Hoyt Alphaburner Review

Hoyt Alphaburner

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Hoyt Alphaburner Review4.9514 out of 14 user reviews


  • Very smooth (but stiff) draw cycle
  • Real IBO speeds are sometimes reported to exceed advertised speeds
  • Surprisingly forgiving for a speed bow and short brace height
  • Comfortable grip


  • Stiff draw cycle with a short valley - if you creep it wants to go
  • New cams are required for changing draw length

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Hoyt Alphaburner Review4.9514

User Reviews

  • 14 reviews
  • ( out of 14 reviews for all versions)
  1. Very solid bow from Hoyt. Fast, smooth, quiet, and accurate

    Version: 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: Draw cycle has little to no hump at the end
    Solid back wall
    Adjustable let-off

    Cons: Little heavy
    Short valley on low let-off

    Full review:
    The Alphaburner is a very nice hunting and 3d bow. It can be used for indoor, but with the short brace height any form flaws are magnified.

    As to shed light on who is giving the review of this bow, I am a 16yo from Minnesota. I have been shooting for a few years and have it down pretty good.

    The first thing I noticed about this bow was the weight, its just a touch over 4lbs. The bow balances well at rest and holds very well at full draw. The 180 grip is nice, but a little loose fitting to the riser. When my Alphaburner arrived I switched the factory strings with Vaportrails, so I can not comment on the factory strings. I set up the bow with a Limbdriver rest for testing.

    The draw starts off nice, peaks slowly and gradually drops into the valley. Unlike most speed bows, there is now hump to the draw. The wall is very hard, which is very nice. The valley is nice, but is on the short side. For archery who are just starting or tend to creep, the Alphaburner may not be the bow for them. The spiral x cams have adjustable let-off which is a big plus. The cams are however draw length specific which means that new cams are needed to change the draw length.

    I found this bow under IBO speed, but I have not tried to get more speed out of it. I have been shooting 268fps with a 480gr arrow at 29" 60lbs.

    The fit and finish of this bow are top notch and are what have come to be expected from Hoyt.

    This bow is very accurate. I’ve shot sub 2" groups at 40yds with this bow setup with an hha and b-stinger prohunter.

  2. Shoot one or you WILL REGRET it…

    Version: 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: light-weight for speed bow
    meets (probably exceeds) IBO

    Cons: The only con I have is that after shooting it for a few weeks to a month, my top cam came out of time, I use factory strings as i think they are of good quality, after retiming it, it has stayed in sync the past 4 months

    Full review:
    Let me start out by saying that this is the ultimate, do-it-all bow this year.

    I use to shoot a Martin, and never really considered Hoyt until this year. When I went looking for a new bow, I shot as many as possible, Firecat TR2, Maxxis 31 and 35, Z7, Monster and of course the alphaburner. I always came back to the alphaburner, the feel and balance, as well as the incredible speed and smoothness of draw sold me on it.

    My alphaburner is set up at 28" draw, 69lbs. with a tubeless peep, Dloop, and the factory strings and speed nocks. My particular alphaburner is black riser with camo limbs. My accessories are: the original ripcord rest, HHA sight, 10" Fuse axium stabilizer, Scott little goose release, and Easton Flatline arrows

    My Flatlines weigh in at a total 366 grains, and with my current setup, they average out at 311 fps.

    Now I know that is not IBO speed at 28", but if I were to play with the speed nocks and install custom strings, im sure this thing could reach IBO at 28" draw.

    Now most people just look away, or get intimidated by the bow’s 6" brace height and reflexed riser…Dont judge a book by its cover! This bow is smooth, quiet, and well balanced, solid back wall, and with the addition of a stabilizer, it will take away whatever vibration there may be.

    About me: Im 18 years old and live in Spencer, Wisconsin, I have an obsession with archery and bowhunting!

    I practice daily, and because of this bow i have spent more money on arrows than i have with any other bow because i keep hitting my arrows. My sight allows me to shoot from 20 to 100 yards, thats right, 100 yards.

  3. Perfect blend of speed and accuracy

    Version: 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: solid back wall, shock free, quite, and accurate.

    Cons: heavy draw cycle (draw weight peaks quickly and stays there), very little valley, and the pysical weight of the bow is a little on the heavy side.
    - machining marks in riser from production process, come on hoyt quality control.

