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Elite Energy 35

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  • Fast, accurate, quiet
  • Dead in hand; no vibration
  • Solid shooting platform and back wall
  • Exceptionally smooth


  • A little heavier than most bows at 4.5 lbs


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Editors' review

The 2014 lineup from the Elite Archery team is perhaps the most shootable yet. With multiple "flagship" bows, the shooter has a variety of rigs from Elite to choose from. The Elite Energy 35 is one of the most versatile from the lineup as it can be ordered with the ENS modules for shorter draw lengths. This rig has a 35" ATA, comes in multiple peak weights, and has two separate draw length ranges: 27" - 31" standard, or 24.5" - 26.5" with the ENS modules. Set at 70" draw weight, this rig produces 275 fps at 24.5" draw length and up to 335 fps at 31". There are quite a few archers out there that have dropped the rigs they swore by for years and switched to the Energy bows. This bow is marketed as one of the "most shootable bow ever."


This rig comes with a Cerakote performance coating in several color options including black, Realtree Xtra, Realtree Max-1, and Realtree APS. The bow can also be ordered in competition colors of blue and red.


This rig is built around Elite's new Caged Riser. This riser is a cold-forged, machined aluminum riser that is said to be 30% stronger and 19% stiffer than risers made through the standard machining process. Not only is this riser stronger, it is also designed to resist twisting when shot. This slightly elongated riser is responsible for the 35" ATA for this rig. Another small, yet innovative feature for this riser are the two tapped rear mounting holes that can accommodate rear mounted string suppressors or counterweights. This riser is capped with Elite's low-tolerance machined pivoting limb pockets. These limb pockets were introduced with the 2013 line and have proven to be a perfect fit in the new lineup. These pockets hold the limbs perfectly in place, solidly mating them with the riser. This setup aids in the reduction of noise and vibration. The limbs are a one-piece, three-layer laminated design and can be ordered in 40#, 50#, 60#, 65#, 70# and 80# peak draw weights. These weights can be adjusted down by approximately ten pounds by adjusting the limb bolts. It is not recommended to turn them out more than two turns. There are two screws on each limb pocket the must be loosened before this adjustment can be made. Obviously, they must be retightened when the adjustment is complete.

Other Components

This bow comes equipped with several Limbsaver products: Ultramax limb dampeners, cable leaches, string leaches, string decelerator, and a cable guard dampener. This setup also sports a two-piece laminated walnut grip that fits any archer quite well.

Eccentric System

This new Energy Twin track Cam system affords the shooter a very smooth draw, and with the ENS modules, offers this same shooting experience to those with shorter draw lengths. This cam system provides what some have said was the smoothest drawing bow on the market. With the regular modules, this rig has a draw length range of 27" - 31," and with the ENS modules the range drops to 24.5" - 26.5." With the 35" ATA, this cam system has virtually no cam lean, a generous valley, and a solid draw stop.Elite is one of the few bows on the market now that still require a bow press to make most adjustments. This includes changing the draw length modules. By changing modules, the draw length can be adjusted at 1/2" increments. By adjusting the draw stop, the draw length can be fine-tuned to 1/16" increments. It is important to remember to never attempt to make this adjustment while drawing the bow.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Most archers that have shot the Elite Energy 35 cannot believe how well this rig performs. They comment on how smooth the draw cycle is, how accurate it is, and the overall ease of putting the "shot on target." The draw starts at its strongest point and quickly eases off. The draw reaches the full draw weight earlier in the cycle than other bows, meaning less effort to reach let-off. The bow transitions to let-off easily with no harsh hump. With a let-off of 80%, this rig is easy to hold for a good shot. Many archers have gone to make a bow purchase, already having a particular bow in mind and shot the Energy 35 and walked out a new Elite Energy bow owner. One shooter said that you cannot shoot this rig and just walk away. Some even commented that shooting an Energy 35 set for 70# was as easy to shoot as their previous rig at 60#. This rig is easy to draw from start to finish, easy to hold at let-off, and easy to put a shot right where you want it. The bow can be purchased at a variety of peak draw weights, and is a good fit for most shooters.

Silencing Package

This rig is designed to be quiet. It is easily one of the quietest bows out of the box available today. The limbs and the riser are built to evenly distribute any vibrations and reduce much of the noise. Because this rig has a slightly longer riser, it absorbs even more vibration and reduces more noise. The bow also comes with Ultramax limb dampening accessories, four cable leaches, two Everlast string leaches, a string suppressor, and a cable guard dampener. It is quiet.


The glossy, two-piece walnut grip is fitted into the contoured section of the riser. Its angle and shape are a perfect fit for most shooters' hands. The overall design of this grip ensures repeatable positioning for consistent accuracy. Not only is the grip comfortable in the hand, but it also adds to the already classy appearance of this bow. The placement of the grip only enhances the balance of this bow which adds to the shootability.


