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Elite GT500

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  • excellent finish
  • narrow style grip feels very comfortable to many shooters
  • steady and holds very well
  • good valley and rock solid back wall
  • wide range of draw length and draw weight adjustment
  • modular-adjustable eccentric system (2010 version only)
  • relatively smooth (but a fairly stiff) draw cycle
  • good all-around bow suitable for hunting, 3D, and indoor spots


  • earlier models (before 2010) were cam specific
  • draw cycle is on the stiff side and has a hump at the end
  • a bare bow could have less vibration (installing a good stabilizer helps to quiet it down)


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Editors' review

The Elite GT500 is a solid and very adjustable all-around bow suitable for many archery types.

Fit and Finish

Elite bows have always been known for excellent fit and finish. The GT500 is not exclusion - its fit and finish is flawless and is among the best on the market.


The GT500 comes with a reflexed riser machined of 6061-T6 aluminum. In a nutshell, a reflex geometry increases the power stroke helping to deliver faster speeds. Another interesting feature of this bow is a metal stabilizer insert - a great addition to any bow.


The narrow style grip with a flat platform on the riser is considered by the majority of shooters as very comfortable, consistent, and torqueless. With a very smooth surface, the two laminated wood side plates create a unique feeling while sitting perfectly in the hand. Admittedly, this is one of the best grips in the industry.


The three layer laminated limbs manufactured from the Gordon composite material are known for their durability and reliability. The limbs are solid (as opposed to split) and reach a parallel position at full draw thus cancelling out the leftover energy and significantly reducing shock, vibration, and noise.With the extended draw weight poundage, the GT500 covers draw weights from 30 to 90 lbs which is very impressive. What that means is the bow can be used by both small frame archers and big game hunters.

Eccentric system

The eccentric system on the GT500 is capable of generating fast IBO speeds and is pretty efficient. While the 2008-2009 GT500 bows were equipped with the cam specific performance system, the 2010 modification was redesigned to allow for modular draw length adjustments. However, even with the latest change, the bow still needs to be pressed to change out the modules.It's important to note that each GT500 bow is equipped with one of the two available cams depending on the draw length. The Cuda cam is designed for short draw shooters and covers a range of 23-26.5 inches (2008-2009 bows) or 25-26.5 (2010 version). The Revolution cam, on the other hand, covers draws from 27 to 30 inches (2008-2009 versions) or 27 to 31 inches (2010 bows). The draw lengths are adjustable in 1/2 increments on both cams for all years and modifications. Also, the let-off on all GT500 bows is approximately 80%.In terms of design, this is a two track binary cam performance system designed for faster speeds and smoother draw. One of the tracks is for the string and the other track is used for both cables. Omitting technical details, this design helps to significantly eliminate cam lean.


With the binary cam system, this rig needs to tuned properly to generate faster speeds. While some shooters say the bow doesn't meet advertised IBO speeds, others point out it takes some time and patience to tune the bow so that it shoots faster. So, when tuned properly the bow comes very close to its advertised IBO speeds.

Draw cycle / Shootability

The draw cycle on the Elite GT500 is impressively smooth (but a fairly stiff), has a little hump at the end, and drops quickly into the valley. Both Revolution and Cuda cams deliver very similar draw cycles and can be compared as follows: while the former draws easier, the latter is faster. That's about it. Both are equally smooth and have a good valley: neither will take off if you creep a little. The GT500 comes with two draw stops (one on each cam) making for a very tunable valley and a solid back wall. With a long AtA length and generous brace height, this is a good balanced and forgiving bow that holds very well.

Silencing system / Quietness and vibration

A bare GT500 is not the quietest bow out there but can definitely be quieted down. A good stabilizer gets rid of the unwanted vibration and hand shock. Also, string leeches should help to eliminate the noise coming from the strings. As many other bows, a bare GT500 is not super quiet but feels good on release when equipped with a proper silencing package.

Good all-around bow

With a long AtA length, forgiving brace height, and fast IBO speeds, this rig is suitable for different types of archery including 3D, hunting, and spot shooting. So, if you are looking for "do it all" bow, the GT500 can be a perfect choice.

Elite GT500 vs Elite Pure

BowElite GT500Elite Pure
Version 2010 (Revolution Cam)2013
PictureElite GT500Elite Pure
Brace Height7.125 "7 "
AtA Length34.875 "36 "
Draw Length27 " - 31 "27.5 " - 31.5 "
Draw Weight50 lbs - 90 lbs40 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed332 fps - 336 fps326 fps - 330 fps
Weight4.1 lbs4.1 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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Elite Archery shooters like comparing the GT500 with the Elite Pure - a bow that was released in 2011. When shooting bare bows side by side, experts note the Pure has less shock and vibration. On the other hand, people who only shoot fully equipped bows can't feel much difference. It really makes sense: almost all modern compound bows feel good on the shot when equipped with good stabilizers and other silencing components. The draw cycle on the Elite Pure is a bit smoother that on the GT500 and there is no hump at the end - it's more linear and effortless. When it comes to the valley, once again, the Pure seems to be a bit better as reported by Elite shooters who shot both rigs side by side. Overall, the Elite Pure is considered to have a better and easier draw cycle compared to the GT500.


