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Elite Answer

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  • Elite takes the advice of shooters and puts the technologies people want together in one bow
  • One of the best back walls ever
  • Forgiving 7-inch brace height
  • Speed cams can produce up to 340 feet per second


  • A little vibration on the shot
  • 4.1 pounds for bare bow may be a little heavy for some


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Editors' review

The Elite Answer incorporates several years of Elite technology all into one unique package. The Answer is one of the easiest drawing bows of 2012 and produces decent IBO speeds of up to 340 feet per second (with the speed mods). Draw length is fairly limited with only three inches of adjustment (27-30-inches), but there is a wide range of adjustability with the draw weight. Shooters wanting a smooth drawing rig with achievable IBO speeds should give the Elite Answer a shot.


Elite has a wide range of finish options sure to meet the style of all shooters. All the dipping options are flawlessly done and look very nice. For shooters interested in a camo pattern, Elite offers three options for the Answer. The three camo patterns available are Realtree Ap, Realtree Max-1, and Realtree AP Snow camo. Each of these camo patterns is available in AT Edition, which is a mixture of camo and Matte Black. For shooters wanting target colors, there are several options available as well. Shooters can choose between Ninja Edition Matte Black, Cosmic Orange, Slime, and Elite Blue.


Elite has a really strong, durable riser with a few simple designs making it a little more functional and easier to tune. The riser shelf is very flat making it easy to tune with popular drop away rests. The fingers are able to go all the way down without striking the riser in the process. The rest bolt hole is also at the height for proper arrow alignment as well. Although these are simple technologies, they make tuning the bow very easy. Riser cutouts give the Answer a unique look while helping to cut down on the overall weight of the bow as well. There is a front mounting stabilizer hole that lines up with the rear mounting string stop for shooters who like to add a little extra weight to their bow. The carbon cable slide helps move the strings out of the sight window giving shooters a full sight window.


The Answer's grip is one of the most comfortable grips for 2012. The curved wooden side plate fits nicely in the shooters hand and is very repeatable. The Answer grip is hard to torque even with an improper grip, which helps improve accuracy and consistency.


The Answer comes stock with Barnsdale limbs, which are highly recognized for their superior strength and longevity. One of the best customization options of the Elite Answer is the large range of draw weight available. Like most bows, the limbs are adjustable in ten-pound increments, but maximum weights are available in 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 pounds. The limbs feature a new brand design along with stock LimbSaver limb dampeners to help eliminate noise-causing vibration.

Eccentric System

The Answer modular cam powers the Elite Answer. Draw length is somewhat limited on the answer available in half-inch increments form 27-30 inches. Changing the draw length is as simple as replacing the module on the cam. There is not need to purchase a new cam for a more custom fit, but a different module will be required. These are easy to switch out though, and are relatively inexpensive to purchase from an Elite dealer. A cool thing about the cam system with the Answer is the option of a smooth cam or a speed cam module. The speed module roughly produces 10 feet per second more than the smooth cams when set to the same draw length. This gives shooters even more customization options sure to meet the styles of many shooters.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Answer is one of the smoothest drawing bows for 2012. The speed modules will draw a bit different than the smooth draw modules, but they both feature smooth transitions and end at an outstanding back wall. The back wall on the Answer is one of the hardest walls most shooters have felt, and they offer quite a bit of creep without the bow wanting to jump out of the shooters hand. It almost feels like the string needs to be pushed forward to let the string down. The bow is also extremely quite upon the arrow's release. There is a bit of hand shock felt without a front mounting stabilizer, but this is not noticeable with a stabilizer. Overall, the Answer is an easy bow to shoot, and produces really great speeds without an aggressive draw cycle. The back wall is the best feature of the draw cycle and makes holding the bow on target very easy to do.

