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Elite Pure

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  • Smooth draw and decent speeds (IBO speeds up to 330 feet per second)
  • Lots of draw adjustability in terms of draw weight (50, 60, 70, and 80 pound maximum pull limbs) and draw length (27.5- 31.5 inches)
  • Holds very well at an extremely solid back wall
  • Industries only transferable lifetime warranty


  • A little hand shock and noise after the shot


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Editors' review

The Elite Pure is a great longer axel-to-axel bow for those in the market for a truly multipurpose rig. This bow would be great for 3d tournaments, spot leagues, and even hunting with a forgiving 7-inch brace height, and IBO speeds up to 330 feet per second. With a super smooth draw combined with a solid back wall, the Elite Pure is a very shootable bow with a lot to offer potential shooters.


Given the Elite Pure's multipurpose ability to be shot as a hunting bow or a tournament bow, there are a lot of finish options available to meet the needs of such a large spectrum of shooters. The dipping process looks very nice, and appears to be as blemish free as they come. For those interested in a camo pattern, there are three options available. Realtree AP, Realtree Max-1, and Realtree AP Snow, which are all available in a complete bow option or combined with Matte Black in a cross Elite calls their AT Edition. For those interested in more of a target bow look, the Pure is available in Ninja Edition Matte Black, Cosmic Orange, Slime, and Blue Fliptone. All patterns offer a unique look sure to please shooters with different ideas of what they want their bow to look like.


The Elite Pure's fully machined riser is the longest offered by Elite archery. For those interested in a long riser associated with a more stable shot the Pure may be a great option. Elite archery has added a few options to their risers helping them tune up a little easier and make them more adaptable with different style rests available on the market today. The riser shelf is completely flat on the Pure allowing the popular drop away rests the ability to completely fall out of the way of the arrows flight. Along with this, the back of the riser where the arrow rest makes contact is completely flat as well. This allows the arrow rest to make solid contact with the riser and still be completely flush and level. This makes the bow easier to set up and a joy to paper tune. The riser also comes with a rear mounting Limbsaver string stop system used to transfer vibration. Directly in line with the rear-mounting stabilizer is a front mounting stabilizer bushing. For those wanting a little added weight on the front of their bow, this is a great option. Being mounted directly in line with the rear stabilizer is a great design to eliminate residual hand shock.


The Pure grip is identical to other Elite models. The slightly curved handle comes with wooden side plates that make it look nice and feels great. This grip is comfortable and seems to be the middle of the road between slim and thick. It is simple for shooters to adjust to the Elite grip because it is likely to be somewhat similar to what they are already used to. The slight curve in the grip fits very nicely in the shooters hand and allows shooters to grip the handle in the proper hand placement.


The limbs on the Elite Pure are a great addition adding to the craftsmanship of the bow. Barnsdale limbs come standard on the Elite Pure. These limbs are very high quality and tested for durability and longevity. Along with this, shooters have the option to choose between maximum draw weights of 50, 60, 70, and 80 pound limbs. The limbs also come equipped with a rubber limb saver to help reduce vibration causing noise.

Eccentric System

The Elite Pure features the EFX cam that is known as a speed cam with a smooth draw. Elite offers a lot of adjustability in terms of draw length as well. With adjustments available in half-inch increments from 27.5-31.5, most shooters will be able to find their proper specifications. Shooters with longer draw lengths often do not have many choices to choose from in terms of bow choices. The Pure's ability to reach a maximum draw length of 31.5 inches gives long draw shooters another option. The top and bottom cams have a draw stop, which rolls around making contact with the limbs. This makes for an extremely firm back wall that has a great feel at full draw. With a let off of 80 percent, the EFX cams are easy to hold at full draw as well.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

For IBO speeds up to 330 feet per second, the Elite Pure's draw cycle is uncharacteristically smooth. Pure shooters praise the draw cycle that is hump free and very smooth through the transitions. The valley is great and allows shooters to hold the bow and make adjustments without the bow jumping forward. The dual stop back wall makes for a very solid hold at full draw and combined with an 80 % let off shooters will not need to rush when finding their mark before shooting. Letting the string down is almost effortless as well. There is no jerk or uncontrolled lunge forward, which can be felt on other bows. The longer axel-to-axel measurement makes this bow very steady in your hand and very easy to shoot. When shooting bare bow, there is a little vibration felt in the shooter's hand. However, after adding accessories and a front mounting stabilizer, this bow is very dead and produces no noticeable shock.

