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Elite GTO

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  • An absolute rock solid back wall
  • Relatively smooth draw for the speeds produced
  • 50-100 pound draw weight limbs
  • Forgiving 7-inch brace height


  • Some tune with a bit more cam lean than others
  • Some have trouble reaching advertised IBO speeds


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Editors' review

The Elite GTO is one of the most raved about bows Elite has ever produced. With a rock solid back wall, and 7-inches of brace height, the GTO is not only easy to hold on target, but is forgiving considering the speed produced by the smooth drawing cams. Several shooters were disappointed to find out the GTO did not always meet the advertised IBO speeds of 340-350 feet per second. With that being said, the smooth drawing cam offering a solid back wall was good enough to win over many shooters over the years. Along with such a great shooter, Elite offers a fully transferrable lifetime warranty to back their rigs, which is a huge sign in terms of the confidence engineers have in everything performing as designed.


The camo option available on the Elite feels very smooth to the touch. Some finish options play around with the texture of the finished product, but Elite has chosen to stay with the smooth almost glossy feeling finish option. The G1 camo pattern is a bit different looking, but is well done and adds character to the overall look of the rig. Shooters can also get a half and half AT bow with camo and black finish mix, which also looks great. The cutouts and corners are well covered, and nothing stands out as being missed or poorly done. Overall, it looks and feels really great and should last through many hunting seasons.


With a 33 1/8-inch brace height, the GTO has a longer riser, which will ideally lead to more stabilization while holding on target. The cutouts are well done and the machine work looks nice. The string stop system works to absorb the shock caused by the string after the shot, and mounts directly behind the front facing stabilizer-mounting hole. The slightly reflexed riser is a good mix between maintaining a forgiving brace height while still offering generous speeds through the chronograph. The Elite logo is placed well in the middle of the riser and look really great without taking away from the look of the bow.


The wooden grip is very comfortable and has a thin neck that widens as it reaches the shooters palm. There is a slight curve in the grip, which is a bit different than what many other bows offer. The wooden grip is perfect for hunting because it will stay a bit warmer in cold weather conditions than some of the other offerings. It also adds a premium look to the Elite bow when backed with the sleek finish options available for the GTO.


Elite has done a great thing offering shooters tons of draw weight options on the solid limb design GTO. With each limb set capable of a ten-pound weight range, the GTO limbs are available in maximum weights of 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 pounds. This range is enormous, and is sure to have something for everyone. With the factory installed bowjax system, the GTO gets help with vibration and sound dampening.

Eccentric System

The driving force of the Elite GTO is what many feel sets the bow apart from other Elite offerings. With advertised IBO speeds of 340-350 feet per second, adjustable draw length between 26-30 inches, and adjustable draw stops, the cam system has enough tunability for shooters to get a unique feel based on what is most important for them. The dual cam engineered bow is not tough to set up, and should do relatively well staying in sync and proper timing without constant attention from shooters or a pro shop pro. Modules are available to change the draw length as well, which is a huge bonus for shooters, especially if the bow is used and not brand new. The modules are decently priced, and can be purchased through an Elite dealer.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

On paper, the GTO is a really fantastic bow. In hand, it performs very well, but some shooters have not been able to reach the advertised IBO speeds, which is a bit of a disappointment. Despite this, the cams are fairly smooth considering how much energy they are storing and transferring down range. The draw spends less time at peak weight, and shooters have the option to adjust the holding weight at full draw. There is a slight hump toward the end, but very manageable and not tough to get used to. The best part about the draw cycle is how solid the back wall is. The draw stops roll around to contact the top and bottom limbs and it is rock solid! To let the bow down, shooters will feel like they have to push the string forward to get the string to move. While holding on target, the bow is very steady and does not take much effort to float the pi on target. The GTO is decently quiet, but does have a bit of hand shock after the arrow has been released. A quality stabilizer added to the bowjax system would take care of the issue though. The 7-inch brace height is also very easy to get used to as well. With the speeds the GTO produces, combined with the forgiveness factor of a 7-inch brace height, many shooters will choose the GTO as their bow of choice.

Usage Scenarios

The GTO would be a great multipurpose bow with specifications that work well for 3D archery and hunting. With great speed, a longer brace height, and a stable axel-to-axel measurement, the GTO offers a lot to shooters interested in doing several types of archery without the budget to purchase different bows for each style. The speed will also help with slight distance miscalculations in both 3D shooting and hunting as well.


The Elite GTO is an Elite fan favorite and has been for a while, with really great qualities that go well with a multipurpose bow. Combined with arguably one of the best warranties offered in the archery business, the Elite GTO is sure to be an option for many shooters interested in a high performance hunting bow, or those interested in improving their 3D target scores. Like every decision in the archery world, personal preference should play the most important role in deciding if the GTO is the right fit. However, it at least deserves a shot.

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Great shoot bow for 3d targets and for hunting smooth draw and quiet shooting

Version: 2008 Elite GTO


Pros: Smooth draw, comfortable let off and quiet shooting bow

Cons: None

Full review:

There is nothing I don't like about the elite gto bow. I've had one and shot it for about three years now it shots great. The elite gto is a very nice smooth shooting bow. I've never had a problem hithing what I aim at with the elite go bow.

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