Silencing Package

Elite equips their bows from the factory with LimbSaver dampening accessories. Both limbs have rubber limb dampeners installed to eliminate vibration. The rear mounting STS also features LimbSavers dampeners to help the forward moving string reach a quick and silent rest after the arrow has been shot. The strings come with a few speed nocks that help with speed and with eliminating string vibration as well. The combination of all these produces a very quiet shot with minimal hand vibration.

Elite Warranty

Elite archery has one of the only transferable limited lifetime warranties in the archery business. They also feature something called the Elite Hunt Guarantee. This a thing Elite does to replace an unforeseen mishap while on a hunting trip. If something happens to a bow while on a trip, Elite will send out a loaner bow that can be used for the remainder of the trip. This is going to be something shooters will not want to take advantage of, but it is a nice thing to offer just in case something terrible happens on that trip of a lifetime.

Elite Answer vs. Elite Pulse

BowElite AnswerElite Pulse
Version 2013 (smooth mods)2013
PictureElite AnswerElite Pulse
Brace Height7 "6 "
AtA Length33.5 "34.125 "
Draw Length27 " - 30 "26 " - 30 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 80 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed327 fps - 330 fps340 fps - 343 fps
Weight4.1 lbs4.3 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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These two bows offer similar specs for shooters interested in an Elite bow for 2012. Depending on how shooters plan to use the bows, they each have something to offer. The Answer is a bit shorter axel-to-axel, has a longer brace height, and is a bit slower than the Pulse. Shooters interested in a target bow may lean toward the speed and longer axel-to-axel measurement of the Elite Pulse in comparison with the Answer. Both bows have a similar draw cycle and the great Elite back wall, and the decision will come down to how shooters plan on using their new rig.

Usage Scenarios

The Elite Answer has some really great specs for a variety of uses, but should be considered a hunting bow first. For serious target shooters, there may be better options available. However, shooters interested in a new hunting bow, and a weekend 3-d bow, the Elite Answer is a really great option.


The Answer is Elite's response to customer feedback over the last few years. This bow seems to take everything shooters found really great about all their bows and puts all these technologies into one really great shooting bow for 2012. The Answer offers really great speeds, and smooth draw, one of the best back walls offered, and a silent release. The finish options are really great and are sure to offer many shooters exactly what they are looking for. The Barnsdale limb adjustable and options is very welcomed, but it would be nice to have a little wider range of draw lengths to accommodate more shooters. Overall, the Elite Answer deserves a test shot for anyone in the market for a new hunting bow.

User Reviews

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Smoothest both I have ever and may ever shoot!

Version: 2012 Elite Answer (smooth mods)


Pros: Smooth, great back wall, awesome grip, and most important, very accurate!!

Cons: The only thing I have noticed is the grip gets very cold in poor weather conditions. Also, although you will get used to it, at fist it is very hard to let the bow back down without shooting it do to the extremely great back wall.

Full review:

You must shoot one to know

Version: 2012 Elite Answer (smooth mods)


Pros: Such a simple draw, I was surprised I was pulling 70#- it felt like my PSE Stinger at 57#. Talk about some zip! and even with all that zip the Answer stays rock solid in my hand during release.

Cons: I wish it was cheaper, but you get what you pay for. I've been avoiding looking at "the nice" bows for fear that I'd like them too much... well I was right, and now I own a 2013 Elite Answer.

Full review:

I shot many different bows from all the top names, and a bunch of the mid-grade bows as well. I was hoping to find that best feel for all around shooting (I do target/hunting/3d) without spending a ton of cash. I kept coming back to the 2013 Answer because ... well, honestly it kept calling to me. Id force my eyes down the counter at another bow, and pop off a few shots and in the back of my mind, each bow I tried I was comparing to the Answer. After a while I realized why I was comparing all the other bows to this one- this was THE ONE for me. With some reluctance to 'get off' my wallet- I finally gave in and purchased my 2013 Elite Answer. I'm excited and motivated to shoot again, and my shot groups are better than ever. Try one, and you'll see.

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