    Full review:
    I will start off and state that i have been shooting hoyt bows for several years now and feel that this bow is a great hunting or 3d bow. I had previous experience shooting hoyt’s spiral cams on the first bow they put them on the supertec and since I liked them so much on that bow I knew I would own the alphaburner when it came out with spirals.
    These cams like on any bow pretty much defines the overall feel of the bow because if you don’t like the way the bow draws you’ll probably won’t like it. With that said the alphaburner draw is silky smooth but is a little on the heavy side due to peak draw weight building quickly and staying there for the most part the entire draw cycle. The drop into the valley is smooth no hump at all and the back wall is solid. The valley is very shallow, it will let you know if you have an issue with creeping. I like a bow with a solid back wall and a shallow valley which is one reason I like this bow so much, it makes me use proper form to shoot consistently and lets me know when I’m not. I would suggest drawing this bow back and shooting it before making a purchase, like I said before these cams are not new, they have a fan club but they also have haters.
    My alphaburner is currently set up 30in draw length, factory string and cables at 70#, shooting carbon express mayhem hunter arrows 430gr at 310fps. That is with d-loop and peep installed on string. New out of the box with just a d-loop on string it shot a 350gr arrow at 338fps, so it is right at its’ ibo speed rating.
    This bow has allowed me to shoot my top sight pin 0 to 40 yrds, I almost feel like I’m cheating when I go to the 3d course with my friends. I really think that this bow will be with me in the treestand and on the range for severaly years(I usally get a new bow every year), it seems to have it all speed, accuracy and quiet enough to be a fantastic alround bow.

  4. Hoyt’s best speed bow to date

    Version: 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: Very smooth although stiff draw cycle.
    Very fast most report over advertised speeds, both of mine get 12 and 13fps over advertised IBO.
    Extreme accuracy would never guess it has a 6" brace height, very shootable

    Cons: Valley is short for some
    Spiral cams are aggressive they are smooth but on the stiff side.

    Full review:
    If I could design a bow from the ground up it would be the Hoyt Alphaburner. I have the luxury of being able to shoot most of the new bows on the market and in the speed bow catagory this is by far my favorite. Hoyt has always been conservative on their advertised IBO speeds and the 2010 Alphaburner is no exception. I always have my bows tuned by Michael Carter AKA " Crackers " of Carter’s Archery in MO. but what he has done with my Alphaburner’s is simply amazing. The one That I am taking into the woods this year is set at a 29" draw and exactly 60#. This bow shoots a 302 gr arrow 343-344 fps remember that is at a 29" draw length a solid 13fps over advertised IBO. I am shooting my 430 gr Easton Axis hunting arrow 302-303fps. That is some serious Kenetic Energy and I’m doing it at 60#. Don’t let the preformance numbers fool you this bow is a tack driver, it holds as well as any target bow I have ever owned and my groupings prove that. I will typically shoot a 3"-4" group at 50 yards with the Alphaburner. What I love most about this bow is the draw cycle, it is very smooth and consistant start to finish. There is not a big rollover into the valley in fact you can hardley notice it’s transition to the wall. I have shot spirals before but the parallel limb design of this bow makes them feel even better. One thing that has added to the appeal of the spirals on this bow is the fact that with the parallel limbs the let off has increased, as Hoyt states in their 2010 catalog. The Alpahburner’s are shipping from the factory with 72-73% let off instead of the standard sprial cam let off of 65%. I find the holding weight ideal for my style of shooting. If you are looking for a bow that can do it all with controlable speed look no further then the 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner.

  5. I really like the bow!

    Version: 2011 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: Fast, beautiful design, surprisingly quiet and smoothe!

    Cons: Heavy as hell I think. After I added all of the accessories it feels like it weighs 7lbs. I workout out and it still feels heavy.

    Full review:
    Top heavy. The bow falls forward when holding it until you draw it back. I have top had the speed tested yet. Shooting an 80lb draw weight and 30in draw. I do enjoy shooting it. I also bought a Rampage XT earlier in the year and it’s better balanced.

  6. Considered an "Outdated" bow by 2012 Hoyt’s, I will say I love every aspect the Hoyt Alpha Burner.

    Version: 2011 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: Fast, eloquent design, timeless, very quiet for a speed bow. For these Spiral X Cams, they are smooth… I slighly de-tuned off of 80# to 73 lbs and she shoot fast! Balance with a proper stabilizer keeps everything in check and balance.

    Cons: Tad on the heavy side but then again, it is not a Carbon Element or Matrix. Faster that both the Carbon Element and Matrix by far, this is one keeper speed bow despite the weight.

    Full review:
    Shootability is by far the best of all of my "brands" of bows. She stays on target better than my BowTechs, not as fast as the speed BowTechs, but is quiet, almost as fast and seems to be more repeatable accuracy hands down and without any doubts the best speed bow I have shot Ever. I love the short to little valley, it will want to take off on you if you creep but it forces your better form. I love the rock solid wall, when it gets there you know it! Hold is exceptionally easy at full draw and it has a great balance.

  7. Great bow Hoyt

    Version: 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: Speed , accuracy. This bow definitely keeps your form honest (creep) because it will tell off on you , due to the fact when you get to full draw she’s ready to go.