BowElite Energy 35Martin Nemesis 35
Version 2018 (Energy Cam)2013
PictureElite Energy 35Martin Nemesis 35
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length34.75 "35 "
Draw Length27 " - 31 "26 " - 31 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 70 lbs35 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed297 fps - 334 fps335 fps
Weight4.5 lbs3.8 lbs
Let-Off75% - 90% 80%
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The Elite Energy 35 is very comparable to the Martin Nemesis 35. Both have a 35" ATA for those who prefer the slightly longer platform. Not only do they both have a longer ATA, they both have 7" brace height and are forgiving. The Energy 35 offers an 80# peak weight limb set, where the max peak weight for the Martin is 70#, and both are adjustable to 31" draw length. The Energy is a little harder to adjust draw length, because you must use a bow press and change out the modules, Whereas the Nemesis uses the rotating module and the adjustments do not require a bow press and can be done in a matter of minutes. The Energy has a much smoother draw cycle and no vibration and noise where the Nemesis does have some noticeable vibration that can be felt during the shot. Both bows are forgiving and accurate. The Nemesis offers the shooter an additional 5 fps...but does that really matter. The Nemesis 35 was part of Martins 2013 lineup and the Energy 35 is part of Elites 2014 lineup. Both bows have a base price of $899.

Usage Scenarios

Because this bow is a little longer, it is only fitting it would be a competition bow, but that is not the case here. This rig is very versatile and will fit any archery situation. Although it was made to be a hunting bow and offer a fast, accurate, and reliable rig to a wide variety of archers, it will easily blend in on the 3D circuit. This is truly a rig built to do it all, and do it well. Whether you are looking for a bow for 3D, a tree stand, or even a ground blind, you will only hurt yourself if you do not give this one a look.


This bow comes in a bare bow package, and retails for $899. This is approximately $200 more than the average price of all compound bows.


The Elite Energy 35 is one of the most ideal bows in archery. It is touted as "probably the most shootable bow ever." The innovative Caged Riser is the first thing usually noticed about this bow, and quite honestly, can throw you off. Once you feel this rig, pull it back, and release that first shot, you are sold. This rig is strong, fast, and accurate, and the draw cycle is quite possible the smoothest available, and the shot is deadly accurateWith a 35" ATA, 7" brace height, 24.5" - 31" draw length, and a variety of peak draw weights, this bow will fit virtually any shooter, and definitely will fit into any situation. If you are looking for a rig that will get you noticed and step up your game, this could be it. From the 3D range, target range, or any hunting situation, this rig will satisfy almost everyone.

User Reviews

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You won't be disappointed

Version: 2014 Elite Energy 35


Pros: The smoothest and most comfortable bow you'll shoot. Shoot the Elite, then shoot a few rounds of something else, then back to the Elite and you'll be shocked.

Cons: If you're a speed freak you may not love it, but it is more than fast enough.

Full review:

When I bought my Elite Energy 35 I shot every single major bow available before making my decision. I shot the Creed and ChillR by Matthews, Hoyt Faktor, Bowtec 360 and about 5 or 6 others. I shot the Elite 3 times at the shop along with several others before making my decision. The bow shoots so smooth. After drawing 60 lbs several times with other bows I was spent, but I could still draw the Elite with ease. I made the shop measure the weight infront of me to confirm it was in fact 60. I had a sales person from another MAJOR competitor tell me how nice the Elites are. After I bought my Elite the shop worker took me in the back and showed me his bow, another workers bow, and the owners bow. All 3 of them had their own personal Elite bow. I would recommend to anyone to do the same as I did. Shoot several bows and make sure the Elite is on the list. You won't be disappointed.

Amazing peice of equipment

Version: 2014 Elite Energy 35


Pros: Smooth draw cycle rock solid back wall good transfer into let off good speed very smooth shooting has a small amount of jump but very little vibration quieter than both of my Mathews

Cons: The grips shape its kinda got a deflex shape to it is the only thing I didn't like at first but not it feels good

Full review:

This bow is definitely a contender for the best medium ata hunting bow some people use them as a target rig with great results its a very accurate bow extremely forgiving just a absolute joy to shoot my current setup is 63# 30"dl 398gr gold tip @295fps very respectful got mine at sunrys archery in fenton, mi Jeff and everyone there are great people to deal with

Sweet Smooth an wicked deadly

Version: 2014 Elite Energy 35 (ENS cam)


Pros: Minimal riser flex love single limb design

Cons: With an 80% Let off. Would like to see a 75% let off.

