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Diamond Sub Atomic

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  • Perfect first bow, easy to use and easy to shoot
  • Super adjustable allowing for growth
  • Pretty cheap asking price just under $100


  • No cam system or much technology


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Editors' review

The best way to grow the sport of archery is to pass the tradition on to the next generation of shooters. Youngsters are not always the easiest on equipment, and although the Sub-Atomic does not include the latest and greatest technology, or any cam system, the bow is going to withstand the beating little archers are sure to put on it. With a maximum draw length of about 20-inches, and a draw weight range from 15-25-pounds, the Sub-Atomic bow will be a great first bow for many kids. Diamond also packages the bow so youngsters are able to assemble it on their own if they choose to do so. Putting their first bow together is a great way for them to become familiar with the different parts and how they work together.


The Sub-Atomic is pretty gender neutral, which makes it a great starter for a boy or girl. The Black-Ops finish pattern is combined with blue accents that stand out a bit, but do not take away from the rest of the bow. The finish looks nice, and feels like it will take a bit of a beating young shooters will give it.

Factory Package

Although the Sub-Atomic does not need sights or a release, the package does include a few other accessories new shooters are sure to need. Diamond produced the bow so shooters can assemble it. The box includes the riser, limbs, string, limb inserts, an arrow rest, three arrows, and even a Diamond tattoo.


The Diamond Sub-Atomic does not have a cam system, but the riser still looks like one of a compound bow model. This is well received and the looks are sure to add confidence for the younger shooter. With a design looking just like a "grown-up" model, the kids will love being just like the adults. There is even a bit of an arrow shelf in the riser to keep hands away from the arrow. There is a front mounting stabilizer hole, but more than likely shooters will not be taking advantage of a front mounting stabilizer.


The grip is pretty comfortable for simply being integrated into the riser. It is also nice for the riser to have an included arrow shelf as well to protect the shooters hand from interfering with the arrow flight.


The limbs are solid limb construction and look like those on a recurve bow. The black limbs include blue graphics to help accent the logo. They are adjustable from 15-25-pounds, which should be good for younger shooters just starting out.


Diamond stuck with simplicity and durability with their design of the Sub-Atomic youth bow, and parents are really going to appreciate that. Youngsters grow noticeably almost daily, and the Sub-Atomic has the ability to adapt with them without needing adjustments, with the exception of the limb bolts from draw weight. The cool thing about the sub-Atomic is that is promotes old school instinct shooting with fingers for a release, and no sights. Shooters able to get the hang of archery this way, will be great shooters in the future with sight pins and a release. The bow is 39-inches tip to tip, and weighs in at 1.5-pounds. For new shooters, the lightweight bow combined with the long measurement make it a great mix of stability and ease of use being so light.

Usage Scenarios

The Sub-Atomic is a learning bow, not designed for anything but getting young children interested in archery. The bow will be a great starter for one person, or could easily be used as a club bow shot by several different shooters.


The Diamond Sub-Atomic is a bow designed with simplicity in mind. When getting new shooters involved in archery, it is important to allow them to be successful. New shooters will have no trouble learning how to shoot the Sub-Atomic, and may have a great time learning how the bow works by putting it together out of the box. Although the rig does not use a cam system to fling arrows downrange, it serves as one of the best learning tools for new shooters.

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