Silencing Package

Elite archery uses Limbsaver products to aid in noise dampening and eliminating vibration. Each limb of the Pure comes from the factory with installed limb dampeners. These rubber composite dampeners take vibration after the shot and disperse it through the rubber. This help with eliminating hand shock and noise. Along with this comes a Limbsaver string stop system that stops the strings forward motion after the arrow is released. Again, the rubber absorbs the energy and transfers it to the front mounting stabilizer hole. The Pure does not come with factory installed string silencers though. The bow is extremely quite and string silencers take energy and speed from the arrow. Those shooters wanting to add these have the option to do so, but the bow is not shipped with them from the factory.

Elite Pure vs. Elite Pulse

BowElite PureElite Pulse
Version 20132013
PictureElite PureElite Pulse
Brace Height7 "6 "
AtA Length36 "34.125 "
Draw Length27.5 " - 31.5 "26 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 80 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed326 fps - 330 fps340 fps - 343 fps
Weight4.1 lbs4.3 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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The Elite Pure and the Elite Pulse are both longer axel-to-axel bows with impressive speeds. The Elite Pure is the longer option with a larger brace height as well. The Elite Pulse is slightly faster and offers an inch smaller brace height. Both rigs offer the ability to be multipurpose bows. The Pure seems to be more geared toward shooters primarily interested in tournament shooting and a little bit of hunting. Whereas the Pulse may be for those shooters who enjoy hunting with a little interest to tournament shoot, given the shorter axel-to-axel measurement that characterizes many hunting bows. To make the final decision, shooters will have to take a look at their purpose for the bow and decide which one fits their needs the best.

Usage Scenarios

The Elite Pulse is a wonderful multipurpose bow. Although the axel to axel measurement of 36-inches may be a little long for a hunting rig with today's short, past parallel bow designs, the Pulse does produce enough kinetic energy and speed for a variety of big game species. The long riser offers supreme stability target shooters crave and the colors that will help them stand out on the range. For shooters with a target shooting addiction and likes to hunt a bit too, the Pulse is a great option.


The Elite Pure offers versatility for shooters who participate in a variety of shooting types. For those shooters with a long draw, or those in the market for a longer axel-to-axel bow, the Pulse may be the bow for them. With fast speeds of up to 330 feet per second, a seven-inch brace height, and an extremely smooth draw, the Elite Pulse has a lot to offer target shooters and hunters alike. The minimal hand shock noticed while shooting bare bow is easily fixed by adding a front mounting stabilizer, which the majority of shooters use anyways. For shooters interested in either a hunting bow or a target bow, there may be better options. However, for those looking to get the best of both worlds, the Elite Pure may be a perfect option.

User Reviews

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Great Bow that can be used for Target or Hunting alike.

Version: 2012 Elite Pure


Pros: Draw cycle is smooth. Solid back wall. The Elite manufacturing quality is top notch. Elite Customer service is the best.

Cons: A little noisy before string dampeners. Cam lean a bit extreme. was able to tune most of it out.

Full review:

I bought this bow to use as a target bow, but I would be comfortable using as a hunting bow also. the draw is exceptionally smooth. Back wall solid. After I added a couple monkey tails to the string the bow is quiet. I use a long stab so there is no hand shock for me. It had a lot of cam lean that took a bit of work to get to a point I could live with ( my own OCD). I shimmed cams and put an aftermarket cable slide rod on that helped. Some people don't like the Elite grip but I don't seem to have any problems shooting it. I wouldn't say I love it but it works for me. My Pure is the Ninja and it is a good looking bow with a great job on the finish. I have called Elite Customer service one time to ask about aftermarket strings and surprise I got a call back from a tech ( within a couple hours )to talk in depth about and answer my questions. I was pleasantly surprised. Overall a great bow. I am considering a different model of Elite for my hunting rig.

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