Full review:

I have mine set for target. Dl 25.5 Dw #55 Easton X10 stab with twin side stabs. Sure loc challenger 550 sight.Im able to comfortably compete with other archers an keep pace with Hoyt Mathews an PSE.

Smooth and easy to shoot on the spot. In africa you need a silent bow

Version: 2014 Elite Energy 35


Pros: I was in market fore a new bow so I shoot all the brands available in sout africa pretoria after 5 weeks I se til fore the elite enargy 35 at magnum archery thanks elite fore the best shootebel bow in the world

Cons: I can not find anything wrong with this bow

Full review:


Version: 2014 Elite Energy 35


Pros: All around amazing bow one of the best I've ever owned.

Cons: It is heavy and very long, but that is where the accuracy comes in.

Full review:

It is very comfortable for a big fella such as my self, but I would have to disagree with Elite's slogan for it being the worlds most shoot able bow??? My wife is unable to be adjusted for the draw length it provides. There are many bows out there on the market today at are more adjustable to a variety of shooters, but then you start to lose accuracy and speed for the luxury of adjustments. I've always stuck with the rule of thumb that bows are supposed to be customized to your fitting, but most companies would rather design a bow for a wide variety of customers it's all about the money supply and demand. Love my Elite, but I still like my Fred Bear bows.

I shot the 35 in sept. 2015, and it was great.

Version: 2014 Elite Energy 35


Pros: It was smooth to draw. And it was very forgiving.

Cons: I have no negatives about this bow.

Full review:

In 2011 I tore my shoulder. It's been 4 years sense I have drawn a bow without pain. I shot this bow at the Rack store in Collins, Ms. It was set at 55 lbs. I didn't just shoot it once, but I shot a 1/2 dozen arrows with no problem and most of all no pain, because of the smooth draw. I'm not really a speed freaky, just a good quite bow and this bow was amazingly quite.

Best all around bow ever made period!

Version: 2014 Elite Energy 35


Pros: Stability, smooth draw, smooth transition in valley and the best back wall in the industry.

Cons: You will need a after market cable slide as the stock slide will eat cables.

Full review:

I was a Hoyt fanboy shot them for 15 years. I have shot all bows from all major companies every year. I took the shootabilitt challenge. I believe I now own the best shooting, smoothest drawing ever made. It is amazing on the 3d course and just as great in then tree stand for whitetail or the turkey blind.

Best all around bow ever made!

Version: 2014 Elite Energy 35


Pros: Smooth draw, rock solid back wall with a pleasant valley.

Cons: Now my son and daughter want a Elite also after they shot one.

Full review:

I shoot 3d in the summer and bowhunt all fall. I was a Hoyt fan boy for years until i shot this bow. It is all i need for shooting foam and hunting. I shoot 62# 30" with a 380gr arrow my speed is 308 with a set of string and cables made of Brownell Fury.

Smooth like butter!

Version: 2015 Elite Energy 35


Pros: Smooth/forgiving draw cycle with a rock solid back wall. There is no "getting over the hump" feeling a lot of other bows out there have. Very easy to tune as well (given the correct arrow is used). Winners Choice strings!!

Cons: A tad heavy. It's not carbon so I don't see it as a deal breaker. For a smaller fella/gal, it could be a drawback.

Full review:

I am a novice archer/bow hunter so take this review for what you will. When I was in the market for a new bow, I had the shop set up an Energy 35, Hoyt Nitrum 34 and Matthews NoCam. Shot each of them a few times and after I shot all three, I thought the answer was pretty clear. I went home with the Energy 35. Don't get me wrong, the other two felt really solid and are excellent bows but the Elite had that "wow" factor. The draw cycle felt butter smooth throughout the draw cycle, valley and the back wall was incredible. The Matthews didn't feel worth the additional $300-$400 and after all I wanted to be Around $1000. I watched pretty much every Nock On/John Dudley video I could find, and thank goodness I did because once I tuned my bow to the correct arrow, I was shooting pretty decent from the beginning. With 27.5in draw length and set to 70#, I outfitted it with Easton Axis arrows, Black Gold 7pin sight, trophy ridge 6in stabilizer and carter evolution release aid. Can't wait for elk season this year!

The Elite E-35 is the absolute best bow I have had the pleasure of using In 20 years

Version: 2014 Elite Energy 35 (ENS cam)


Pros: This bow is an ALL purpose bow. Hunting, 3-D or target this is the bow that will give you an edge

Cons: The only gripe I would have on this bow is... the weight. It is a little heavy and at the end of a competition you will feel it

Full review:

At 30yds this thing is a tack driver!! I have shafted at least a dozen arrows in 2 years. If it was lighter it would be the best bow in the world. I really like the options Elite has with the camouflage patterns they offer.

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