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Diamond Stud

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  • Single cam with adjustable let-off from 65-80% and arrow speed up to 318 fps
  • Rotating cam module for easy do-it-yourself draw length adjustment from 25-30 inches in half inch increments
  • Forgiving brace height
  • Affordable price


  • Not the fastest single cam bow


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Editors' review

The Diamond Stud is an extremely affordable bow with many do it yourself adjustments for personalized shooting preferences. The 33.25 inches from axel-to-axel measurement offers a long enough measurement for those wanting extra stability, but is also short enough to be comfortable in a treestand of a ground blind. Although this is not the fastest single cam bow, the fogiveability of a 7-inch brace height combined with an affordable price makes the Diamond Stud a good hunting option.


The Diamond Stud comes finished in Hardwoods Grey InVelvet Touch. The finish is a result of a dipping process that makes the bow look very nice. The popular Hardwoods Grey can also be found on many after market accessories for those who like outfitting their bow with the matching look. The InVelvet finish is unique to Bowtech and gives the bow a soft feel. This option helps dampen noise, protects from scratches and dings, and helps keep hands warm in colder weather.

Wilderness Accessory Package

Along with an affordable bare bow price, Diamond offers the Stud in a fully accessorized package as well for shooters interested in an equipped rig. The package includes: a three pin fiber optic sight, Hostage capture arrow rest, a 4 arrow twist release matching camo quiver, a braided wrist sling, a tube peep sight, and a 4-inch stabilizer. For those who prefer after market accessories, the Wilderness Accessory Package is only optional.

Riser, limbs, and limb pockets

The Diamond Stud utilizes what they call Vertical Force Technology (VFT). VFT minimizes riser twist after the shot helping improve accuracy and shot repeatability. It also helps with eliminating hand shock as well. The machined aluminum riser has designed cut outs that eliminate unneeded weight while maintaining strength and a unique look. The arrow shelf is located closer to the shooter's hand, which corrects slight imperfections with shooting form. The thumb groove on the shelf also helps with proper hand placement as well. The riser is also equipped with a front mounting stabilizer bushing that lines up with the string stop system. The limbs are layered in construction resulting in a strong construction designed for years of use. The limbs are parallel at full draw and are offered in 50-70 pound max draw weights. The limb pockets are non-pivoting meaning the limbs are the only thing moving when going in to full draw.


The Stud is equipped with a two-piece wooden grip. Those shooters who like a thicker neck will truly enjoy this grip and how it sits in their hand. The wooden grip helps in cold weather to keep your hand a little warmer. The bottom side of the arrow shelf has a groove for shooters to put their thumb, which helps aid in a repeatable torque-free grip.

Eccentric System

The entire Diamond line sports a single cam system and the Stud is no exception. The smooth drawing Stud Cam allows for a ton of adjustability to personalize the feel of the draw for each shooter. The first adjustment shooters will notice is the let off adjustability from 65-80%. Draw length can be changed in half-inch increments from 25-30 inches. The draw length is also easily adjustable by removing the module screws, sliding the module, and retightening the screws. Shooters are also able to adjust the draw stop post helping them adjust the valley to match their shooting style and preferences. The ability to adjust almost every part of the bow is an option that is typically not offered, and the price is free. All of these options are built in to the cam requiring no expensive cam swaps or professional assistance. Along with so many adjustments, the Stud shoots a respectable IBO speed of 318 feet per second. Although there are faster single cam powered bows, the options available for personalizing the draw cycle may be enough of a difference for shooters to not worry about the slower speeds.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Diamond Stud shooters love the smooth draw and virtually shock free release of the Stud. The draw cycle is so adjustable; shooters are able to personalize the bow to match their individual preference. Despite the draw potentially being different for almost every shooter, everyone will notice a smooth draw and a solid back wall. The draw stop post spins around contacting the bottom limb at full draw. This allows for a very solid back wall. The valley is also adjustable, so those wanting a longer valley have that option. Those shooters interested in a short valley can adjust the cam accordingly as well. For the most part, shooters unhappy with the draw cycle have many options to make it more comfortable.

Silencing Package

The Stud comes factory equipped with a Bowtech hush kit. Rubberized dampeners are placed on the cable slide near the riser along with both limbs. The strings are also equipped with rubberized hush kit string silencers as well. The rear mounting string stop system helps with noise reduction as well as minimizing hand shock and after the shot vibration. The string stop system is strategically placed in line with the front mounting stabilizer bushing, which will further reduce hand shock and residual noise. Shooters agree the hush kits helps with eliminating noise and vibration making the Stud a joy to shoot.

Diamond Stud versus Diamond Black Ice

The Diamond Stud and the Diamond Black Ice are very similar in looks and technology, and with the Black Ice in the lineup since 2007; this may not be a bad thing. Although the cams are different, the adjustability options on both rigs are identical. The speed and kinetic energy is the same for both bows as well. The Diamond black Ice has a shorter axel-to-axel measurement as well as a quarter of an inch longer brace height. Newer models of the Diamond Black Ice also incorporate Diamonds FLX guard that flexes when being drawn helping with tuning, forgiveness, and accuracy. However, the differences between the two bows are limited and the more expensive price of the Black Ice may not be worth it for some shooters.
BowDiamond StudDiamond Black Ice
Version 20102010 FLX
PictureDiamond StudDiamond Black Ice
Brace Height7 "7.25 "
AtA Length33.25 "31.75 "
Draw Length25 " - 30 "25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight50 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed310 fps - 318 fps310 fps - 318 fps
Weight3.8 lbs3.8 lbs
Let-Off65% - 80% 65% - 80%
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Usage Scenarios

The Diamond Stud is a hunting bow with a forgiving brace height combined with a longer axel-to-axel measurement. Some target shooters may be drawn to this bow for its stable length although for serious target shooters, a better option may be available. Many Stud shooters are new to archery since the affordable price allows new archers an option with great technology at price new shooters are willing to spend. Although many Stud shooters are new to archery, experienced shooters have a lot of options available to them, which is appealing as well.

Great Value for the Money

The Diamond Stud is a very affordable bow with many options allowing shooters to set up their bow to match their shooting style and preferences. With the optional accessories package, shooters can have a ready to shoot package for cheaper than the price of many higher end bows. The smooth drawing rig with IBO speeds of 318 fps has a lot to offer bow hunters of all experiences. For those looking at getting in to archery or not wanting to break the bank, the Diamond Stud may be a great option.


The Diamond Stud has a single cam with tons of adjustability. The forgiving brace height combined with a longer axel-to-axel measurement and a smooth drawing cam system comes with an extremely affordable price tag. Shooters looking at getting in to bow hunting are offered an great shooting bow at a very affordable price. Those interested in speed can find a faster single cam rig, but the price of the Diamond Stud may be change some minds as well.

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Great or the Money

Version: 2010 Diamond Stud


Pros: Reliable, Smooth draw clean through the valley, no shock from vibration, and very forgiving

Cons: S Although the speed is very sufficient, it is Not the fastest nor does it have the greatest amount of "let-off".

Full review:

This has been a very easy bow to shoot. The draw is very smooth and the shot produces little vibration. I can literally shoot this bow all day. I have archery hunted for over 30 years, but this has been my first experience with a single cam bow, as well as my first Diamond product. I have been very happy on both counts.

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