Hoyt Alphamax 35 Review

Hoyt Alphamax 35

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  • lightweight and well balanced bow with durable limbs
  • very quiet and has little hand shock
  • draw length can be adjusted without using a bow press
  • has a smooth draw cycle and a solid back wall


  • could be a bit faster


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Editors' review

Having overhauled almost all their existing technologies, in 2009 Hoyt engineers brought the quality of their bows to the next level by introducing the new Alphamax 35. This bow is equipped with a lot of new and innovative solutions including the TEC LITE riser, ZT lock pocket system, XTR & 1/2 cam, and XTS 500 limbs.


The new TEC Lite riser looks similar to its 2008 predecessor but is much lighter. It is also slimmer, has more cuts, and absorbs shock effectively. Made from aluminum and machined into shape, the TEC Lite riser is very stable and significantly contributes to reducing the overall bow weight to 4.1 lbs.

Balance, quietness, and vibration

The Alphamax 35 is a lightweight bow with minimal jump and vibration as proved by tests conducted by many archers. Having explored a lot of Alphamax reviews, we confirm that this is a very well balanced bow that sits nicely in the hand.

Limbs-to-riser connection

Another technological improvement is the new ZT (Zero Tolerance) Lock Pocket system that connects the limbs to the riser. This pocket system was completely redesigned by Hoyt engineers to make this crucial connection as tight as possible. As a result, the Alphamax 35 offers improved accuracy and better consistency.


The 180 Pro-Fit Custom grip system is another improved component on the Alphamax 35. This fully laminated one piece grip received a lot of great feedback from archers and is designed to further increase accuracy and deliver consistent shots.


At 5/8" wide, the new XTS 500 limbs are very light and durable. Made of a five layer laminated material, the limbs are designed to reduce the overall bow weight even further. While lightweight bows are something many hunters are very excited about, it's not always a good idea to reduce limbs weight to achieve this goal. This is because light limbs, when not designed properly, can affect durability significantly. The lightweight limbs on this rig are not a problem though. In fact, the new XTS limbs are extremely durable due to a very robust technology used by Hoyt to address this technological challenge. The results of tests carried out by Hoyt engineers clearly indicate that the new limbs can survive a minimum of 1000 dry fires at 80 lbs draw weight and 30" draw length.

Eccentric system

Another design change includes the new XTR & 1/2 eccentric system that was introduced by Hoyt in 2009. This modular cam system does not require a bow press to change draw lengths from 27 to 31 inches. However, it has two different cams. The XR2 cam is used to adjust draw length from 27" to 29", while the XR3 cam covers a range of 29.5 to 31 inches. In addition, this eccentric system has adjustable draw stops meaning you can choose the type of valley you prefer. The bearings on the Alphamax 35 cams are sealed to protect the rig from rain, mud, and outside dirt.

Draw cycle and shootability

Experts say the Alphamax 35 offers great shootability with little jump and hand shock. A lot of shooters also agree that the new XTR cam system delivers smooth and consistent draw cycle. They note that this bow has a very solid back wall and can be easily held at full draw. Although there is no absolutely quiet bow, the Alphamax 35 is one of the top rigs in this respect. It does have a little vibration that can be eliminated by installing a stabilizer.

Hoyt Alphamax 35 Bone Collector edition

Some people ask what the difference is between the standard Alphamax 35 and Alphamax 35 Bone Collector edition. The main difference is that the latter has a camo riser and black limbs. This new edition was born with the help of a successful show called "Bone Collector" that is run by Michael Waddell. The Bone Collector edition also has Michael's signature on the limbs. These are the only differences between the two bows.

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Version 2010 (XTR Cam)2010 (XTR Cam)2011 (XTR Cam)
PictureHoyt Alphamax 35Hoyt Alphamax 32Hoyt Maxxis 35
Brace Height7 "7 "7 "
AtA Length35 "32 "35 "
Draw Length27 " - 31 "26 " - 30 "27 " - 31 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 80 lbs40 lbs - 80 lbs40 lbs - 90 lbs
IBO Speed316 fps321 fps318 fps
Weight4.1 lbs3.9 lbs4.2 lbs
Let-Off75% 75% 75%
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If you have a shorter draw length, or prefer bows with shorter axle-to-axle length, have a look at the Hoyt Alphamax 32 bow. Built using exactly the same technologies, the Alphamax 32 has a shorter 32" AtA length and is adjustable from 26 to 30 draws. It's a bit faster though (321 fps) compared to the Alphamax 35 (316 fps). Alternatively, if you are not on budget consider getting the Hoyt Maxxis 35 that is considered to be the Alphamax's successor and features nearly identical specs.


To conclude, the Alphamax 35 is a well balanced, lightweight, and quiet bow that offers great shootability. While this rig is not the fastest bow out there, it has a smooth draw and low hand shock. With a lot of innovative engineering solutions, the Alphamax 35 is a very solid and forgiving bow with great performance. That is why many experts agree that this bow is a very good choice for average shooters.

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Great bow, good price tag, solid shooter

Version: 2009 Hoyt Alphamax 35 XTR


Pros: Grip Balance and feel Accuracy

Cons: Short valley

Full review:

The Alphamax 35 is a very solid bow and a solid shooter. Here is my review: The Alphamax 35 is the bigger brother the the Alphamax 32. The 3" longer Axle-to-Axle(ATA) helps in making this bow smoother to draw and easier to shoot well at longer ranges. The bow holds very well at balance, draws well, but has a shorter valley. My Alphamax has XTR2 cams, although they are faster, they have a shorter valley and a stiffer draw. At shorter draw lengths, the valley allows for no creep what so ever. The XTR3 cams are smoother to draw and have a longer valley, but are only available for longer draw lengths. The wood grips on the 2009 Alphamax are very nice, but are a little on the wide side. The new 180 grips are very comfortable in the hand and on the slimmer side. The draw is a on the stiffer side, but not bad. There is a bit of a hump at higher poundages. I found the 75% let-off to be very nice and easy to hold even at 73-75lbs draw weight. The Alphamax, although not lightning fast, is not slouch in the speed department. Mine shoots a 480gr arrow at 278fps and a 352gr arrow at 307. Both shot at 29" 70lbs There is a bit of a thud to the factory string stop, not enough to make me change it out, but some find it too loud. I have had some limb issues with splinters, but Hoyt as taken care of warranty work and stands behind their product. This bow is a shooter. I have shot very well with it both indoors and out. Several 300 5-spot rounds and a couple 3d wins with my Alphamax 35

Best Hoyt ever!

Version: 2010 Hoyt Alphamax 35 XTR


Pros: Light weight, likes light stabilizers, holds rock solid!! Its VERY accurate.

Cons: Factory grip is way too at. Perfect with Side plates. A must have upgrade.

Full review:

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