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Diamond Toxik XT

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  • Easily adjustable and easy to shoot
  • Quiet and smooth
  • Well priced
  • As always, high quality bow that you would expect from Diamond/Bowtech


  • Many complaints regarding components of the RAK package
  • Only moderate speed compared to today's bows

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Editors' review

The Diamond Toxik XT was designed for sale through Bass Pro Shops under the Redhead lineup. It has a 32" ATA, 7" brace height, 60# or 70# limbs, and provides 320 fps. This rig has a draw length range of 26.5" - 30.5" and 80 percent let off. This bow can be classified as an entry-level bow, but it is a very good bow and should not be looked at as an entry-level rig. This is a very good bow and will be fit nicely into any hunting situation.


This bow only comes with a flat black riser with RealTree AP limbs.


The riser is a lightweight, machined aluminum that is very strong. The ends of the riser are capped with a pair of center-pivot limb pockets that hole the limbs securely in place and enhance the overall performance of this bow. The solid glass parallel limbs load this bow for optimum speed and efficiency. The limbs come in 60# and 70# peak draw weights, and can be adjusted approximately 10 pounds by turning out the limb bolts.

Other Components

This bow package comes with a 3-pin sight, wrist sling, Carbon Rod String Stop, Hostage Capture Rest, 5-arrow quiver, and a 5-inch stabilizer.

Eccentric System

This rig has a single cam with rotating modules. The cam and the idler are machined from aluminum and ride on bearings, making this a smooth drawing bow while reducing friction and enhancing efficiency. The rotating module makes the draw length adjustment very simple and without the need of a bow press and is adjustable from 26.5" to 30.5" in half-inch increments. It can be further fine-tuned very easily with by adjusting the draw stop. The cam and idler wheel have deep grooves keeping the string on track. This cam also provides an 80 percent let-off making it easy to hold on target for longer periods of time. Note: when adjusting draw length, one of the screws on the cam is awkward to access, but can be made easier by squeezing the cables together to rotate the cam just a little.


The grip is a one-piece synthetic grip molded to fit perfectly on the riser. This grip is comfortable and designed to promote a neutral wrist position for improved accuracy when shooting.

Shootability/Draw Cycle

This is a single-cam bow that is even matched with a strong riser, quality limbs, and the cam provides plenty of umph without being harsh or hard to draw. The draw cycle is pretty smooth without being overly aggressive and without a very aggressive transition point. This rig also has an 80 percent let-off making it easy to hold on target.The overall shootability of is very nice. The draw starts moderate and builds through transition. It is easy to hold on target, and if the shooter needs to let down, it won't rip the arm off. Although there is a slight amount of vibration, it can be almost eliminated with a little effort making this a very good bow .

Silencing Package

The integrated limb pockets, the 5-inch stabilizer, Carbon Rod String Stop, and cable silencers do a very good job as making this a very quiet shooter.

Compared to Similar Bows

Bow Diamond Toxik XT Parker Kodiak
Version 2016 2014
Picture Diamond Toxik XT Parker Kodiak
Brace Height 7 " 7.5 "
AtA Length 32 " 30 "
Draw Length 26.5 " - 30.5 " 26 " - 31 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 320 fps 320 fps
Weight 3.8 lbs 3.75 lbs
Let-Off 80% 80%
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The Diamond Toxik XT is very comparable to the Parker Kodiak. These rigs are very close in specs with the Diamond being two inches longer, but the Parker has a half inch more brace height. Both offer 320 fps and 80 percent let-off. The draw cycles are nice and smooth, and both are very accurate. The Parker has an additional half inch of draw adjustment as well. The two primary differences are 1) the Toxik XT is part of the new lineup and the Kodiak is a couple of years old, and 2) the Toxik XT retails about $100 at $499. Although you can find the Toxik online used, because it is a newer bow, you will still pay pretty much a new bow price.

Usage Scenarios

This rig is considered a beginner bow, but is much more than that. It can be, and is found in all aspects of archery from simple target shooting to competition shooting. With 320 fps, this bow is smooth, forgiving, accurate, and ready to go. It comes in with a 32" ATA, 7" brace height, and only 3.8 pounds, making it very compact and easy to carry around the 3D range or your favorite hunting locale.


Although this bow was built by Diamond, it was specifically designed to be sold in Bass Pro Shop's Redhead line. The Toxik XT has a price tag of $499. Those who have shot this rig say it shoots better than many bows that cost twice as much. It should definitely be considered if looking for an affordable quality built bow.


The Diamond (Redhead) Toxik XT is a very good rig for the hunter. With a 32" ATA, 7" brace height, 26" - 30.5" draw length, and 320 fps, this bow is definitely built to meet any hunting challenge, but can easily be found on the 3D course too. With a price of $499, it is affordable for most archers and will not disappoint. To top it off, although it is sold as a member of the Redhead line, you still get the Bowtech quality and warranty, since Diamond is a product of Bowtech.

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