adjustable than the industry standard of ten-pounds, which is nice for shooters who may still be growing. With the draw weight range being 50-70-pounds, most shooters will find a draw weight they prefer, but it would be nice for the limbs to dip down to at least 40-pounds to accommodate even more shooters.The limbs feature the Cabela's name along with Bowtech's name. The limb logo is not too appealing to look at, but the logos are easy to see and stand out on the black limbs. There are not factory-installed dampeners on the limbs, but they can be added if the owner decides they are needed.

Eccentric System

The single cams featured on the Regulator are in an accent green color that helps the bow look a little different than other models in store. With speeds up to 325 feet per second, the cam system is engineered well for performance. However, one of the best features about the bow is the use of a module system included in the cam itself. With draw lengths ranging from 26-30-inches in half-inch increments, the change is very easy and does not require special tools or a press. In about ten minutes, the draw length can be set anywhere within the given range, which makes the bow great for growing with shooters, or making fine adjustments for best performance for each shooter.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Regulator draw cycle is easy to manage from start to finish and has enough performance to satisfy most shooters in the market for a new bow. For a single cam bow producing this amount of speed, it would be safe to assume the draw cycle is not overly pleasant, but that is simply not the case. The cam system rolls over well, and has a decent back wall. With an 80% let off, the bow is easy to hold no matter what the draw weight is set at. The 32-inch axel-to-axel measurement is a great mix between compact and stable. After the shot is very pleasant. There is a slight vibration, but it can be tamed with an upgraded stabilizer from what is included in the factory package. The bottom line on the Regulator is that it performs well and draws nice.

Usage Scenarios

The Regulator is a great hunting bow, and may double as a foam shooter too. This bow is not a target rig, but it can still be very accurate in the hands of the right shooter.


The pairing of two giant brands Cabela's and Bowtech went very well with the final product being an affordable, easy to shoot Regulator. The camo model leaves a little to be desired in terms of looks, but the bow flat out shoots and with the ease of adjustment featured on the Regulator, growing shooters may have found a solid rig to grow with them. Shooters other than beginners may decide to accessorize the bow a little differently than the factory offerings, but this can still be done under what many premium bows on the market today cost. For $549 completely outfitted, the Regulator deserves some respect for a great combination of value and performance.

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