To conclude, the Elite GT500 is a very adjustable all around bow suitable for different types of archery. While first models were cam specific, the latest modification has a modular-adjustable performance system capable of generating respectable speeds. With wide ranges of draw length and draw weight adjustment, this bow will fit different shooters including big game hunters. This is a steady and great holding bow that is a fairly stiff (but smooth) on the draw with a little hump at the end. The back wall is rock solid due to the two draw stops the performance system is designed with. The valley is good and allows for creeping a little without the bow wanting to take off. Overall, the Elite GT500 is a great all-around bow suitable for all types of archery including hunting, 3D shooting, and spot shooting.

User Reviews

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Great bow, almost silent, smooth, fast and hits hard.

Version: 2010 Elite GT500 (Revolution Cam)


Pros: The finish is OUTSTANDING, The draw is very nice SLIGHTLY stiff compared to my Z28 but not bad by ANY means. UNBEATABLE warranty. AMAZING valley and ROCK SOLID WALL.

Cons: Grip ergonomics

Full review:

I traded my Z28 for a 2010 GT500 to get more speed and did offer a SLIGHT edge on speed. The bow is beautiful without a doubt and it is very well made BUT for a short guy like myself (5'6") it seemed and definitely felt large for me, so large that even my GF said Louis that bow looks huge compared to you HAHA. Now with that being said, that is MY personal opinion (and the opinion of my GF)of the bow. I personally feel that the Z28, while not as fast as the GT500 will suit shorter archers better especially in treestands and ground blinds. The draw cycle is very nice a touch stiff but nothing to even break a sweat over or an extra thought, no crazy hump to contend with and my muscle memory for the draw adapted quickly. The valley is awesome AND adjustable which I absolutely LOVED about this bow and the back wall is ROCK SOLID. I like the sideplates they complimented the bow and my hand nicely. I would have liked to see a little better ergonomics in the grip to contribute to better hand consistency/placement. Hand placement could very well be my personal issue and NOT an issue from the manufacturer. I would just like to reiterate 1 more time that if you ARE a shorter archer I think the Z28 will be the better choice over the GT500, the SMALL amount of speed you will gain by going to a GT500 from a Z28 will not even remotely warrant the switch if speed is all you are after. I would have given 4.5 stars if that was an option and ONLY taking off half a star for the grip ergonomics. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here today are that of the sole individual and in no way reflect the opinions of others or this website. This review is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure ANY archery addiction you may have.

The efficiency is key to a bow that can shoot good from 20 to 100 yds.

Version: 2010 Elite GT500 (Revolution Cam)


Pros: Shoots solid even at 100yds. The draw cycle is very efficient. Finish is flawless very good looking bow. Awesome warranty can't be beat.

Cons: The grip is narrow which most people like,but I'm not one of those people so I,wrapped it with a tennis wrap. Now the grip doesn't slip.

Full review:

It is a very fun bow to shoot target and hunting. I use a modified Hind sight with a Predator Pro up front. Using a hand release with a D ring. This bow will stack arrows with tight groups even at 50yds. I took it elk hunting this last fall in Colorado and if the Bull would have given me a clean shot I felt confident. Trek up mountains all day and even at the end of the day I felt I had a chance. This bow is 90lb draw and seems to shoot best with arrows at 500gr. I shoot Big Game Kinetic Hunter 200 by Gold Tip using Blazer vanes. Have had actual speeds of 325 with this arrow setup and I believe I might be able to tweak another 5fps with some tuning. I have shot other bows and the only bow I find that has an edge of this model is the Pse Omen Pro.

I own an 2010 Elite GT500 in black and I wouldn't trade it for any high end bow!!!

Version: 2010 Elite GT500 (Revolution Cam)


Pros: It holds rock solid in my hand. The valley is sweet, no creep what so ever. I can hold my bow all day long. I'm only pulling 61 pounds and my IBO speed is 280 with a 400 grain arrow (PS23 Black Eaqle Arrows)

Cons: Their is nothing to report!!!!!!

Full review:

I love the feel of my bow, along with the shootability and the over all feel and the way it aims. My bow set up was my own and not some guy at an archery shop that was just trying to make a sell. My IBO speed I was very impressed with because I will be shooting ASA next year 2016. My over all experience with shooting this bow is breath taking. I trust my equipmemt and my ability and my experience behind it. I can say this look out bow novice shooters. You want know who I'm until after the fact. My 2010 Elite GT500 will speak for me.

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