    Cons: Little heavy but, if I can put venison in the freezer little weight isn’t a factor. Besides that Hoyt has a built -in carrying handle behind the grip

    Full review:
    Love this particular bow because speed , accuracy ,draw cycle and the little extra weight for windy conditions most archers like light bows but personally I like this weight on the bow helps keep me true to my form. I admit it took some getting use to but it’s like anything else if you like something you learn to adjust and you practice to be able to shoot consistent and accurately. BOW IS A GREAT BOW FOR ME .Was a die hard Mathews guy and still like my Mathews bows( adrinaline, Z7 and MQ32), I was just trying some bows out just to see what out there and shot crx32 , rampage xt and then the alpha burner and fell very passionate about this bow and purchased it in 2011 it’s a 2010 model and love it and have shot nothing else since I bought it. Easy to tune this bow is very fast smooth and little to no vibration. I’m 27" draw length shooting gold tip velocity arrows that gives me 300 fps. Needles to say it the fastest out of all the bows I listed. I’m not really a speed man a shot placement guy but when you can get that kind of speed and accuracy from a 27" DL Great bow Hoyt

  8. Really fast, easy to shoot!

    Version: 2011 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: Well balanced, really, really fast. Smooth consistent draw. Solid wall, and accurate.

    Cons: It’s a touch heavy.

    Full review:
    I purchased my Alphaburner a couple weeks ago, and I have absolutely no reservations. This bow is HOT! For a true speed bow, the Alphaburner is easy to shoot, & incredibly accurate. I was a bit hesitant to purchase it because of the 6" brace height, because a low brace height bow is usually hard to shoot, but that is not a problem with the Alphaburner. It is pretty forgiving, quiet, and it is FAST. It has good balance, a very solid wall, consistent draw, and did I mention that it is fast? As with all Hoyt bows, the quality is great, and Hoyt really did their homework on the Alphaburner. No string jump with this bow baby !

  9. Fast, Accurate, Forgiving, & Quiet

    Version: 2011 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: The Alphaburner is really fast, shoots great, has a really solid back wall. For a true speed bow, it is surprisingly quiet, and accurate.

    Cons: You can’t creep with this bow. It’s a touch heavy.

    Full review:
    This is the fastest bow I have ever shot, and it is surprisingly quiet, and more forgiving than I anticipated. I was worried the 6" brace height would make it difficult too shoot but it hasn’t. The Alphaburner has a really good grip, and feels really comfortable in my hand. It has a solid back wall, and the spiral cams are relatively smooth to draw. This bow has no creep, so good form is a must. I have practiced shooting it from a sitting, standing, & kneeling position from a treestand and am very impressed with its accuracy and ability to shoot comfortably. I am shooting consistently 323 fps with my hunting set up. True speed bows are often difficult too shoot & are loud, but that is not the case with the alphaburner.

  10. Great bow

    Version: 2011 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: Fast and very accurate

    Cons: Heavy but not really a con cause it helps me hold it steady

    Full review:
    I’ve been a pse man for years and had countless pse bows so when this bow came along I thought I’d give it a go, I haven’t picked up my pse since and that was 6 months ago. Love this bow. Thanks hoyt

  11. One of the BEST!

    Version: 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: Well constructed to last, very stable, fast, and accurate. The Camo is a great job. It has an artisan touch with the Engineering. It doesn’t leave me wanting :)

    Cons: You might not like the idea of buying cams and string to make a draw change. You need to have disciplined form for the creep.

    Full review:
    Shooting 60 lb 29 inch draw with ease and hitting targets 10 to 45 yards with the same pin.. It feels like twice the bow of $600 $700 range bows. I’m sure you could hit 60 or 70 yards easy with this thing groups of 3 inches. It will creep if you let it. I see wear on the string already but I’ve been shooting it non stop. I’ve shot Diamond, Bear, Mathews. And chose the Alpha Burner easily. The ibo is underrated lol. Quit enough but not the lightest. But I can tell I will be shooting this thing for years and years. Made to last and other bows nv this thing even newer Hoyt’s .

  12. fast and really accurate

    Version: 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: smooth draw cycle good back wall

    Cons: little heavy

    Full review:
    This bow has a great draw cycle and fast and accurate. ibo speed @ 60 lbs 304 gr. arrow is 328 . Placed top ten 2 out of 3 years in ibo national triple crown in SHC class. I noticed that the harder you pull on this bow the better it shoots.

  13. Best bow I’ve ever shot…period!

    Version: 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: Very smooth drw cycle; solid back wall; quick as lightning

    Cons: it will bite you if you creep

    Full review:
    I shoot Hunter Finger class in IBO competitions, and this bow does everything I could ask of it. In the past 3 years of shooting it, I’ve placed in the top 5 at the World Championship, this past year 4th!(not the bow’s fault, just don’t get enough practice in)
    I have every confidence that if I do MY job, my Alpha will drive tacks!!!
    In my opinion, Hoyt outdid themselves with the Alphaburner. I have yet to find one of their newer bows that feel or shoot as natural. It’s a keeper!!!!

  14. Best bow I’ve shot… period.

    Version: 2011 Hoyt Alphaburner


    Pros: Fast, accurate, quiet, smooth,iron tough, what’s not to love? Plus I dropped a buck within an hour of my first hunting day this year.

    Cons: None I can think of. It’s heavy but i like it.

    Full review:
    28 inch draw set at 60 pounds still shooting 328 fpswith a hunting arrow. No hand shock, deadly accurate, and blazing fast. I love this bow. I upgraded from a good Fred Bear buckmaster pro which I liked. Was time for an upgrade and got this bow andfeel in love with it.

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