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Elite Archery logo Elite Archery was created in 2005 in the state of Washington. While this is a relatively new company, Elite Archery is known for manufacturing high quality compound bows and providing excellent customer service. Some of the bows manufactured by this company are very tough competitors with the most popular rigs produced by major and established bow manufacturers. read more


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Model Editor review User reviews Pros/
Answer $400.00 - $799.99 2012
Energy 32 $500.00 - $1299.99 2014
Energy 35 $50.58 - $1299.99 2014
GT500 $350.00 - $350.00 2008 - 2010
GTO - not available now 2008
Hunter - $54.99 - $1529.42 2011 - 2012
Judge - not available now 2010
Pulse $405.00 - $500.00 2011 - 2012
Pure $179.99 - $549.95 2011 - 2012
Spirit - $104.95 - $999.00 2014
Synergy $63.99 - $1299.99 2007 - 2015
XLR - $275.00 - $275.00 2009 - 2010
Z28 - not available now 2008 - 2010
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Model Editor review User reviews Pros/
Tour - - - $70.00 - $89.95 2011 - 2012

About Elite

Shortly after the company was founded, it was sold to Elite Outdoors (in January 2009) and moved to New York. The company employs a lot of experienced archery professionals at all levels.

Elite Archery are not obsessed about manufacturing the fastest bow ever. While they offer fast speed rigs, their main motto is "speed without compromise". What that means is that this company will never sacrifice shootability over a few extra FPS just for the purpose of manufacturing the fastest rig.

Interestingly, Elite Archery is the first bow manufacturer to offer a transferable lifetime warranty. What that means is that it does not really matter whether or not you are the first owner of a bow or you bought it from the 7-th owner: you are fully covered anyway in terms of warranty. In addition, they offer a unique hunt guarantee: if you are in the woods and something goes wrong with your Elite bow, they will help you immediately. Once you call them and explain the situation they will set up a bow to your specs and will hand it to you to finish your hunt. Once your hunt is over, you simply send this bow back to them.